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Incense Burner

Do you want to bring positive energy and a relaxing feel to your environment? Then, incense is a really good choice for you to try. Incense releases different fragrances around you and that is proven to have a positive impact on your life.

Incense brings a spiritual, relaxed aura to your surroundings, helping you stay calm in a world of chaos. But, burning incense directly is quite troublesome. So, having the best incense burner in your home or aromatherapy spa can bring a lot of value.

But, a problem arises when you consider buying an incense burner. Because, you can’t just put an ugly-looking thing in your room, can you? That’s why you need a beautiful incense burner that does the job perfectly.

Although, finding a beautiful and good-working incense burner isn’t easy. There are thousands of choices available. That’s why our team of experts spent hours finding and listing the best incense holders and made a list of only the top five.

Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Incense Burner Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for you. So, choose an incense burner according to your likeness.

1. Spacekeeper Waterfall Incense Burner | Backflow

Who doesn’t like an ornamental decorative that makes your house smell beautiful? Everyone loves that and that’s how we already know that you’re going to like Spacekeeper incense burners. These amazing-looking waterfall burners work splendidly well.

However, incense is the most important part of any incense holder, isn’t it? Having the perfect incense for you is necessary.

That’s why Spacekeeper sells these burners as a package with 120 incense cones and 30 incense sticks!

Anyway, these burners burn cones and sticks altogether. So, you can have the perfect fragrance for you no matter if it’s sold as cones or sticks. Also, Spacekeeper holders are hand-crafted with ceramic giving them a sturdy but appealing appearance.

Although, when compared to other incense holders, these have a waterfall design. The smoke of incense streams through the cuts like a waterfall, giving a mysteriously pleasing sight to see. For more suggestions, you can read about rope lights for crown molding.

Most Likeable Features

Spacekeeper incense holders come with 120 cones of 7 different incenses. These cones are upgraded to last long and give off a better smell. Also, being hand-crafted, these holders have a spiritual aura that can add so much to your environment.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the smoke doesn’t stream properly like advertised and also that the added cones don’t smell great!

Key Features

  • Beautiful conical shaped decorative design
  • Looks stunning when burning incense
  • Helps relax and improves sleep quality
  • Comes with cones, sticks, and a pad

2. VVMone Ceramic Incense Burner | Backflow Waterfall Burner

Would you like your home to have a natural feel to it? A natural-looking decorative which burns natural incense should be the perfect choice for you. That’s where VVMone ceramic incense burners are best suited.

VVMone burners are 100% handmade with natural enamel. This ensures that these burners give off a mysterious natural aura and spreads good energy throughout your environment. Also, their unique and stunning design makes them perfect as a gift.

However, as these are backflow waterfall burners, so, you should expect the smoke to stream like falling water.

Many of these self-proclaimed waterfall burners don’t provide this effect. But, these burners look amazing when burning incense cones.

Although there are many more waterfall incense burners on the market, none really works like VVMone burners. Their unique design makes sure even in a breezy environment, the waterfall effect goes on. Additionally, you can check our review on vase for tulips.

Most Likeable Features

These burners come as a set of incense burners, incense cones and sticks, metal tweezers and a bundle of artificial lotus leaves for decoration. So, you can have this beautiful-looking art piece, fully decorate it and it will spread fragrance all over your environment.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained about the strong smell of incense that comes in these packages.

Key Features

  • 100% handmade with natural enamel material
  • Relieves fatigue, stress, and anxiety
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Beautiful decorative for house or spa

3. Sweet Alice Backflow Incense Burner | 170 incense included

Incense fragrance is proven to improve mental health and provide a fresh and sound sleep. So, burning incense once a week may be better than you expect it to be. But, having a beautiful decorative holder to burn incense will help you even more.

That’s why Sweet Alice Store is offering the perfect solution. Their incense removes fatigue, calms your mind, and in turn helps your body even more. So, you can buy one of these burners without worrying even a little bit.

But, incense doesn’t burn for very long. So, they run out quickly of course.

However, having a big stash of well-scented incense gets rid of this problem for a long time. That’s why, Sweet Alice packaged these burners with 120 cones, 30 sticks, and 20 incense coils.

With this big stash of incense, these burners are so far ahead of their competitive backflow waterfall incense burners on the market. Also, their incenses smell significantly better than most others. Besides, you can choose some night light projector.

Most Likeable Features

Sweet Alice Store upgraded its cones to have non-irritating and pollution-free performance. Also, these upgraded incense cones smell a lot better than average cones. Their waterfall burner design is also very attractive.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that they didn’t receive the full package and Sweet Alice Store won’t help them recover their missing items!

Key Features

  • Upgraded natural Osmanthus fragrances
  • Artistic aesthetic to the burner
  • Natural enamel material for natural energy
  • 170 incense included in the package

4. Corciosy Best Incense Burner | Lotus Incense Stick Holder

Well, do you want to see the incense burner with a minimalist appearance? Then, Corciosy burners are perfect for you. These burners have an elegant Lotus flower and leaf design. This is very symbolic and artistic as Lotus is significant in Buddhism.

However, do you know who mastered the craft of Ceramics? The Chinese of course!

So, if you want to buy anything ceramic, you would be smart to buy Chinese-made. That’s why Corciosy incense stick holders are 100% hand-made in China.

Also, as these have a small appearance but a beautiful design, these are perfect as a gift. Everyone would love one of these as a gift. They are decorative and work well. Also, because of the Chinese ceramic material, the color won’t fade ever.

But, when compared to other excessively designed incense burners on the market, these have a simple and minimalist design and only hold incense sticks. So, buy these if you are looking for them. Make sure you also check our guide for candle wax warmer.

Most Likeable Features

Their unique ceramic craft makes the color attractive and mesmerizing. Also, as they are smaller than other holders, they are easier to clean and very durable. So, you can buy one of these to use long-term.

Probable Drawbacks

Although most burners nowadays can hold cones, sticks, or incense coils, Corciosy incense burners only hold incense sticks.

Key Features

  • Symbolic Eastern artistic design
  • Blue leaf and White lotus looks stunning
  • Minimalist design but works perfectly
  • Sturdy and good quality hand-burned ceramic

5. Xiao Incense Burner | 3 in 1 Incense Holder

Ancient China invented the culture of burning Incense. So, following their traditional holder designs might be a good choice, don’t you think? That’s why Xiao incense burners are the perfect incense burner bowls because they keep the traditional look.

These burners are hand-made with natural soil at a 1300 ℃ stove. That makes them durable and sturdy.

Also, the lid of the bowl is made of brass with hollow flower carvings in it. This smooth design makes these pleasant to look at.

However, the main application of incense holders is burning incense of course. So, any holder needs to do that properly. Well, you don’t need to worry about the ash at all with Xiao incense burners. Because these hold the ash inside and can be cleaned easily.

In addition, Xiao burners offer 10 different colors to choose from which no other incense burner on the market does. So, you can match your surroundings with different colors on the burner.

Most Likeable Features

The smooth surface of the burners reflects the light perfectly, making them look exquisite. So, these work perfectly as a decorative item too. Also, Xiao burners come with an alloy cover and Calabash stick holders for easy use.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the holder is too small for incense sticks and can’t support the sticks properly.

Key Features

  • Beautiful looking burner with Brass lid
  • Perfect as a small decorative item
  • Easy usage but users guides available
  • Holds incense cones, sticks, or coils

Things to Consider Before Buying Incense Burner

Best Incense Burner

If you want to lead a good life filled with positive energy, incense fragrances can help you more than you imagine. There are dozens of researches conducted on this topic and most conclude the same.

Incense Aroma is proven to trigger specific positive responses in animals and humans. Their beautiful scent encourages relaxation and aids sleep. Some researchers have also found that incense increases motivation and heightens sexual desire.

So, if you want this positive energy around your environment that can help you lead a better life and have a better connection with your partner, you should at least try using this, shouldn’t you?

Although, you can’t just burn incense anyhow. You need a good incense burner so that it doesn’t destroy the good vibes. A good burner needs to be beautiful and work well. But, can you just believe self-proclaimed best backflow incense burners on the market?

No, you can’t. That’s why you need to understand what you’re buying and then find out which is the perfect choice for you and your environment. You also need to understand where you plan to use your burner.

Only by considering all these, you can find the perfect burner for you. That’s why our experts have made a guideline for you to follow so that you can understand what you’re buying and find the most suitable one.

Type of incense

The type of incense you plan to use will make a significant impact on the type of burner you need. If you only plan on using incense sticks, you can just buy a simple stick holder. There are beautiful but simple incense stick holders available.

But, there are different types of incense to buy. There are backflow cones, coils, and incense sticks. A stick holder can’t support backflow cones. So, you need a backflow burner for a backflow cone.

So, you should consider buying a holder that supports all types of incense if you plan on using different types of incense. But, if you only plan to use incense for religious purposes, metal incense stick holders will do the job.


There are different designs of incense holders. The most popular online is backflow waterfall designed incense burners. These burners stream the smoke of backflow cones in a beautiful fountain-like way.

So, if you want to have a beautiful and mysterious effect on your bedroom, you may consider buying a waterfall burner. Although, most waterfall burners cant preserve this effect even in a slight breeze. That can make you question your decisions.

However, there are simply designed burners, may be shaped like a bowl with a lid. These burners do the job perfectly and you can find a beautiful holder just by searching a little. Also, there are different designs like coffin burners for you to explore


Some incense burners can get hot. As most of these burners are made of ceramic so if they don’t come with a fire mat or some type of insulation, you may need to buy another separately.

That’s why you should consider buying an incense holder that is insulated and won’t get hot easily.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How do backflow incense burners work?

Backflow incense cones have a tiny hole drilled in them. This allows the smoke to flow downward and create a beautiful visual effect.

Different types of incense will change the backflow effect with their lighter or heavier smoke. Know more about Backflow Incense.

2. Are incense burners good?

Recent researches have shown that burning incense is good for mental health. As it helps relax and heightens sexual desire, it may help partners with their relationships.

So, it’s a scientific fact that incense burners are good. Here are some scientific researches for you to explore. Anti-anxiety effects of incense.

3. Is it bad to burn incense every day?

Anything excessive is bad for you. So, burning incense daily may cause harm to you and your environment. Some scientific research has shown that incense increases the possibility of asthma and lung cancer.

So, burning excessively will surely affect your health.

4. Are incense coffins safe?

There are good incense coffins available but as they are mostly wooden, solid incense sticks are not safe to burn in a wooden coffin.

So, you need the buy the best coffin incense burners and good incense sticks for incense coffins.

5. Is it a sin to burn incense?

No, it’s not a sin to burn incense. But, it may be a sin depending on the reason behind burning it. Many times, burning incense becomes superstitious. So, burning incense to worship false Gods might be a sin in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Read more about Incense and sins.

Final words

Incense helps with mental health and increases positive energy around you with their lavish fragrances. But, burning incense daily isn’t a good idea. So, burn incense once a week in an open environment for your safety.

However, if you plan on burning incense, better do it perfectly with a good incense burner. So, buy the best incense burner according to this guideline and you won’t be disappointed.

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