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Cleaner for Dog Poop on Carpet

Have you just bought yourself a new puppy or kitty? You may still be training him, including potty. It is quite obvious for the pet to release poop or urine on your couch or bed accidentally. Even if your pet is well-trained, this thing may happen anytime.

In that case, there is no alternative to keep cleaning the spot with the best cleaner for dog poop on carpet every time your pet creates a mess. It is an essential step because such accidents usually leave a stubborn stain or stinky smell.

You need to take good care of that area as soon as possible with a poop cleaner with all the qualities to keep your stained area clean, fresh, and odor-free. There is so many pet odor eliminator. We chose the top five excellent quality out of those.

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Best Cleaner For Dog Poop On Carpet Reviews

Various alternatives in the market might confuse you. We have made a top-five odor eliminator list that you can get quickly at any nearby store. We have mentioned all their features and benefits below so that you can instantly choose the suitable cleaner for dog poop on carpet.

1. Rocco & Roxie best enzyme cleaner for dog urine | Stain Remover

No one would ever want their pet to urinate on their fancy carpet or luxurious sofas. If your dog accidentally does so, the awful odor will spoil your mood. In that case, buy Rocco & Roxie cleaner for dog poop on carpet to get rid of this.

People tend to buy products that are easy to use. That’s why the manufacturer made this enzyme activated product with the easiest using steps. Now, you can instantly eliminate the stain, odor, and other residues without leaving any spots on the surface.

You can trust this brand without any hesitations because the other products from this company also have goodwill all over the market.

However, this poop cleaner is reliable, and its features are loved by the customers as well.

Besides, this poop remover is chlorine-free. That means you better not worry much if this product is around your pets or children. After all, you can rely upon this product to eliminate stains and odors because it gets to the root of them.

Moreover, it has enzymatic bacteria that activate getting in touch with spots and stains. You can use this solution on any surface, including fabric, furniture, or other objects. Just spray it on the targeted area, let it work for 10 minutes and clean the area. That’s it!

Key Features 

  • Color-safe and chlorine-free
  • Enzyme activated solution
  • Eliminates poop from every surface
  • Gentle and safe

2. Angry Orange Cleaner For Dog Poop | Orange Oil | 32 oz

Whenever your pet throws a scoop of poop on the carpet, it becomes essential to immediately clean the spot. If you do not do it instantly, the stain will be permanent, and the smell will be spreading awkwardly. To help you out with this, we are presenting you with something beneficial.

The second product in our recommendation list is the Angry Orange cleaner for dog poop on carpet that can remove the most potent odor. It has orange deprived oil that releases a refreshing citrus smell and helps eliminate unwanted odor by spreading a pleasant fragrance.

The feature we liked the most about it is, this product is bio-degradable. Therefore, it is non-toxic and harmless for both you and the environment. Additionally, you can use this home-odor remover in the most crucial spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, couches, etc.

Apart from showing an incredible performance, this odor eliminator is also a money-saving option. A few drops of it goes a long way. As we can say, only a bottle can make up to a gallon of solution. All you need is to mix it up with water and spray it all over the targeted area.

We highly recommended this product for its effectiveness and ease of use. However, the aspects of this stain odor remover have made this different from others and allowed it to stand up to users’ expectations. So, you can rely on it.

Key Features

  • Orange extract
  • Removes ammonia and methane odors
  • Multiple uses
  • Environment-friendly

3. Simple Solution Cleaner For Dog Poop | Refreshing Scent

Are you a busy person and do not have much time to keep cleaning your pet poop every now and then? Then, we have something beneficial and useful solution for you! The cleaner for dog poop on carpet from Simple Solution is the one that is suitable for various surfaces.

First of all, this poop cleaner comes with pro-bacteria and a powerful enzyme that breaks down to neutralize odors or stubborn stains.

Your carpet or couch will look as good as the new one right after cleaning with Simple Solution pet odor cleaner spray.

If you look around the other products of this brand, you will see that the company keeps innovating new and unique cleaning products for pet parents. In that aspect, this brand is quite reliable. However, you do not need to worry about your family or pet because it ensures a healthy home environment.

You like it the most because the enzymatic formula works actively against stain and odor as long as it presents. As a result, the rancid smell will not stay much longer. Thus, it is a shortcut solution to clean up your puppy pads or pet mess on your favorite carpet.

However, you do not need to worry much about its chemical reaction because it is entirely safe around your kids or puppy. Therefore, Simple Solution poop cleaner is apt for use on any surfaces. The manufacturer ensures its quality safe and reliable.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Low chemical content
  • Does not destroy the surface
  • Works as long as the smell is gone

4. Nature’s Miracle Cleaner For Dog Poop | Multi-Purpose | Dry Fast

We have seen many customers looking for advanced stain and odor remover to discourage re-soiling by cleaning the dog messes. If you are one of them, Nature’s Miracle will be the best cleaner for dog poop on carpet. You can also check our air humidifier to keep the moisture inside the house.

This product has so many offers for you, and we are about to show you all one by one. First of all, this poop odor eliminator can efficiently remove all the poop and urine stains and odor. However, it will not leave any residue or damages on your favorite furry surface.

Besides, its formula is suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Once you sprinkle it on the targeted space, it will deliver praiseworthy performance. What makes this cleaner for dog poop on carpet more chanted is its harmless natural-extract enzyme formula. Therefore, your pet and family members are safe around it.

It is pretty hazardous work to clean spots and get rid of stinky smells all the time. If you have Nature’s miracle poop eliminator, this job will be more comfortable. Its service is not limited to clean pet residues only. You can also clean up the mess that your baby makes on the carpet.

Despite cleaning poops, this solution can eliminate other stains such as food or liquids spills. It can remove most spots and absorb the entire smell to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Thus, all its features make it unique from alternative brands.

Key Features

  • Bacteria-based formula
  • Discourage re-soiling
  • Refreshing scent
  • Multi-purpose use

5. Bubbas Professional-Grade Carpet Cleaner

Does your pet have not fully potty-trained yet and keep creating messes here and there? If you are tired of this same scene every day, Bubbasss cleaner for dog poop on carpet is here to put an end to all your worries right away. It will help you to eradicate all the unpleasant incidents.

The pets tend to pee in the same place where they left the previous stain. That’s why you must deep-clean the spot by using a powerful solution.

Bubbas will absolutely do the job and destroy the last speck of stains.

Plus, this odor remover has a natural bio-enzymatic formula that actively works after spreading. It powerfully works for a long time and does not get weaker as the other brands do. Even the last drop of this gallon works so effectively that you do not need to worry about finishing the bottle soon.

Once you start using this product, you will realize that you made a perfect decision to invest in this eliminator. As well as keeping the good value of money, it will provide you the most reliable and effective result.

However, from your bedroom or living room to the kitchen, you can use this stain and odor eliminator in any place. When you have a gallon of Bubbas, you may not face any difficulties with the stubborn stains and stinky smells at all.

Key Features

  • Potent formula
  • Leaves a subtle refreshing smell
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Environment friendly

Things To Consider Before Buying Cleaner For Dog Poop On Carpet

Best Cleaner for Dog Poop on Carpet

There are a lot of things that you should consider before buying the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine. We have narrowed down the essential factors that you better not overlook anyway. You do not need to face any troubles if you maintain some calculations.

It will help if you read below to win your buy.


The foremost thing that you must check before buying an odor and stain eliminator is its ingredients. Various brands use harmful chemicals in odor removers, whereas others use natural enzymes and properties. You will only know that if you go through the ingredient label.

Therefore, choose an eliminator that has non-toxic and environment-friendly materials. Otherwise, it will be a threat to your family and pet.


It is entirely a personal preference. Some people love sweet and subtle smells, whereas others prefer overwhelming fragrances. However, the manufacturers always mention the fragrant type on the product label. You can choose the one that your family and pets feel comfortable with.


While checking the ingredient list, you should also check if the chemicals in it are safe for living beings or not. If any single ingredient causes a side effect, then the product might be a life threat. That’s why you should consider the safety issue.

On top of that, you should check if it is safe for fabrics because chemicals might ruin your couch or carpet.


When you check the brands, you will see that different products have their unique application method. Some need to mix with water to sprinkle, or some need to pour over the targeted area. Following the instruction, you can choose the one that you find friendly to use.


You can find poop stain eliminator according to your budget because odor and stain cleaners are supposed to be inexpensive. But you must consider buying the most effective one because low-grade buying products are nothing but a waste of money.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How will I know the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine?

It would be best to consider the brand, ingredient, quality, and customer reviews to find the right one. However, the procedure is quite lengthy, so that you can check our article above. Choosing either of them will be suitable for you.

2. Does pet poop eliminator kill germs?


Apart from spreading fragrance and removing stains, the enzyme properties of dog poop cleaners also kill germs and bacterias.

3. Is it safe to use on a wooden floor?

Yes, it is.

You can spray on the affected area and cover it with something so that the liquid penetrates the wood for a long time. In this way, the smell and stain will possibly be eliminated.

4. Can I use it on fabric?

Of course, you can.

Apply a little amount in the pre-wash compartment of the washing machine. Also, you can sprinkle the formula directly on the cloth and leave that for a few minutes. It will not damage the fabric yet fight against all the stubborn stains.

5. Will it help to muffle the smell of urine?

Yes, it will.

The cleaners for dog poop have active enzymes that react with pet residues and muffle the awful urine smell. Some of them also spread refreshing fragrances.

Final Words

Before you buy poop cleaners for carpet, prioritize the key considerations, and check if the product you are choosing matches your requirements or not. However, you will find all the best cleaner for dog poop on carpet in our article.

You will find no complaints about the brands we have mentioned above. Hopefully, our article will guide you to find the right one.

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