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Glitter for Tumblers

If you love crafts, you probably enjoy making and decorating everyday things to take it to the next level. Resin tumblers are a great thing to try out if you’re into glitters. You can make your regular tumblers stand out and radiate your personality.

However, working with glitters isn’t as easy as they seem. Your glitters should be food grade and of good quality to make sure they stick. Since you’d be carrying drinks in your tumbler, you have to ensure they don’t get into your drinks.

Thus, you need to find the best glitter for tumblers to have a seamless experience. In this article, we will review some of the best we could find after tedious bits of research. Let’s begin!
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Best Glitter for Tumblers Reviews

If you’re planning to make your own unique tumblers, you might need the best supplies. Here’s our list of glitters that we considered to be the best out there.

1. GRAS Art Bundles Epoxy Tumblers Kit with Glitter

First up on the list is a kit that features not only glitter but also tumblers to get your project running in no time! This set contains two metal tumblers with lids, a dozen glitters of multiple colors, and all the tools you need to make a set.

The set comes with 8oz of clear cast epoxy resin for you to palace the glitter and get it all set and running. There are part A and B type resin available in 4oz bottles for you to work with. You can get the job done effortlessly.

There’s also a mod podge available for you to work with.

You can use the mod podge to design your tumblers and finally apply the resin to set this in place. You won’t need to buy anything extra to get the job done.

The set comes with 12 tubes of tumblers kit along with a plethora of colors that you can buy additionally. The available colors are fairly unique and can help you make your favorite designs without any hassle.

Furthermore, you get a set of three epoxy brushes to make your painting convenient and effortless. The brushes are made especially for working with epoxy glitters, so you won’t have to worry about the quality at all.

Key Features

  • Set of 12 glitters
  • Comes with clear resin and mod podge
  • Complimentary epoxy brushes
  • Sets without additional trouble

2. Teenitor 48 Colors Glitter Set, Fine Glitter for Resin

If you’re looking for a creative outlet that requires a mix of multiple colors and designs to tell a story, we got the right product for you! The 48 color glitter set from Teenitor is one of the most comprehensive sets out there at the moment!

The glitters are filled in 13-gram jars that are easy to pour. The jars are made sturdy enough so that they don’t break easily. Also, you have to shake them for the glitter to fall. As a result, you won’t create a mess from poorly placed jars.

Furthermore, the entire set is massive! With 48 jars of glitter, the total package is about 624 grams without the pots and packaging’s weight.

This is great if you’re looking for long-term supplies and don’t want to order multiple shipments.

While this set is excellent as glitter, you can use it for pretty much everything else. From nail art to other decorations, this is an ideal fit for all of your projects. So, you can easily get a value for money deal from here.

To make your experience better, the product comes with a return policy. So, you can send it back if you’re not satisfied with the quality!

Key Features

  • 48 glitter bottles
  • 13-gram bottles with a combined weight of 624 grams
  • Top-notch jar quality
  • Ideal for multiple projects
  • Easy return policy

3. Warmfits 12 Colors Holographic Chunky Glitter

If conventional glitter doesn’t excite you anymore, you can go for the chunky glitter. They’re bigger than traditional glitter, so you can do more designs with them while using less glitter. Making them an excellent purchase for every situation.

The Warmfit glitters are made of a special holographic pigment. As a result, they’re very lightweight, and the color is spread thoroughly through the glitter. Also, unlike conventional glitter, they won’t wear off due to pressure.

Furthermore, most of the boxes are made with different colors, designs, and sizes.

As a result, the jars have a unique color and glow, making your design much better.

Also, to make carrying and using easily, the glitters are sold in plastic boxes with strong lids instead of sprinklers or bad quality jars. Thus, you can store them in your favorite place without damaging them.

Also, since these chunky glitters are unique in their own way, they can be integrated into other forms of craft as well. From nail art to home design and cosplay, they fit in every design idea without any trouble. So, keep them in your craft organizer and use them to your advantage.

Key Features

  • Special chunky glitter
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Special holographic pigments for unique designs
  • Ideal for any sort of crafts

4. LEOBRO Set of 32 Colors Fine Slime Glitter

If you want bold colors that speak of your personality, we got you covered! Presenting 32 glitters from fine slime glitter features some of the boldest, and the most unique colors available.

The set contains 32 boxes of glitter, each weighing 5-grams each. From lake blue to champagne gold, from forest green to copper red, you’d be surprised at how versatile this box is. Just mix and match for the most unique shades.

One of the significant attractions of resin tumblers is the shiny texture, and that’s where this set shines. In terms of color quality and shine, this is the best glitter for tumblers set we could find anywhere.

To make your tumbler designs stand out, you can mix them with paint or glue for a more unique finish. This allows you a world of versatility. You can easily make your ideas come to life with a little bit of effort!

However, these aren’t limited to just tumblers. They are amazing if you want to make slime or do other epoxy projects. Also, they’re food-grade and safe, so you can do hair designs or makeup with them as well.

Key Features

  • Set of 32 boxes
  • 5-grams per box
  • A unique set of colors
  • Safe for skin and body

5. Kiikooll Slime Supplies Glitter Powder Sequins for Slime

Finally, we have a set for people who love to buy things in bulk and keep them for a long time. This set of 12 boxes come with big boxes and bold colors. Keep them for as long as you want while you work your magic.

In this set of glitter, you get 12 transparent boxes full of exquisite colors. The colors range from basic shades such as red and blue to exquisite shades of colors.

Also, the boxes are very lightweight, so they’re easy to carry.

Furthermore, the materials are completely non-toxic, so you can use them in anything you need, from resin tumbler that you’d regularly use to slimes for children without cany concerns.

Furthermore, they work very well with hair and skin, so if you love shiny makeovers, this is the perfect fit for you. Just add them to your design any moment you want. You can also use it for artworks for different kinds of wall art.

Key Features

  • Stored in transparent plastic containers
  • Available in 12 shades
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Safe for skin and hair

Things to Consider Before Buying Glitter for Tumblers

Best Glitter for Tumblers

When it comes to craft supplies, it’s essential that you prioritize your comfort over anything else. Here are a few things you need to keep in check before buying glitter for tumblers. These include:

Set of Colors

Colors are at the heart of our creative plans. If you want to make a tumbler for yourself, you’d likely prioritize your favorite colors over others. As a result, your set should contain your favorite colors.

Generally, a set contains anything from 12-48 colors. And the cost of the set increases with the number of colors in the set. If you wanna save up some money, go for a set that contains your preferred colors only.

However, if you plan on investing more and make more designs, go for a big set with multiple available colors. This way, you’d always have resources to work with and make amazing designs. You may also like some of the craft organizer from our list.

Type of Glitter

There are multiple types of glitter available for you to choose from. There’s the classic glitter, the bigger chunky glitter, the smaller, finer glitter, etc. You can also mix different types for a unique design.

However, when choosing glitter, make sure you’re getting something that you can mix with paint or glue. Otherwise, they will look clunky with your design, and the end product won’t be good.

Furthermore, since you’d be carrying drinks in your tumbler, make sure the glitter you’re using is safe. It needs to be food-grade and safe for use. So that even if you consume something by mistake, it doesn’t cause trouble for you. Make sure you also check our guide for lighting for paintings.


When you’re buying a set of glitter, it’s better if you can get a set with additional stuff. A lot of sets add epoxy resin, metal tumblers, brushes, mod podges, etc., with their glitters.

The benefit of these products is that they’re convenient. Since you’re getting everything in one place, you don’t have to make additional purchases. Also, getting a set with add ons is cheaper than getting them separately.

Packaging size

One of the most important questions is how much glitter do you need? Do you need a lot of colors in small amounts or a few colors in large amounts? Well, you can get exactly what you need without any hassle.

When you’re getting a set of glitter, not only do you have the option to choose a lot of colors, you also have the option to choose from a plethora of sizes. Glitter is available in jars, sprinklers, bottles, etc.

The amount of glitter available depends on the size of the container. So, make your purchase based on the amount you need for yourself.

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of tumbler should I use for a glitter tumbler?

If you want to make a customized tumbler, we recommend using a metal tumbler. They can withstand heat from resins and keep their shape. Also, they’re better for warm drinks.

2. Are epoxy resins bad for me?

Epoxy resins, if taken without any precautions, can be dangerous for your body. However, once the liquid resin dries out, it turns to plastic, which is fairly safe. You have to be conscious, and epoxy resins won’t trouble you.

3. How safe are tumblers made from glitters and epoxy resins?

Epoxy resins need to dry out before you can use them for consumption. When resin dries out, it can be used. However, make sure there’s no resin on the internal part of your tumbler.

Furthermore, make sure the products you’re using are food grade and 100% safe. Your health and safety should be your priority.

4. How to choose the right glitter for tumblers for me?

Your glitter should be based on your preferred design. Take matters such as the set of colors, size, safety levels, packaging, etc., into account before buying, and you’re good to go!

5. How to make the surface of the tumbler even?

If the surface of your surface isn’t even, you need to sand it. Use low grit sandpaper to smoothen it, and then fine-tune it by using higher grits. It might take some time, but it’s fairly simple.

Final Words

Resin tumblers are a great way to make unique designs for your tumblers; add some glitter in the mix, and you have some of the most unique designs available to you in no time. However, it’s important that you use the right tools.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best glitter for tumblers and added a few tips and tricks to make your purchase better. We hope you find this article helpful!

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