Best Candle Wax for Scent Throw – Top 5 Selection for 2022




Candle Wax for Scent Throw

Candles made from candle wax gives off a sweet smell as it starts to burn, which provides a cozy atmosphere. It is very simple to make a candle with your favorite scent using the best candle wax for scent throw.

Candle wax is usually soft and easily melts down. These are flammable and become liquid with a little hit. So making candles from wax is an enjoyable journey that will provide an amazing end result.

There are several types of candle wax and each of them has some positive and negative making processes. So it is hard to pick the right one among an ample number of candles.
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Best Candle Wax for Scent Throw Reviews

Therefore here we are, trying to help you out with our top five suggestions, all of their characteristics, melting temperature and other merits and demerits are presented in detail.

1. Hearts and Crafts Candle Wax for Scent Throw | Paraffin Free

Now it is time to say goodbye to our unhealthy candles because Hearts and crafts have brought candle wax which is made of totally natural wax. After making candles from it, it does not produce any toxic chemicals.

I always love to decorate my room with candles but after flaming, those started to produce smoke which was suffocating. But after switching to Hearts and Crafts Candle my whole perception of candles has changed.

The candle wax burns very smooth and clean, with a little hit this melt quite fine. The melting point is 120 only and has an incredible quality of balancing fragrance.

You can rely on soy wax to work its magic in your home because it has a subtle smell when lit.

The set includes the wicks and centering device, and the price is not much compared to the other brands. Also, it provides a seamless candle making process

Most Liking Features

The pure soy wax has no additives and has a melting point of about 121 degrees Fahrenheit, fully natural. Makes smooth candles when poured properly.

Probable Drawbacks

In general, there are no drawbacks to mention, but there is no clear instruction about the making process.

Key Features

  • 100% natural wax
  • Burn slowly
  • Includes centering device
  • 120 melting point.

2. The Candlemakers Candle Wax for Scent Throw | Low Melting Point

To make your home cozier what can be a better option than the candle wax from the Candlemakers.

It can hold up to 15% of fragrance, so if you want a solid blast of your favorite fragrance, then pick this one.

A strong woody and floral smell always make me feel fresh and provides a more natural environment.

When I got to know about candlemakers’ candle wax, one thing that surprised me was that it contains 2% Universal Soy Wax Additives.

The manufacturer of the best wax for scented candles also is The Candlemakers themself, they have produced it in their own factory, so this has the perfect melting point and hardness. So when it starts to burn, it provides a smoother burning result.

There is very few candle wax that includes 2% Universal Soy Wax Additives. The vast majority of purchasers have enjoyed this wax, and you will most likely enjoy it as well! Additionally, you can check our review on wax for wax melts.

Most Liking Features

The 121 -125 Fahrenheit, do not let it melt at a low temperature. So if you are in a hot area, you can use it without any worry.

Probable Drawbacks

The bag says it is a total 10 pounds, but the actual weight is less than that, approximately 8-9 pounds.

Key Features

  • Hard candle wax
  • Strong fragrance
  • Perfect melting point
  • Creates beautiful tarts.

3. American Wax Candle Wax for Scent Throw | Melt in Microwave

Measuring wax, then melting it at the right melting temperature is not easy, especially when it comes to the beginner it becomes difficult. But the American Wax Candle Wax for Scent Throw is perfectly suitable for beginners.

Starting to make candles from raw wax is difficult, but I was lucky to choose American Wax because they melt easily. I even used a microwave to melt the beads. Just pour the beads in a jar and start heating it.

There will be no wanky top or bubble on the surface of the candle, no poor sidewall adhesion and uneven fragrance.

The high quality soybeans which is grown in America’s Midwest has been used to make those beans

None can provide that user friendly experience for the beginners; it is very rare for the waxes to melt in the microwave perfectly. For more suggestions, you can read about incense burner.

Most Liking Features

Due to its simple making process the wax is very popular among the users. Just following some simple steps and without the risk of burning hands, you can make a perfect looking candle

Probable Drawbacks

As it is more suitable for beginners, professionals will not be comfortable using it.

Key Features

  • Easy making process
  • 160 degrees melting point
  • For small batches of candle
  • High quality soybeans

4. Golden Brand Candle Wax for Scent Throw | User Friendly

Now it is time to say goodbye to chemical exposure wax and to large lumps of wax and purchase the best Candle Wax for Scent Throw by Golden Brand which is 100% natural.

Because of their versatility and purity many Artisans and hobby candle makers are using them for creative work.

As a professional candle maker I have to work with candles all day long, so I made sure my workplace is chemical free and the candles do not produce any harmful chemicals by switching to Golden Brands.

This is fantastic for hot places, but it may make this soy wax more difficult to apply. This could be owing to temperature differences between melting and pouring. Moreover it can hold between 5-6% fragrance.

There are people who do not like a blasting smell and are more fond of light sweet fragrance, it is the perfect choice for them. Checking the candle wax warmer will be helpful as well.

Most Liking Features

The nature of the wax, texture and fragrance holding capacity makes it suitable for crafters. And the wax is totally safe for the environment and the health.

Probable Drawbacks

If you like strong smells then this is not suitable for you, as it can hold 5-6% fragrance.

Key features

  • Safe for the environment
  • Easy to make candles
  • Can add any color to it
  • Easily dissolve the essential oil

5. Candle Science Candle Wax for Scent Throw | Easy Measure

Like to make candles by using different color coatings on the candle? Then why should there be any boundaries in the way of creativity? Candle Science lets you play with the wax the way you want.

I like to make colorful candles, but the main challenge I faced while mixing the color with wax is that not all the wax mix well with the color and does not provide the desired color at the end. But in the case of Candle Science candle wax the situation is totally different.

The one pound pack is enough to make an adequate number of candles.

Moreover, the products are made in the USA, and we all know that the USA is famous for producing high-quality wax for candles.

Candle Science Candle Wax for Scent Throw has been designed to reduce the environmental footprint. Very few candle brands are concerned about the environment. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the wax for antique wood furniture.

Most Liking Features

Candle Science wax is available in little flakes that are relatively easy to deal with. This wax will be easy to measure without making a mess just using a measurement cup.

Probable Drawbacks

It dries really fast, so you have to work fast while making candles.

Key Features

  • Easy to measure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 1 pound bag
  • Mix well with colors.

Things to Consider Before Buying Candle Wax for Scent Throw

Best Candle Wax for Scent Throw

There are a lot of varieties in candle wax, so picking one is not easy. But we believe after going through the review now you are ready to buy the best soy wax for scent throw.

There are few elements that will help you to go through a smooth purchase experience. Following are some buying guides for candle wax for scent throw.

Healthy Burn

Most of the candles include paraffins that produce Toxins such as toluene and benzene which is bad for human health and the environment. No one wants to put health at risk while enhancing the beauty of home or office. Those paraffin candles are air pollutants or hazardous to the quality of your home’s air.

So always try to purchase natural candle wax if you are really concerned about your health. These are made by using soybeans which are totally safe for us.


Soy wax is totally pure and does not include any additives. However certain waxes may contain other waxes, oils, or additives for specific qualities. Like our second product includes 2% additional additivity. It should be noted that as long as the wax comprises at least 51% soy wax, it can be sold as a soy wax mix. This is not the same as pure soy wax, so do additional research if necessary to understand what you’re working with.

Melting point

Melting point is on what temperature the wax melts, usually it is measured in Fahrenheit. Paraffin generally takes more heat to melt, the typical melting point of paraffin wax is between 115 and 154 °F. Always remember that the wax that has  low thermal conductivity, always has a high  heat capacity. And the natural wax melts in between 100 – 120 °F.


Price is an important issue for every product. There is no difference for candle wax as well. You can get wax at a lower price and even at a higher price. But the quality does not differ that much, these are almost similar. So according to the budget you can go for any reputed brand that are mentioned above.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How to use candle wax?

Candles are very easy to use, first take a bowl on which you want to melt the candle wax. Provide heat to the bowl. There is a melting point for every wax so you have to heat wax up to that point. Once it is melted nicely, pour it in the jar. And don’t forget to put the centering device before pouring.

2. Can I mix essential oil into the wax?

Definitely you can. Try to buy the best soy wax for candles, because these wax dissolve the oil very nicely and provide a strong smell while flaming.

3. Can I melt it in the microwave?

Well, not all candle wax is suitable for microwaves. But there is some specific wax that melts nicely in the microwave.

4. What is the melting point?

It varies to different wax, but the natural wax has a melting point in between 110 – 125 Fahrenheit. And the paraffin wax needs more heat to melt.

5. Is it safe for the environment?

Natural candle wax is totally safe for the environment, they do not release any toxic chemicals while burning. But the wax made with paraffin does. So if you are concerned about the environment and your own health, buy natural candle wax.

Final Words

Everyone wants to give an aesthetic look to their home and office, and what can be a better option than making candles by hand with their favorite fragrance. And it needs effort, therefore to ensure your effort does not go in vain, choose from the best candle wax for scent throw.

If necessary, do some research on your own and pick the right one because you deserve the best.

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