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Modern Coffee Table

Coffee tables are an integral part of our living room. Not only are they super convenient in keeping things, but they’re also an essential part of our living room decor. So, a good coffee table is a must-have for every household.

Coffee tables are currently available in many designs; there are classic and modern designs along with the coffee table with sectional designs. So, you have a lot of options to choose from.

coffee tables modern has recently become popular due to their utility and minimal storage use. However, finding the best modern table for your house, we got you covered! After rigorous research, we’re going to discuss our picks for the best!
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Best Modern Coffee Table Reviews

If you’re looking for a modern coffee table, we’re here to help! Our team of experts has searched the available options to find the best for you. Check your list to find out more

1. Ameriwood Home Parsons Modern Coffee Table

One of the critical aspects of a modern table is its minimalist design. There isn’t a lot going on here and there. As a result, they can easily fit into any house design and stand out. If minimal is your way to go, we got the right product for you!

Presenting the Home Parsons coffee table modern from Ameriwood. The design here is very subtle and minimal. However, due to the PVC laminated hollow core and the wooden finish, the product is very sturdy; thus, it will last a long while!

Furthermore, the wood has a layer on top that makes it completely water-resistant. As a result, you can clean and spills on your table very quickly.

Simply remove the spill using a washcloth, and you’re good to go!

To make life easier for you, the assembly is very easy. Simply attach the four feet to the body of the table, and you’re all set. There are no tools or tinkering involved, so it’s a very effortless process. The entire process barely takes a few minutes.

Key Features

  • Unique, minimalistic design
  • Beautiful, white finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water and stain-resistant

2. Walker Edison Cora Modern Round Faux Marble Top Coffee Table

If you’re done with rectangular coffee tables, a circular design might be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for a top-notch round table, we got exactly what you’re looking for!

The coffee table modern from the Walker Edison company is a unique minimal design with a high-end finish. The marble top sits on a metal structure in the bottom, making it one of the most impressive and sturdy designs out there.

Moreover, the product is available in a plethora of designs; you can get marble tops as well as tempered glass models of different kinds.

As a result, you have a world of designs to choose the best one for you!

Also, to make sure your living room design is comprehensive, you can choose to pair it up with the other sets of side tables, bar carts, etc. The company has everything you’d need to give your living room a boost.

Just because the product looks small, doesn’t mean it’s weak. The tabletop can take up to 50 pounds of weight easily. So you have a very sturdy product. You can use it to serve food and drinks to your guests without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Round in shape
  • Unique minimalist shape
  • Sturdy metal structure
  • Supports weight up to 50lbs

3. Walker Edison Montclair Mid Century Modern Two Toned 1 Drawer Coffee Table

One major issue with coffee tables is that they don’t have a lot of storage. Except at the top of the table, you don’t have a lot of space to keep things. To make up for your lack of storage, Walker Edison got the best product for you!

This modern two toned coffee table stands on four sturdy, angled legs made out of metal. On top of this lies the table and with the cabinet and the drawer. The tabletop is made of marble, while the material is MDF wood with a high-end lamination.

While the design is pretty simple, it’s also very versatile. The assembly is straightforward; you don’t need any tools or additional expertise.

Furthermore, you can remove the drawer or table based on your preferences to make unique designs from the existing set.

Furthermore, this can be a solution to your decor as well as storage issues. This table can easily withstand up to 250 pounds of weight without any hassle. So, you won’t have to worry about your decor or books being too heavy for your table!

Key Features

  • Unique design with shelves and drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Parts can be removed based on requirements
  • Can withstand up to 250 pounds
  • Tabletop made of marble

4. Monarch Specialties Modern Table for Living Room Center Table

One of the most common complaints about modern center tables is that they’re too small for big living rooms. If you’re looking for something that will easily fit your house, we got the right product for you!

The 44” table from Monarch Specialties has a unique design that blends into any design aesthetic. Whether you’re getting it for your house or your office, this unique design will fit right in without any hassle.

The table features a criss-cross base instead of typical metal legs. As a result, it can take a fair bit of weight, and the weight balance is fantastic.

In terms of weight balance, this is the best modern coffee table on our list.

Furthermore, the design is very straightforward. As a result, you can pair it with your favorite microfiber sofa, and it’ll fit just right in. The color white makes it very versatile; you can pair it up with pretty much anything.

Also, the rectangular top is fairly thick. So you can easily clean it with a good washcloth. The laminating prevents the wood from getting damaged, and the assembly is effortless. Just attach everything together and get it set!

Key Features

  • 44-inches wide
  • Ideal for houses and offices
  • Criss-cross bridge for proper weight distribution
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water and stain-resistant

5. Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Last but certainly not least, presenting a Rectangle Glass Coffee Table that takes a simple traditional design and takes it to the next level. Presenting the glass coffee table modern from Mecor, one of the most unique designs out there!

Artfully crafted, this design is a unique sight to behold. With two transparent surfaces spread across two levels, the design will easily catch your eye.

The legs are wooden with white paint, which is supported by metal supports.

Furthermore, the two layers of glass give it a lot of space. You can use the available space to keep things or keep small pieces of decor to amplify your living room design aesthetic. It will withstand the weight from your decor pieces or paperwork easily.

The design makes it ideal for everywhere. The size is perfect for all sorts of rooms. At the same time, the design easily fits into any dormitory or office room design. So, you can buy it for any kind of room without any worries.

One of the best benefits of this product is that it ships with all the necessary assembly tools. As a result, you can easily assemble it at home without any hassle. The assembly is also easy and doesn’t require any additional tools or tinkering.

Also, the glass is made of excellent quality. It’s water and stain-resistant to a great extent. You can clean it easily without any hassle, making your life better. So, if you struggle with keeping everything clean, this is perfect for you!

Key Features

  • Unique design with two layers
  • Can withstand sufficient weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with all the assembly tools
  • Stain and water-resistant glass

Things to Consider Before Buying a Modern Coffee Table

Best Modern Coffee Table

If you’re planning on getting a coffee table mid-century modern, you need to take a few things into account to make your purchase a seamless one. These include


The size of your coffee table plays a vital role in the design of your living room. If you have a small room, a large modern coffee table will look very out of place. Also, a small table in a large room won’t fit in.

Furthermore, we also use Rectangle Glass Coffee Table in dorms and office rooms, and they’re generally smaller than living rooms. If you’re getting a coffee table mid-century modern for a room like that, make sure the size is coherent. Besides, you can choose a side table.


Generally, our rooms have a theme that we want. Whether it’s the living room, or the office room, or just a dorm room, we like to have things our way. So choosing a design based on your theme is important.

Also, minimalism is the key to modern coffee table designs; the key is to blend in and not stand out. So, having a coffee table that’s not coherent in design will only make it look out of place.

So, choose your coffee table wisely, make sure all the furniture in your room tells a story together instead of just being left around here and there.


The purpose of a coffee table isn’t just decoration; it’s an integral part of our living room as well. From serving food and drinks to showcasing decor, it does a lot of work for us. So, the utility is a key factor as well.

Think about all the things you can do with your coffee table, how much stuff you need on top of it, how big the tabletop is, etc. Keeping these factors in check before buying can really make things easier for you!


While a modern coffee table isn’t necessarily a storage unit, you might still require some storage. If you’re using the table in your office, having a storage unit helps a lot.

If you need to store paperwork on your table or simply use it to keep your decor, make sure it has drawers. While a table with drawers might be a bit expensive, it can definitely be very beneficial.

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How to Clean a Coffee Table?

Most tables have a layer of lamination on top. As a result, cleaning is a breeze. Simply wipe away the dirt and water, and you’re good to go. Most tables have a layer of water-resistance on them, so you won’t have to worry.

2. What Makes Coffee Tables Special?

Coffee tables rely on simple, minimalist designs instead of big, flashy designs or colors. As a result, they blend in with everything else and look like a coherent piece together.

3. How to Choose the Right mid century modern table?

When looking for a mid century modern coffee table, you need to take a few things into account. These include choosing the right size, design and making sure it’s features are right for you.

If your product has some additional features such as storage or assembly, that makes it a much better buy. So make sure your product follows these features.

4. How hard is it to assemble a modern cofee table?

Generally, it’s effortless. You just put everything together following the instruction, and you’re good to go. You don’t need to know a lot of skills to get it set.

However, some tables might need some tools, but it’s still not very complicated. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll get it done easily!

5. Are round coffee tables better than rectangular ones?

In all honesty, it’s a matter of perspective. If you like round tables, go for them. They’re generally more versatile. However, rectangular tables utilize the storage well and are easier to carry. So, it’s completely subjective which one you’d like.

Final Words

Coffee tables are making a name for themselves slowly. As the world focuses on minimalist designs, tables are becoming an integral part of everyone’s living rooms and offices.

In this article, we’ve discussed a few tables that can easily be termed as the best modern coffee table out there. Check the article, and choose what’s best for you!

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