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Lift Top Coffee Table

During this pandemic situation, people tend to work from home globally, preferably with a laptop. But, it is quite tough to work by sitting in the same position for a long time. Therefore, you might need furniture that provides you comfort and also increase interior beauty.

Getting such furniture is no more a tough nut to crack because we are here with the best lift top coffee table, an easy solution.

You must have envisioned numerous times for a storage coffee table that is both perfect and in synthesis to your vibe. In that case, our list of the top five lift top coffee table will resonate with the elegance that suits your fashion sense.

Additionally, the furniture we have mentioned below will help you with its multifunction features. While looking for the suitable one for you, choose the one that perfectly fits all the aspects.

Let’s dig into the buying guide!
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Best Lift Top Coffee Table Reviews

This segment will enlighten you about the ethnic lift top coffee tables and their outstanding features. However, we have selected all the products after proper scrutiny after getting positive feedbacks. Undoubtedly, they will impress you with all their specs.

1. Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table | Rustic | Hidden Compartment

Are you doing all the official works with a laptop from home? This rustic style lift top table from the Yaheetech is what you need. By keeping your laptop on the lift up coffee table, you can do your home office or perform a presentation sitting on the couch.

This aesthetically pleasing piece of sleek furniture with distressed color adds an urban appeal to your home décor. You can place it in your bedroom, living room, drawing room, or wherever you want.

It is an ideal option for modern people who have a keen affection for a rustic accent.

If you want to purchase a coffee table lift top but concern about your room space, then this lift-top table can be the right solution to utilize the area properly. You can quickly adjust this beautiful-looking table to a suitable place with the desired height to use a laptop, write on it or have a quick dine.

Its convenient design allows you to adjust the table height according to your need and lift it effortlessly to create a suitable working space. Moreover, the weight is so light that you can move it from here and there whenever you want.

Another great thing about this table is its protective pads that safeguard the table and ensure a silent operation to boot. Therefore, you cannot help yourself from falling in love with its decent wood grain laminated appearance.

Key Features 

  • Quick assembly
  • Solid wood structure
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Hidden compartment inside

2. Sauder Lift Top Coffee Table | Versatile Design | Pine Wood

Do you want to snuggle on your couch while watching your favorite movie on your notepad? This Sauder coffee table lift top with a stylish structure with char pine wood finishing will make it possible for you. Here are its excellent features.

This rustic-looking storage coffee table creates a versatile work surface that helps you surf the web while having a warm glass of cocoa or your meal while relaxing on your couch. Furthermore, you can keep your keys or favorite book in the hidden storage beneath the top.

If you have a small room but lots of stuff, the best modern coffee table is the right choice because it takes a little space for the placement.

We highly recommend this table if you want to assemble various things in a place so that you can reach them anytime in need.

Local shelves tend to be light and fragile that they break after using for a few days. On the other hand, the Sauder lift-top coffee table maker has made its structure sturdy and heavy so that it can serve you longer or at least as long as you keep it.

After all, you can hardly find any match of such a high-quality table at this price range. As it will not wobble or shimmy no matter how heavy your notepad or laptop is, you can relax fully work as long as you want.

Key Features

  • Affordable price
  • Spacious storage compartment
  • Adjustable height
  • Elegant appearance

3. Tangkula Lift Top Coffee Table | Adjustable Height | Chip Board

Next up is the lift top coffee table from the renowned brand Tangkula. Its contemporary design and stylish color will fit any interior regardless of the area. Fundamentally speaking, its chipboard construction with solid wood and metal worths every penny you spend over.

First of all, let’s talk about its structure. Its practicable design is equally suitable for both office and home to use as a coffee table or laptop table. The table needs a little space, yet the tabletop is comparatively more expansive. Therefore you will find a spacious work area on it.

Additionally, its compact and beautiful rectangular structure will add an extra highlight as home décor. If you put this table at any corner, it will attract one’s eyeball with its high-quality and concise wooden appearance.

Do you demand durable wooden furniture? If yes, then this lifting coffee table will perfectly meet your expectation. Alongside this storage coffee table offers a three-divided large storage compartment where you can accommodate notebooks, pens, eyeglasses, etc.

Furthermore, you can décor this table with our rope lights around the edges to make it more attractive. As the assembling is straightforward and takes a short time, you can adjust it without a helping hand.

Key Features

  • Customizable height
  • Looks shiny
  • Versatile features
  • Easy to assemble

4. Superdeal Lift Top Coffee Table | Melamine Veneer | Modern Style

One of the most irritating things about doing home-office is a proper place to perform your presentation, attend online meetings, or even prepare a simple spreadsheet. If you are looking for something where you can perform all the tasks, we found the right option.

This Super Deal coffee table with lift top is the single-step solution for you. The manufacturer has made the table with lacquer and melamine veneer. Therefore, you can quickly clean dust with a soft cotton cloth. The structure is framed with an iron base to make it more sturdy.

Also, its design will add an industrial-style look with a modern touch. If you are fond of contemporary style furniture, this will be a complement to your interior. Additionally, this table has clean lines with flairs that add an extra charm to your room.

This lift top table features a hidden compartment with maximum capacity, approximately 121 lbs. You can clearly assume that you can keep your favorite DVDs, books, or even cozy blankets in its ample space. We can assure you that it is quite a value to withstand your expectation.

While the structure looks simple, its rectangular shape with three divided shelves will attract your guests. You will enjoy working on a versatile, compact, and the best lift top coffee table from Superdeal.

Key Features

  • Premium quality mechanism
  • Sturdy structure
  • Versatile work surface
  • Melamine veneer finish

5. SimpliIHome Lift Top Coffee Table | Mango Wood | Multipurpose

Have you come across the market searching for suitable unique coffee tables with lift top yet get noting of your choice? You cannot resist purchasing the one from SimpliHome once you get to know all its features. This multipurpose table is so convenient and stylish that it suits all types of interior.

Whenever you want to work with your laptop, lift the top and pull it towards you for the perfect surface.

Additionally, you can keep your food on the table and enjoy eating while watching the TV sitting on your favorite microfiber sofa.

If your purpose is to keep handy and useful things near you while working,  this coffee table will do a lot for you. It features two hidden compartments where you can store books, magazines, DVDs, utility boxes, etc. Your guests can grab any book from the compartment while waiting for you.

On top of the table, you can also decorate with showpieces because the area is spacious. Moreover, the tabletop will not wobble after lifting it because the magnet is too strong. Therefore, it is a perfect place to write or work with your laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee.

However, the manufacturer attempted to turn the SimpliHome table into the finest while keeping the price as reasonable as possible. Thus, this elegant furniture will add more charm to your living room décor.

Key Features

  • Retro looking table
  • Mango wood material
  • Easy framing
  • Sturdy and reliable structure

Things To Consider Before Buying Lift Top Coffee Table

Best Lift Top Coffee Table

If you are looking for furniture that will help you store things and work on top of it, lift top coffee table is the right option for you. For its innovative features, you can call it smart furniture. Hence, it is always hard to find a suitable table for you because the market is full of varieties.

We have combined the essential facts that will help you to find the best modern coffee table. We urge you to follow the following steps.


The first thing you should do is to check the functionality of your lift top coffee table. Are you going to use this table for work, store items, or just for show? However, you can use unique coffee tables with lift top to carry books, magazines or place your laptop to work comfortably.

If you want the table as a multifunction workstation, consider the space and storage capacity along with the structure. Whatever it is, make sure to clear your purpose before purchasing a coffee table with storage.

Size And Space

No matter how functional the coffee table is, it will be of no use if your room cannot accommodate it. However, lift top coffee tables are available in different shapes and sizes nowadays. With the increased creativity in furniture technology, the creators construct different shapes of lift top tables for different customer categories.

Therefore, purchase the one that fits your interior and also compliments your décor according to your requirement.

Raw Material

Another key thing to consider before purchasing coffee table with storage is its raw material. Apart from other things, wood is the primary factor of a coffee table that comes to your thought. But there are other alternatives to wooden tables, such as particleboard, cardboard, melamine board, etc.

Whatever the material you go for, the material should suit the interior according to the environment because some woods tend to wither soon due to humidity.


An essential part of your consideration before purchasing a lift-top coffee table is the money you are ready to pay. However, you should spend your hard-earned money on something that actually worth the value.

User Friendly

Are you looking for a table that will be a friendly option for you? If you have children in your house who keep running from here and there, they tend to bump with the furniture. If your coffee table is not stable or sturdy enough, it will break soon after a few frictions. Therefore, you better go for the product which is much more practical, durable, and withstand collisions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What are the functions of the best modern coffee table?

Generally, the lift top coffee tables are something where you can serve food to the guests, keep your laptop to do home office comfortably. It also has a hidden compartment beneath the top where you can store books, magazines, DVDs, etc., necessary things.

2. Is the top stable after opening?

Of course, it is.

It works as a regular desk to keep your laptop. You will be surprised to see the sturdy and wobble-free top after sliding it.

3. Do I need a drill machine to assemble the table?

Not at all.

You only need an Allen wrench to adjust the screws. If you have never done anything like that, you can follow the instruction provided. The procedure is straightforward and time-saving.

4. Can I pull the top forward enough to reach the sofa?

Yes, you can.

Additionally, you can keep the table near to the sofa so that you can reach it easily. However, the tabletop has a convenient height so that you can work comfortably.

5. How much area does the compartment provide?

Well, the storage space is quite large.

You can keep your favorite books, magazines, blankets, DVDs, keys, or any loose items that you can find quickly while in need.

Final Words

We all know that a coffee table is the finest compliment to the living room. Therefore, while making the right decision to purchase the best lift top coffee table, consider all the aspects from style to material. You will find more creative ways to keep the stuff inside the table and work it for multifunction.

In that case, it is better to do your research and explore the market correctly before investing your money in it.

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