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Craft Storage Cabinet

If you’re into crafts, you’d know how hard it is to take care of all the little things. The small bits and pieces, the tools, etc. everything needs to be arranged carefully or you’d eventually lose them.

A craft organizer can be one of your best investments when you’re venturing into the field of crafts. They help you keep everything organized in a clutter-free manner, while you can easily carry them to your destination.

However, not every craft organizer is right for you. If you’re looking for the best craft storage cabinet out there, we got you covered! In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best we could find. Let’s begin!
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Our Selected Top 5 Best Craft Storage Cabinet

Craft organizers can be of many kinds. There are different designs, categories, and styles for you to choose from. All of them have salient features that make them stand out.  So, how do you choose which one is best for you?

In our reviews, we’ve discussed the bests of multiple kinds. So, you can easily choose the right one for you. That being said, let’s begin!

1. Creative Options Craft Storage | Grab N’ Go Rack System

First up on the list is the Grab N’Go craft organizer from Creative Options. If you’re looking for something simple that gets the job done correctly, this is the perfect product for you. An ideal fit for any craft enthusiast.

This massive set can be divided into two parts. The bulk box on top, and the latch utility boxes at the bottom.  The top box is used to store your big tools such as scissors, tape, ribbons, etc. While the bottom boxes could be used to store everything else.

The bottom attachment contains three distinct boxes. These boxes are again divided into multiple compartments where you can keep the small stuff. Things like beads, small pins, other craft tools, etc. can be kept there without any trouble.

Furthermore, to keep everything safe, the box has a professional latch lock. Simply put the lock in place and you won’t have to worry about your supplies at all. They’re sturdy enough to hold themselves off without any hassle.

With all its features, it’s a great buy for anyone. Whether you’re into sewing, crafting, or beading, you can utilize its features without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Kit divided into two parts
  • Bulk box for the large parts
  • Bottom attachment with three boxes
  • Multiple compartments for different tools of different size
  • Professional-level latch lock
  • Easy to carry

2. Akro-Mils Best Craft Organizer | 44 Drawer | Plastic Parts

If your craftwork requires a lot of small parts, you’d like a craft organizer that contains a lot of small boxes, and the option to keep the boxes organized in one place. To make life easier for you, we got exactly what you need!

The Akro-Mils 44 drawer craft organizer is a set that’s made keeping the display in mind. The boxes are arranged in a drawer like style that ensures everything can be displayed. You can also hang it with hooks. There are holes at the back for hooks.

The 44 boxes are divided into different sizes. So, you can store large and small supplies as well as art tools, kits, etc. in different boxes.

Simply put them in boxes and put the boxes in their designated place.

Furthermore, the frame is made of high-end, heavy-duty polyester material. The material is strong and sturdy enough to protect the boxes from dirt and moisture from outside. You’ll have the full option to wall mount them as well.

The boxes are not only sturdy but also flexible. If you want to stack items that need space of their own – this product will be the one for you! The ample spacing will prove to be highly beneficial for your needs.

Key Features

  • 32 small drawers perfect for storing smaller items
  • 12 larger storage units perfect for storing moderately heavy items
  • Fashioned into a durable cabinet
  • Optimized with accessible finger grip drawer
  • Adequate sizing for wall mounting
  • Essential for keeping easy-to-lose items

3. Seville Classics Craft Storage | 10-Drawer | Tray Cart

If you’re looking for color-coding your precious belongings, say no more! This storage unit can be the perfect unit for you if you want to use your storage rack for both a table-top and a storing unit.

The multipurpose drawers are designed for storing larger sized items. If you have problems finding drawers to store makeup palettes, larger jewelry, or your study materials – this drawer can be a life-changing organizing partner.

Not only does this magical storage unit hold your belongings in place, it even helps to shift them. The mobility of the drawers is increased because of the wheels attached to the unit itself.

Two of the wheels can be locked, so they don’t move around.

Many drawers have a translucent finish to them which makes the inner contents visible. However, that won’t be the case at all with this product. You can lay back and relax about your belongings being fully camouflaged under the pearlized opaque finish.

The dimensions of the product make it extremely easy to move it from one room to another. You can use the table-top for storing your room decorations or a coffee mug – whatever it is, the storage organizer tray will hold it for you!

Key Features

  • Ten pearlized drawers for storing large items
  • Portable storage unit
  • Usable table-top
  • Increased durability
  • Easily organizable
  • Ample spacing
  • Optimized with two locking casters

4. Learning Resources Craft Storage | Homeschool Storage

If you’re browsing the internet looking for desk declutterers, this product is the perfect one for you. This storage unit will not only declutter your desk, but it will also make reaching supplies far a lot easier. It’s easily the best craft storage cabinet for your desktop.

The storage center comes with eight removable units, which you can quickly grab and go to with whatever you need.

It can hold your sanitary products, pens, pencils, stationery, and whatever it is that you have a problem organizing at your desk.

You can use it as a turntable stationery holder. Especially if you have kids who continuously reach out to everything at once – this product will have you loads of time cleaning up. There’s no doubt how your kid will love it as well!

Moreover, if you plan on holding your stationery supplies in these storage units, you can detach one unit and work with the components in it without cluttering the other compartments. They have the perfect sizing for holding onto markers, and other supplies!

The aesthetic sense of this product is also a palpable factor., The bright colors will make it easy for your child to learn color coding and organizing. Furthermore, it also makes it lucrative to use and play with.

Key Features

  • Lucrative bright coloring
  • Ample spacing to hold stationeries
  • Perfect sizing for moderate desks
  • Makes color-coding easier
  • Accessible turntable
  • Detachable eight compartments

5. Marbrasse Craft Storage | Multi-Functional DIY Supply Storage

If you’re a person who loves to craft all by yourself, trust us – you’ll love this DIY wooden desk organizer. Not only does it permit you to build it all by yourself, but it also eliminates the risk of getting damaged in the mail.

The installation of the product is simple and easy. Anyone can easily follow the tutorial or watch a video and be done with installing the product. The wooden material on the organizer makes it lucrative and extremely sturdy.

If you’re willing to store fragile stationery, this product will make sure it remains undamaged.

The product being very durable doesn’t have the chance of breaking off if appropriately assembled.

The product comes with nine smaller compartments that are lengthier depth-wise so that they can hold off many pens and markers even larger. There are also three moderately sized compartments where you can store larger-sized stationery.

The one drawer at the base is the cherry on top for the product, as it can store notebooks, sketchbooks, or even important study material you want to keep safe. The product requires zero glue usage, so you don’t have a flimsy experience.

Key Features

  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Can hold numerous pens and markers
  • Can be used as a multipurpose storage unit
  • DIY easy assembling
  • Great customer service

Choosing The Right Craft Storage Cabinet : The Steps

Best Craft Storage Cabinet


When it comes to craft organizers, you have to prioritize your ease of use. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for the best experience. These include:

Storage limit

Before you opt to buy a craft organizer, you must take heed of your storage unit. You have to determine whether or not you have ample storage for wall mounting your storage compartments or using a desktop.

If you have a larger spacer lying around you’d like to use, you can use storage units and store larger items. This gives you the full authority to make the best of the unused space in your room.

However, if you want a tabletop storage compartment, you’ll have to look for more compact ones. Many storage units can fit perfectly on your desktop yet store plenty of items. Hence, you must check those out as well. You may also like some of the light for living room from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


Whether or not you display your belongings is a pretty big factor to consider. There are two types of storage compartments; one hides your items, and one shows them.

Some let the visitors in their homes see their products, and some hide them. The decision is yours to make. You can choose to display your markers, pens, jewelry like accolades or hide them.

We suggest you think about this part thoroughly, because once you get a storage item – you’ll regret not making the proper decision when you had the chance. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the wall art.


Whether or not you want to label the items makes a big change in selecting your storage compartment.

Maybe you’re a colour-coding person or a person who likes to use their label maker too much. In that case, you’ll want to get colourful, bright products and have the option to be labelled.

However, you can also be a person who doesn’t care much about labeling. In that case, you can get a product without the worry about labeling it. You may also be interested in some of the paint for interior wood stairs from our list.


Do you like to move your storage units around, or are you satisfied with their position once you set them up? Ask yourself this question before you get multipurpose compartments for yourself.

There are many craft organizers in the market which let you use the product with wheels. Some compartments are easily portable because of their size.

However, there are also bigger compartments which aren’t mobile. Therefore, think about how much you prioritize mobility before getting a craft organizer.


Prioritizing accessibility of reaching items showcased into craft organizers is something that most people tend to forget.

We completely suggest that you think about how accessible you need your items to be before selecting an organizer.

Maybe you’re planning to store something you don’t plan to use for days. You can put away the items in a storage compartment kept in hindsight and not worry about not finding them at the right time.

However, suppose, you’re an artist. You’ll want your markers, brushes, and stationery right at your side whenever you want—in that case, prioritizing your storage accessibility is important.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How can I organize my craft room for cheap?

You can organize your room easily with the affordable organizers from Amazon we’ve listed above. It’ll manage your items – small or big without costing hefty.

2. How do you organize craft supplies in a small space?

For smaller spaces, try to use storage compartments that are tabletop based. You can also use compact storage compartments which are lengthier but occupy less pace.

3. How do you store craft projects?

The best way to store craft projects is through shelves. You can use visible/opaque, large/small craft organizers for your projects.

4. How do I organize my coloring supplies?

Use wooden storing shelves to organize your coloring supplies. They’ll be easily accessible, and not at all hard to reach.

5. How do I organize my craft cabinets?

To organize your craft cabinets, use labeling, or color-coding. It makes the items easily noticeable without cluttering your space.

Final Words

Concludingly, for one last tip – make sure you prioritize your crafting storage needs before picking out the organizer. This will help you to store your crafts without a mess while making it convenient and handy.

If you were looking for the best craft storage cabinet for yourself, we hope this article has helped you to pick out the best one. Till the next time, happy crafting!

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