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Display Cases for Figures

Who does not like to show off all the collection of action figures? After all these are not meant to be put in a random corner of the house. And the best display cases for figures are the safest options for decorating those figures.

A display is a type of cabinet that has several small chambers to put the figures. They can be made of wood, glass, plastic and even cloths and irons. All of them have their own beauty.

For your action figures it is better to find a case that is worth investing in. Here we would suggest some top cases that can be a good companion for action figures.
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Best Display Cases for Figures Reviews

Now it’s time to put your favorite action figures in the right place. The top five display cases are good in quality and will help to remove the junky look from the room.

1. Tom Care Display Cases for Figures | Cube Storage

Many people keep procrastinating getting a display case because they want to avoid the hassle of assembling. If you are among them, then there is good news for you. Tom Care has brought a display case that is very flexible to use and assemble

The small molecular structure makes it simple to assemble. I did not need a large display case, so I made a small rack for the living room using only 6 molecules and used the other 6 cubes in my room.

These look very light and actually it is light in weight but can take a lot of weight. I put 5-6 books per cube and it works just fine.

Other than that you can put toys, bags, clothes, and more.

Name a few brands that provide customizable shapes. Well it is hard to recall because very few offer such a flexible making system. You can decorate using Tom Care Display Cases the way you want to.

Most Liking Features

This comes with a 45 days money back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied or just want to have it, you will get your money back.

Probable Drawbacks

Some people want to avoid the hassle of assembling the case, so they preface premade cases. So for them this display won’t be convenient

Key Features

  • Total 12 cubes
  • Case to assemble
  • Safe for kids
  • Money Back warranty

2. LANSCOERY Display Cases for Figures | Acrylic Material

If you have a trophy or something big and precious that you want to feature, get LANSCOERY Display Cases. You need to measure the item that you want to protect from dust and odor, then you can order the size you need.

I got some trophies back in my school, dust was getting all over it. So I ordered a LANSCOERY display case and put all my achievements into it. As it is a closed box, it saves the items from dust and keeps it shiny by delaying plastic aging

Starting from a small collection like a little action figure to a gown or other dresses, you can display anything into the best display cases for power rangers figures.

The acrylic casing fits precisely against the base and has smooth corners.

These are the perfect complement to business or household display. You can get any shape and size that fits your collection. Other cases do not give the facility to showcase a big item like LANSCOERY does.

Most Liking Features

The display cabinets are made of high-quality acrylic which protects the collection from UV rays. These are the perfect complement to business displays or household items

Probable Drawbacks

The display case is suitable for showcasing a single item, not multiple items together.

Key Features

  • Stylish look
  • Protect the figure from dust
  • High quality material
  • PVC and acid free

3. Ikee Display Cases for Figures | Small Chamber

Do you have a cute little action figure or want to decorate your jewelries in a display case that has small chambers? Ikee Display Cases for Figures features 5 tires case with a width of 10 ⅞ inches only.

This is one of my favorite cases because I find it very simple and efficient, and helps me to organize small jewelry. The door has a magnetic clasp that keeps the doors closed so no chance of getting dust inside the case.

The sleek and translucent acrylic material makes the case durable and totally transparent.

So whenever you keep inside the case will be clearly visible. This can be used to display expensive stones,  crystals, and other accessories.

A great option to showcase small items, this can be used in store and in house as well. Such small cases are not common to see and the quality is splendid.

Most Liking Features

There is two holes on the back which make it mountable. The whole design makes it more efficient, moreover the high quality acrylic material is the reason for its durability.

Probably Drawbacks

As you can see Ikee is only for small items, so you cannot display big items into the case.

Key Features

  • 4 removable shelves
  • Acrylic display
  • Suitable for small items
  • Magnetic door

4. Protech Display Cases for Figures | Card Figure

The fourth product from our list is from Protch which is one of the best Display Cases for Figures. Because that case is made keeping the customers taste and need in mind. The Display cases create a luxurious look in the spaces.

The cases that I had used previously had one common problem, that is the lids did not close properly. But I was glad to purchase Protech Display Cases for Figures because the lid fits nicely, even air cannot get into the box when the lid is closed.

These are sturdy and do a good job of protecting my card figures.

You if have a lot of cards that are messing around your room, it’s time to pick the cardholder and restore them.

In most cases, the card displayers are not good in quality. But this one from Protech is high in quality and lasts for a long time.

Most Liking Features

This case is perfect for 6″ x 9″ modern standard and vintage style Star Wars and G.I. Joe carded figures.

Probable Drawbacks

The only drawback is that you cannot reuse it. As a result, these can only be used once.

Key Features

  • Display vintage and modern carded figures
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Reasonable price
  • Acid free

5. Pioneer Display Cases for Figures | Horizontal Box

Do you have a doll or different action figure that you want to show off or just want to protect it because you don’t use it much? Then Pioneer Display Cases for Figures would be the safest option for those precious belongings.

The stylist look of the case adds richness to my place. Besides this gives a dust free environment for my favorite collectibles and action figures. And protect it from curious pets.

It provides you with the ideal setting to display your prized décor.

The user will definitely adore the striking transparent top with a minimalist frame and base, as well as the push-to-open doors.

Most of the cases come  in the shape of a square, but this one is horizontal. So there can be no better option for your exclusive horizontal figures.

Most Liking Features

The high quality Crystal clear injection molded plastic makes the case fully transparent. Also has the right dimension for all type of horizontal figures

Probable Drawbacks

Only suitable for horizontal items. So not all types of figures fit or look good in it. So buy it only if you got a horizontal item.

Key Features

  • Crystal clear plastic
  • For dolls and action figures
  • 8 x 3.75 x 3.875 inches
  • Dust free display

Things to Consider Before Buying Display Cases for Figures

Best Display Cases for Figures

Your exclusive and expensive collectibles deserve the right place to get displays. That is why people spend so much money on the display cases. But when you are putting in so much money, ensure you invest in the right place by having the best glass display cases for figures anime.

There are some other tips that are essential to know for any buyer. Because no one wants to purchase the wrong display case for his/her action figures and collections. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the incense burner.


Stability is important for any type of display case, because the case is going to be used for keeping precious items. Purchase the necessary equipment to secure the cases to the wall. So that you can prevent major damage or fall to the action figures. buy drywall anchors, if the walls are drywall and do not have an appropriate support beam. The plastic anchors fasten screws and allow you to anchor your shelves against the wall. Checking the crystal vases will be helpful as well.


As you already know there are many kinds of display cases, some of them have several racks and some are one single box. Of course not all the collectables are the same in value. Some of the figures will stand out more than others. In that case choosing a single chamber case would be a wise decision.

And for displaying many small and same category action figures, a display case with several chambers or boxes would be the right option.


Every display door includes a door, and how protected the collectables will be inside the case depends on the door. If the door does not close properly, dust will enter the case. So for having a dust free environment inside the box check the doors properly. The doors that include a magnet are usually good. And opening them is very easy, just requires a push to open the door.


The advantage of having more shelves on a case lets the collector exhibit a greater number of action figures. A display case with too many shelves, on the other hand, may not provide adequate height for some of the larger action figures on the market. Ideally, you should measure the tallest item you intend to exhibit to ensure that it will fit in your new display case.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I display a large size doll in it?

The main purpose of buying a display case is to keep larger items, and pick a single case without any shelves. This will also help to grab attention and protect the action figure.

2. Can I use glue to attach the pieces of the case?

Yes, you can, most of the time the glue comes with the package. But if it does not include, buy a super glue or other glues that look transparent after getting dry. ​​

3. What is the thickness?

The thickness of cases is different for different brands. A good quality case is thick enough to hold all the action figures and they made sure the case does not fall apart or damage the items.

4. What kind of materials do they use?

Most of the display cases are made of clear material so that the figures can be seen clearly. This can be made of glass, plastic or acrylic materials.

5. What can I use to display the small anime figures?

For small figures, the case with shelves is more preferable. The best small display cases for anime figures will let you arrange all the figures properly without having much of your space.

Final Words

The display cases that we have mentioned give a music-like environment, and protect the belongings from getting damaged. But ensure buying the best Display Cases for Figures or else the figures can get damaged from inappropriate construction of the cases. We have tried to keep all types of cases on our list so that you can get a clearer idea about all the options and purchase the right one for the precious items.

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