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Crystal Vases

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a birthday gift for your mom or a showpiece for your home, a crystal vase is always the perfect solution. Because who wouldn’t love fresh flowers on a good-looking vase?

Crystal glass vases have been the go-to home-decorative item for centuries. They look stunning and shine like diamonds! Although crystals were originally made using Lead, nowadays they are made using Zinc or Barium.

However, the appeal of crystal has never dried out because of this. They are still beautiful and elegant. Also, as they don’t cost very much, crystal vases are perfect for home decoration. But, finding the best crystal vases isn’t easy.

There are fraudulent crystals on the market, which are just plain glass. They are very thin and don’t last long. That’s why our researchers spent hours finding good crystal vases for you and listed only the top five. Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Crystal Vases Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might of your taste. So, choose a crystal vase according to your choice.

1. Slymeay Crystal vases | Pheonix Tail Shaped

If you like crystal glass’s original aesthetics and color then Slymeay crystal vases are perfect for you. These vases are made of high-quality lead-free crystal, so you don’t need to worry about the health issues of lead glasses.

Also, with a beautiful phoenix-shaped opening design and grain design on the design, these vases are very pleasing to look at.

While regular glass vases don’t reflect light, Slymeay vases reflect light and have a nice shine.

However, if a vase isn’t made to be thick enough, it doesn’t last long and looks cheap. You don’t need to worry about that if you buy one of these though. These crystal vases are a lot thicker and stronger than regular vases.

Anyway, when compared to other vases available, Slymeay vases have an original crystal color and elegant-looking design. Also, they offer two size variants. So, you can choose according to your taste.

Most Likeable Features

The glass is very well made. No sharp edges or bubbles are found on the body. Also, the crystal glares more than regular crystals which give it an attractive look. These vases are also very easy to clean and safely use.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that the vase came shattered in pieces! Also, according to some, the vase isn’t as big as advertised.

Key Features

  • Weighted bottom to restrict from tipping over
  • Classic styled elegant design
  • Thick sides for sturdiness and long use
  • Lead-free shiny crystal glass material

2. Magicpro Crystal Vases | Multicolored Design

Well, if you want a multicolored beautiful vase for your room, Magicpro has the perfect solution for you. These phoenix tail-shaped vases are 12 inches in height and 6 inches in width, which is considerably larger than most other crystal vases.

Although, the most important thing for any crystal vase, is the design and quality of the crystal.

As you can already tell, these look beautiful, you must want to know how good the build quality is. Well, we can assure you Magicpro vases won’t disappoint you.

These vases are made of high-quality lead-free crystal, thickened on all sides and the bottom. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking easily. Also, there are no sharp edges on the body. So, they are easily cleanable too.

In addition, when compared to other multicolored vases, the color is within the glass and not painted on. So, these won’t get discolored when washed.

Most Likeable Features

The size of these vases is perfect for flowers. Also, the build quality is top-notch. These vases are weighted on the bottom to restrict from easily tipping over. Magicpro vases also look stunningly beautiful on light and are definitely worth the money.

Probable Drawbacks

Although, most liked the design, for some users the color didn’t look as stunning. Some have found the color to be cloudy, dull, and muted.

Key Features

  • Thick, lead-free crystal material
  • 12 inches in height, perfect with flowers
  • Doesn’t discolor when washed
  • Sturdy and strong design

3. Marquis by Waterford Crystal Vases | Sparkle Collection

You already know Waterford, don’t you? Marquis by Waterford was first introduced in 1991. Since they have been living up to the Waterford name. These vases are no different. Although they are made of lead-free crystal, they still have clarity and weight like lead glass.

Also, Waterford designs its vases to be elegant and perfect. These vases radiate an aura of the aristocracy. You can just buy a single one and feel how the sparkle collection lightens your mood up.

However, if these get dull after a few washes, none of the beautiful designs will matter.

That’s why Waterford made these to be flame polished and dishwasher safe. So, you can wash these as many times as you need but they will still glow like new.

Although, apart from all the good things, Marquis by Waterford comes with a cost. You can buy multiple Chinese-built vases at the cost of one of these. But, they are Chinese-built and not Waterford! So, choose wisely.

Most Likeable Features

Waterford crystals are made with a careful approach and they last a very long time. These vases live up to their name. Also, the design and shape of these vases are perfect and look gorgeous with flowers in them.

Probable Drawbacks

Many buyers reported that their vases came shattered in pieces. Although, they received a new one easily.

Key Features

  • Flame polished and Dishwasher safe
  • High-quality crystalline material
  • Packaged in Marquis by Waterford Boxes
  • 9 inch in height, ideal for flowers

4. Jasvic Crystal Vases | Safe Packaging

A major problem while shipping any fragile products is that you always worry about finding your shipment shattered in pieces. Most buyers have faced this. That’s why, when Jasvic came up with the safe packaging they already won our hearts.

But, apart from safe packaging, Jasvic vases also have much more to offer. These are made of high-quality lead-free crystal.

Also, the designing and crafting are very sophisticated. These have clear textures and pretty designs.

However, gaudy designs make decorations look dull. Vases need to be a subtle addition to your home décor. That’s why, Jasvic glasses have an elegant design which makes them the best crystal vases for bedrooms, wedding gifts, or even aromatherapy spas!

Anyway, when compared to other similar crystal vases, these vases have a minimalist design. These have the perfect height for a vase as you can put any type of flowers in them.

Most Likeable Features

Jasvic vases are made of durable, high-quality crystals. So, you can have a long-term, worry-free usage experience. Their decorous design and ideal size make them perfect as a gift for weddings, co-workers, or maybe even for you!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users claim that these are not made of high-quality crystals and have air bubbles in them. If that’s true, these won’t last long.

Key Features

  • 12 inch in length, ideal for flowers
  • Tasteful decorative for bedroom or dining table
  • Multi-layered secured packaging
  • Sparkles and catches light beautifully

5. Amlong Crystal Vases | Five Different Designs

If you want choices between beautiful and admirable crystal vases, you don’t need to look anywhere else than Amlong Crystal Store. Amlong offers five different designs of crystal vases while maintaining the overall quality.

The designs are called Floral, Hand-cut, Ocean Waves, and Royal Garden. They also offer a variant called Floral med, which is similar to Floral but cheaper. All of these designs are made of 100% lead-free crystal.

However, if a vase isn’t durable enough, it can get shattered easily.

That’s why Amlong vases are thickened in design and weighted on the bottom to keep them from falling over easily. Also, their large sizes make them perfect for big flower bouquets too.

When compared to other crystal vases, Amlong vases offer different choices in almost the same price range. So, you can buy exactly the type of vase you’re looking for.

Most Likeable Features

Although these are generously cheap, the cut and patterns on the crystal catch a lot of light making them look a lot more expensive. Buying a cheap decorative that looks expensive is tight, isn’t it?

Probable Drawbacks

Just like most other crystal vases, some users reported receiving their vases shattered in pieces! Enough is enough Amazon!

Key Features

  • Clear colored tasteful designs
  • Perfect size for different flowers
  • Five different designs to choose from
  • 100% lead-free crystal material

Things to Consider Before Buying Crystal Vases

Best Crystal Vases

Crystal vases have appealed to home decorators for ages. Their appeal never seems to dry out. Well, who wouldn’t like a beautiful vase full of beautiful flowers in their bedroom?

However, traditionally crystal was made using lead. That’s why Crystal glasses were traditionally called lead glass. Lead glass offers weight and clarity which most lead-free crystals don’t. So, if not for the health and environmental issues, lead glasses were better.

Although, lead glasses are illegal to manufacture now and lead can cause significant health hazards. So, we need to be content with whatever we have now. But, to our rescue, some companies have mastered the art.

There are 100% lead-free crystal vases, which provide just as much weight and clarity as lead glass. But, like anything good in this world, they are hard to find too. So, you need to understand exactly what you’re trying to buy before you buy any.

That’s why we made a guide for you to follow before buying any Crystal vases so that you can end your search for the Best crystal vases lilies! You would appreciate having some of the vase for tulips, so take a moment to check them out.


Size is most probably the most important thing to consider before buying any crystal vase. Vases come in all different shapes and sizes. But, not all of them are suitable for your room or your choice of flowers.

So, if you want to place flowers with long-stemmed flowers like lilies or gladioli, you will need longer vases. But, long vases won’t work with short-stemmed flowers either.

That’s why choosing the perfect vase for your flowers is an art. You can consider reading about choosing the perfect vase to know more about this.


There are different shapes of vases available. Like column, hourglass, or round vases. This also depends on the type of flower you want in your room. Generally, crystal vases have a column or hourglass shape.

But, you can find round or bud-shaped crystal vases if you want. You may also like some of the night light projector from our list.

Clear or Colored

Both colored and clear vases offer beautiful designs. But, if you want to have a minimal, modern decoration for your room, you should choose a clear vase.

However, if you want to have a more mystical view, colored vases would be perfect for you. So, choose exactly how you want them to be. Check out the most essential Review for candle wax warmer.


Crystal vases have different patterns and designs on them. Not all companies can make intricate designs perfectly. So, if you are buying a cheap vase online, you should go for simpler designs. They are easy to make and are likely to last long.

However, if you are buying from brands like Waterford, go crazy! Different patterns catch the light differently and sparkle in a way that no other vase can!

So, if you consider these steps before buying a vase, you can find the most suitable crystal vase of your taste.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How much is a crystal vase worth?

The value depends on a lot of things. The price of older and highly decorated crystal vases can be between 1000$ to 4000$ or even more.

But, there are cheaper modern variants as well. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. You should consider checking out inexpensive vases too.

2. Is Marquis by Waterford real crystal?

Marquis is not a lead crystal. So, if you consider only lead crystals to be real they aren’t. But, these are made of Crystalline material, which is very high-quality and 100% lead-free.

Lead possesses high health risks. So, you should think of buying lead-free crystals. Read about Lead health hazards from CDC.

3. Where is the best crystal made?

Czech Republic’s Bohemian crystal has been world-renowned for its high quality and long-lasting appeal. Bohemian crystal ranks among the world’s best and they truly live up to their name.

4. How can you tell a good quality crystal?

First, wet your fingers and gently swipe your fingers around the rims of the glass. If this motion makes a good sound, you can guess that it’s crystal. Also, Crystal emits a bluish-purple tint when exposed to UV.

So, you can shine a pocket UV light at the glass if you need to. Read more about identifying crystals.

5. How do I get rid of cloudy crystals?

To remove the build-up caused by Calcium and Magnesium ions, you can gently swab the glass with nail polish remover and then scrub gently with mild detergent. Also, soaking the glass in plain vinegar for 15 minutes can help.

Final words

Crystal vases are perfect for decorating your home. A beautiful and attractive environment is proven to affect your health positively. So, decorate your home today with the best crystal vases and the most beautiful flowers.

Although, as you read this far in this article, we sure hope that you found the most tasteful vase for you.

”A flowerless room is a soulless room” – Vita Sackville West

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