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Carpet for Stairs

Do you want to dig your feet at the stairs into something soft and fluffy? We have got excellent news for you. Wrapping your staircases with more delicate, durable, and the best carpet for stairs can be the most suitable solution to this.

Carpets are an essential part of heavy-traffic areas such as stairs. The right balance of the underlay gives your steps a cozy and comfortable feeling. Also, it defines the home decor beautifully and makes your house truly feel like a home.

If you plan to spread a luxury carpet on the stairs, you will need something with a soft and thick consistency in those high-traffic areas. However, the density of your carpet for stairs and home depot should be the principal consideration.

But how do you know which type or style will be the perfect suit for you?

This article elaborates on several factors that you should consider before buying the carpet for stairs. Also, we have narrowed down the top-selling carpet for stairs and home depot to comfort you, your children, and your pets as well.

Here, have a look at the updated carpet trends.
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Reviews & Buying Guide of Best Carpet For Stairs

Here is our list of the high-quality carpet for stairs that you can get. You can choose the following ones to experience top-notch and comfortable rugs from below. Keep reading on to get proper knowledge.

1. Sussex Home Carpet For Stairs | Soft Tread | Tape Applied

If you are looking for a super soft and plush carpet for stairs, then Sussex home soft treads will bring great value to your purchase. Though it comes at an affordable price, it will show a luxurious look on your stairs.

The first concern before buying a carpet for stairs is the softness and traction. You can leave all your worries when you have this excellent carpet because its cushioning is ultra-thick and soft.

Therefore, it ensures a luxurious cloud comfort to your feet and reduces your risk of slipping on the stairs.

The carpets are designed beautifully with a wide selection of patterns and styles from where you will indeed find one according to your taste. Also, this polypropylene made carpet prevent shedding and tie together in a place.

The manufacturer narrates that the stair treads are cut from original rugs with stylish patterns to give your stairs space a more sophisticated vibe. Along with increasing the beauty of your home depot, it ensures safety for your kids and pets from getting hurt with the concrete surfaces.

However, the application process is too easy. There are double-sided tapes underneath that hold them steady with the floor. Though the adhesive is powerful, it neither leave any sticky residue behind nor damages the floor.

Key Features 

  • Adjust with double-sided tape
  • Comes with design variations
  • Super soft and plush
  • Does not pick up much dust

2. EdenProducts Carpet For Stairs | Non-Slip | Washable

If your child has just started to learn walking or climbing stairs, it is hazardous for them to get injured. To help you out from this dangerous situation, wrap up your stairs with premium quality stair carpet from EdenProducts.

Unlike other brands, EdenProducts carpets are super soft and fluffy because these are made with premium quality durable wool blends. Undoubtedly these stair covers are the perfect solution for your kids and pets to eliminate slipping and falling situations from stairs.

While offering the premium quality material, the company kept the price as low as possible.

You will barely get this natural softness and satisfaction in other brands. While walking on this carpet barefooted, you will get a velvety-soft feel on your feet.

You might be thinking that this soft carpet will be slippery or get misplaced when you step on it. But, the truth is, these stair wrappers feature an “Anti moving and slipping” surface that firmly holds the floor. However, the bottom layer is not any permanent glue or adhesive that damages the floor.

Anyways, you will not face any trouble while cleaning the carpet because whether it is your pet’s hair or kids spilling solid food or liquid, you can easily clean it. The manufacturer has made this stair runner washable and stain-resistant as well.

Key Features

  • Washable and stain resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Quickly releases debris
  • Does not damage the floor

3. Elogio Carpet For Stairs | Non-Skid | Rubber Runner

Do you want to immediately enhance the safety and beauty of your staircases without spending many dollars or doing any complicated renovations? In that case, you should lock Elogio carpet in your wishlist. These 13 pieces of the non-slip rug will win your heart!

Once you spread these comfortable rugs on your staircases, there will be no risk of your pets or dogs abruptly getting hurt when they are climbing on it aimlessly. You will also not get any sounds when your children are running on the stairs because this carpet muffles all the footstep sounds.

The installation process of this stair carpet is the easiest. Each rug has adhesive underneath, which allows it to stay put. Hence, you can remove it whenever you want, without leaving any residues or damaging the stair skin.

The manufacturer made this carpet washable with a machine. That means, if your kid accidentally puke, spill food or your pet poop on it, you can wash the carpet with clean water. Also, if dust or debris appears, you can vacuum clean them effortlessly.

Regardlessly, its attractive grey color blends with your interior beautifully. The most significant part of this stair carpet is it equally adjusts to wooden or tiled stairs. Anyway, you can also check our reviews on wood stair paints.

Key Features

  • Reliable and durable
  • Protects stairs
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Attractive pattern

4. Rug Styles Carpet For Stairs | Slip Resistant | Rubber Backing

Do you want to get the softest flooring on your stair treads? We are talking about the fourth product from the Rug Styles that have a popular demand for its cushion-like thickness and density. Let’s take a look at its exciting features.

At first, we would like to enlighten you about its construction. The manufacturer built the stair carpets with a soft backing that shows a gentle impact on your stair surface.

Moreover, you can damp wash the carpet to remove specks of dirt as it is made with polypropylene.

This staircases set offers UV treated polyester fabric that has a rubber backing to reduce slippings. Therefore, if your kids or pets are running randomly on the stairs, there will be no risks for them to fall. Even if they fall accidentally, they will not get injured because of the soft surface of the stair cover.

After hearing its features and seeing its elegant outlook, you might think that the price might be unreachable. Absolutely not! You will get the best carpet for stairs at a super affordable price. You should go for this one keeping all your doubts aside.

As we have told you earlier, the backing is rubber, so it will not damage the floor because there is no adhesive underneath. However, the rubber layer below is super grippy and holds the carpet in the right place.

Key Features

  • Rubber backing
  • Stays on place
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Soft and fluffy

5. Oak Valley carpet for stairs | stain-proof

If you want to add an aesthetic touch to your interior, try this thick and squishy stair treads from Oak valley. These beautiful and traditional looking carpets will add superior comfort to your every step in the stairs.

The manufacturer includes sewn-in fiber padding so that the carpet adds extra comfort to your feet. Furthermore, there will be no breakage of the upper portion or tearing of the bottom layer of the carpets due to their sturdy build.

Indeed, it is a beautiful alternative to the regular carpets or stair runners with a secure non-slip grip below. That means there will be no risk of you to slip or fall as the stair carpets firmly bite the floor.

Also, it is a perfect protection cover and an inexpensive solution to your stair floor.

Along with saving you from falling, the carpets protects your hardwood floor and prevent scratches or stains. Therefore, if you cover the stairs with the Oak Gallery carpets, it will reduce the frequency of refinishing your hardwood stairs.

However, you will find it easy to install this carpet for stairs because of its non-adhesive bottom surface. After reading all the features of this excellent and soft cushy padding carpet set, you might have been nodding your head to buy it.

Key Features

  • Durable and washable
  • Extends the lifetime of the floor
  • Comes in warm colors
  • Super cushy padding

Things To Consider Before Buying Carpet For Stairs

Best Carpet for Stairs

The market is filled with numerous varieties that might confuse you. But if you keep some necessary things in mind, you will not face much hassle choosing the right one. Hopefully, we will instruct you to pick the best stair carpet.

By following the tips below, you will be able to value your investment.


Stairs are the area of your house where you step on the most. Therefore, it is essential to cover them with a durable carpet to stand up the heavy-traffic yet still looking good.

While purchasing carpets for stairs, you should go with the highest durability with a pattern that suits your interior or a style you prefer. However, the durability of the carpet depends on maintenance.


Some think that the thicker the carpet, the more durable it is. This truth is a partial truth, not entirely. In fact, some carpets with the thinnest profile can also be durable.

Density is undoubtedly an essential factor of carpet because it wraps the concrete edges of the stairs to ensure protection. A very thick carpet can lead to slip and fall that no one wants to happen on the stairs. Also, the carpet installer might face the hassle of setting up heavy carpets. Plus, it is more difficult to fold a thick carpet around the edges and railing pickets.

On the other hand, too thin carpets might have a loose grip or less comfort than the thicker ones. That’s why you should check the density of the carpet before investing in it.


If you choose carpet for stairs, you must consider its resistance level because the carpet is likely to be subjected to many spills, dust, or debris. However, to clean the carpet, you often need to damp or vacuum clean it. In that case, if the carpet is not resistant, it will end up damaging soon.


Along with working as a shock absorber and sound muffler, the high-quality stair carpets add comfort and hold heat. Also, suitable quality underlay tends to have an extended life and outlast your floor. That’s why you invest in the right carpet for stairs no matter what your budget is.


When you go to buy a carpet for stairs, you should check its pile type. You can do this by pressing your thumbs against the pile. The more quickly your thumbs spring back, the more resilient and denser it is.


The quality of the carpet is determined by how closely the fiber is knitted to each other. So, when you are checking the quality, have a look at the back of the material to see the spaces between the tufts. If there are is larger gaps, it means the carpet will lose its resilience quickly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I remove the carpet and install it in another place?

Of course, you can.

Though the bottom layer of the carpet firmly holds the floor, you can remove it anytime you want. It will not leave any residues o damages on the floor after removal.

2. Will the best carpets for stairs and pets damage the floor?


You can lay them on the stairs. The bottom layer stays stuck with the floor without leaving any residues.

3. Can I wash it often?

Yes, you can.

You can remove the carpets from stairs and damp-wash them to clean properly. After drying completely, you can place them again.

4. Can I trim the carpet?


You can trim or resize the carpets with scissors to fit your staircases.

5. Is wrapping stair with carpet is necessary?

If you are concerned about the children, pets, and elderly persons of your house, it is a must-have product.

How to choose a carpet for high traffic areas like halls, stairs & landings

Final Words

By the time, technological innovation in modern carpets is developing. If you face any confusion choosing the best carpet for stairs, our article will guide you to get a sturdier and more resilient one.

Our recommendation list includes all the high-end products at an affordable price. If you have learned the basics from us, you will surely be going on the right path.

Have Comfortable Steps!

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