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Finish for Exterior Wood Door

The finishes of the exterior door tell a lot about the homeowner’s personality. When guests come to your house, the door is the first thing that they would come across.

Therefore keeping the door shiny and clean, it needs the best finish for exterior wood door. When it is about choosing the paint for the front door, there are millions of options but all of them cannot give you a real finish.

There are some critical elements that the paint must cover to protect the door from sunray, dust, and have to keep the wood safe. Here we come up with the top door finish brands, and all of these are highly recommended.
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Best Finish for Exterior Wood Door Reviews

The following section discusses the top finish for the exterior wood door. With the door finish, you will be able to give a smart and fashionable look to the wood door at a very reasonable price.

1. Majic Finish for Exterior Wood Door | Environment Friendly

After many years of working and experimenting with different paint products, we are amazed to introduce the Majic finish for any kind of wood door. Majic paint is more versatile than chalk paint and long-lasting.

Quality of the paint is truly remarkable. The Majic exterior door paint is perfect for bad weather conditions. The long-lasting formula helps it to last for a long time and provides protection against mildew, dust, human oils, UV ray, and more.

Majic Finish for Exterior Wood Door has paint and primer in it.

So you can directly start painting without priming the door with a different formula. And this is easy to use, so there is no need to call a door painter.

You can easily paint using a wide brush or a small paint roller, depending on the lines of the door and personal preference. The full white color is semi-glossy and easy to wash off. So the color will be bright even after many years.

The paint is absolutely safe to use, which means there is a less harmful chemical. And this makes the paint healthier for you and nature. Therefore, you do not need to experience the smell of the new paint for a long time.

Key Features

  • Very versatile
  • White in color
  • Stick to surface easily
  • Last for a long time

2. Minwax Finish for Exterior Wood Door | Semi-Gloss

There are some people who do not like the high gloss finish on their door and are not fond of the matte finish as well. For them, the semi-gloss paint by Minwax would be the right choice. This is the best clear finish for exterior wood.

Being weather resistant, the paint is ideal for use in the exterior doors. Minwax paint is dust and rainproof. Besides the semi-gloss finish brings a subtle shine. Do those who do not like a reflective surface, can have this.

Ultra-fast drying formula has been used. For the amazing formula, the paint takes less than two hours to dry.

And it makes the paint ideal for a more hostile environment. There is very little chance of any physical damage.

Because the paint provides excellent resistance against any kind of physical harm like chipping, abrasion, even more, corrosive damage from fading and rust. The formula is water based which allows for easy water and soap clean up.

For having a crystal clear finish on light wood like maple, ash, and birch, the paint is suitable. There are many formulas of paint available in the market. So pick the one that matches your taste.

Key Features

  • Semi-gloss paint
  • Weather resistance
  • Ideal for hostile environment
  • Damage proof

3. General Finish for Exterior Wood Door | Low Odor

Are you not applying paint on the entry door because you are afraid of having the “new paint” smell for a long period of time? If so then use the almost odor-free paint from General which has a rich dark color and good quality.

The main advantage of the paint is that the color can be customized without damaging the formula of the paint. Just mix with intermixing GF Water Based Wood Stains to tone and tint. This process is very simple yet effective.

Applying the paint is very easy. So anyone can do it by themselves, no need to call an expert and spend more money on it.

Does not even take more time to dry. This will be best to apply the paint at the night and make sure no one touches it,

The color of the paint is perfect for getting a stunning finish at the entrance. The visitors will be amazed to see such rich dark and natural-looking color on the door. General finish is also highly pigmented which ensures its high quality.

The price of the paint is very reasonable and suitable for storing. So if you do not need the whole jar of color at once, close the jar tightly and keep it in a dry place.

Key Features

  • Dark rich finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Color can be customized
  • Highly pigmented

4. Totalboat Finish for Exterior Wood Door | UV Resistance

Is your wood door getting damaged due to the bright sunlight and UV ray? Then the paint on the door is not capable of blocking UV rays. It is time to change the paint and apply the best finish for exterior wood door. Totalboat is able to block 98% UV rays.

If durability is the first priority, pick the paint without having any second thought. The premium formula gives waterproof UV resistant coatings. So the door will be protected on a sunny day and in heavy rain.

How fast do you expect the door paint to get dry? Two hours maximum? Well, you will be amazed to know that the paint takes only 1 hour to dry completely.

So recoat it every one hour. And keep re-coating it until you get the desired color.

Would you like to see reflections on the door? This paint has a high gloss varnish finish. Totalboat would give a very shiny coating after recoating it 3-4 times. Besides the paint is highly stain free.

Keeping the wood protected, bright, and shining this paint would be the best option. The surprise is not too high. So everyone can afford it.

Key Features

  • High glossy finish
  • Dry quickly
  • Reasonable price
  • UV resistance

5. Seal-Once Finish for Exterior Wood Door | Eleven Colors

Most of the people use their entry gate to be beautiful and eye-catching and use expensive woods to make the door. But unfortunately due to bad coating or finish the wood starts to get damaged.

So having the Seal-Once finish will protect the door from rain and dust and keep the wood safe. Seal-Once Finish for Exterior Wood Door has advanced penetrating nanotechnology that works as a sealer to the water.

The sealer works like an oil base, but there is no toxic chemical and completely safe to use. The paint is able to protect the door from water damage for more than 10 years. So it is like a long-time investment for the door.

There are many different color options. The rich color palettes are available in 11 different colors. A clear formula is also available which makes the door turn wooden naturally. So pick any of the colors that you like the most.

Seal-Once has been selling their products for a long period and those who have used the paint have highly recommended it.

Key Features

  • 11 different color option
  • Long lasting
  • Protect door’s wood from water
  • Nice glossy finish

Things to Consider Before Buying Finish for Exterior Wood Door

Best Finish for Exterior Wood Door

Paints for the wood door are a kind of material that protects the wood and at the same time enhances the beauty of the door. There are different options in the market but to the right one is sometimes difficult.

That is why we have tried to reduce your hassle by providing the best varnish for wooden front door. You are not done yet. There is still something that you need to know before making the final decision.

Consider some key elements and follow some buying guides to have the right buying experience. Additionally, you can check our review on paint for stairs.


How long the paint going to last depends on its durability. It is not possible for anyone to paint their door once every month. A good quality paint would last for years. That is why it is important to have good quality paint.

There might be some harmful chemical to some Paints. Therefore to be safe try to go through the customer feedback. You can get a thousand feedback from customers on the Amazon website which is genuine and real. Besides, you can choose some wood finish for outdoors.


Different colors of paints are available in the market. Some are very bright in color, some light and some of the pains give a clear finish. If you don’t want to hide the real color of the door, try to pick the one that gives a crystal clear finish.

If you are fond of colorful items and want to match the door with the walls and pick some colorful paint. In that case to get the original color this might require to recoat it 3 to 4 times. Make sure you also check our guide for paint for interior wood stairs.

Glossy Finish

Some of the pain gives a very glossy finish, some of them are semi-glossy and matte. Usually matte paints are not suitable for exterior wood doors because they catch dust and mud.

So it is better to go for a high glossy or semi-glossy finish. Those are easy to clean up with water as well. If you like to see a reflection on the door then choose the high glossy one.

Ease of Cleaning

To maintain the shine of the door, it needs to be cleaned at least once in every month. Washing the door with water is the easiest way to clean this up. But not all the paintings are suitable for water cleaning.

So before buying make sure the paint is water-resistant so it can be cleaned easily and doesn’t take much time.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long does the paint last on the door?

It depends on the brand you are applying. If it is from a good brand and has a high quality, the finish is going to last for years.

2. How long does the paint take to dry?

The best finish for exterior mahogany door does not take much time to dry. It gets dry completely within two hours.

3. Does the paint give a glossy finish?

Yes, they do. For getting a clear reflection on the door, choose the high gloss paint.

4. Is the finish for the wood door UV resistant?

Not all the finishes are UV resistant but the high-quality products, that we have suggested, are UV resistant.

5. Can I clean the wood door with water?

If the paint is waterproof, then yes, you can clean the door with water.

Final Words

Painting on the door is used to protect the door from water, UV rays, dust, and etc. This is an essential item for every household. So buying the painting cannot be taken for granted. You have to make the right decision and pick the best Finish for Exterior Wood Door.

In the article, we have tried to bring all the top finishes for wood. Hopefully, now you would be able to make the right decision.

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