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Paint for Adirondack Chairs

Do you want to change all the atmosphere and mood of the outdoor environment of your hotel, resort, or front quickly? You can do it in just a few minutes just by adding some popping color to your Adirondack chairs of the yard.

The best paint for Adirondack chairs can generate a cohesive look for your property. Those paints are suitable for exterior furniture and are totally UV ray and rain proof.

But you have to be a bit careful while choosing the paint for chairs because there are different types of textures and colors. Therefore here we tried to help by finding the top paints for Adirondack chairs.
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Best Paint for Adirondack Chairs Reviews

The upcoming is details about the top Adirondack chairs, those are perfect for wooden chairs and outdoor uses.

1. Rust Oleum Paint for Adirondack Chairs | Multiple Surface

Want to add a neutral color in your colorful yard? If yes then there will be no better option than Rust Oleum paint because it has a rustic black color which is durable, smooth and provides full coverage.

I have colors in my yard. So I was looking for some paint that will not overpower the decor, that is why I go for Rust Oleum paint. It gives a relaxing effect to my garden. Applying the color was also very easy, it did not create any mess at all.

It has been more than one year since I applied the color, but the color still looks the same.

Another amazing part I discovered while using the paint, this dries up super-fast, in less than 20 minutes.

Many spray paints create a mess while using it, but the paint from Rust Oleum covers just the part that you need to color without creating any mess and it also results in less color waste. For more suggestions, you can read about primer for laminate cabinets.

Most Liking Features

Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paints are long-lasting and durable. Provides superior coverage, expedites and simplifies project completion.

Probable Drawbacks

It is a spray paint and comes in one color only. So if you are not comfortable with spray paint, you might get into some trouble.

Key Features

  • Dries up in a short time
  • Provides full coverage
  • Minimize surface imperfection
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces

2. Rust Oleum Paint for Adirondack Chairs | Metallic Black

A number of Rust-Oleum paints are on this list for a reason. They produce such high-quality goods, and those are durable and not like the traditional one. If you require quick, and good color application on the furniture, this would be the right one.

I have painted my plastic outdoor chairs with the best paint for outdoor wooden Adirondack chairs, it provides a full coverage and smooth finishing.

The material of the chair does not get damaged due to the UV ray after coating it with the paint.

The formula is oil based, so it sprays evenly and does not take much time to dry. This allows you to see the quality of coverage from one coat fast and finish your job swiftly, by showing how many more coats you will need within minutes.

The attractive metallic black color is not common and no other competitors offer such color. Helps to create an elegant look to the yard. Additionally, you can check our review on the finish for exterior wood door.

Most Liking Features

The durability of the paint is top-notch. Those who are planning not to paint the Adirondack Chairs for the next couple of years, go for the Rust-Oleum Paint for Adirondack Chairs

Probable Drawbacks

The shape of the spray bottle is not like other bottles. Though it is easy to use, new users might face some problems using it.

Key Features

  • Covers more than 15 sq
  • Provide metallic look
  • Fast dry
  • Rich finishing

3. Majic Paint for Adirondack Chairs | Smooth Finish

Do you prefer painting with brushes? Majic paint is the easiest solution for coloring the Adirondack chair without wasting color and creating any mess. And there are a lot of color options to give a lively look to the garden.

The thing I like about Majic paint is that It’s a one-step technique that doesn’t require sanding or priming before application, which makes it ideal for artsy DIY-ers like me who want to add a bit more color to my life.

The color is designed to protect against tear and wear, mold and mildew, rust, and other elements.

It protects my outside painted wooden Adirondack chair from cracking, drying, peeling, and blistering caused by the sun.

It is self-priming, which means it requires cleaning and sanding the wood before applying it. Which is easier to use compared to other brands’ products. Besides, you can choose some paint for stairs.

Most Liking Features

The way it sticks to the surface is really amazing. And that is why it is suitable for metal, drywall, glass, steel, tile, brick, aluminum, most plastics, copper, and masonry surfaces

Probable Drawbacks

There are no such drawbacks to be mentioned. The price may seem a bit high. But compared to the quality it is very reasonable.

Key Features

  • Smooth finish
  • Multiple color options
  • Stick to many surfaces
  • Takes less time to dr

4. Spruce Paint for Adirondack Chairs | Vintage Look

Who does not want to add to use such color for the outdoor Adirondack Chairs that will grab the visitors attention at the first glance? The best paint for Adirondack chairs, Spruce is the right choice to make your garden unique

I had no experience coloring the chairs or furniture before, but during the quarantine I saw my Adirondack Chairs are looking dull and I planned to color them using multiple colors. So I chose Spruce Paints as there are different color options.

I used warm linen, heart whelming and coral lava shades to paint those chairs.

Those colors give a very calming vibe, and applying them using brushes are also very easy. Those colors came out exactly the way I wanted them.

While painting with another color brand you may see some bubbles on the top of the paint. But Spruce Paint provides a smooth surface. Make sure you also check our guide for mirror spray paint.

Most Liking Features

It will bring vintage furniture back to life or add vintage touches to new pieces in your home. Brush or roll onto old or new wood, cast stone, glass, metal, concrete, wicker, and other materials to have an amazing finish.

Probable Drawbacks

There are some users who complained about the black color, it looks more like dark grey. So be careful before purchasing black color.

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • No bubble on the top
  • Smooth finishing
  • Provide a vintage touch

5. Krylon Paint for Adirondack Chairs | Water Proof

The paint from the Krylon is like pure gold, which gives an inviting tone to the environment and also provides a royal and elegant look. It is proven that this warm gold boosts hunger, so this will be a great option for Adirondack Chairs of resorts and snack bars.

My Adirondack chair was unused for many years, so there was a lot of dust and the materials started to get damaged.

I thought I would not be able to use it anymore, but thanks to Krylon paint. After applying the color the change was magical.

The water and oil-based mixture adheres to nearly everything and lasts a long time. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, you will not have to reapply year after year. Use this on stucco, cement, wood, metal, or any other outdoor surface that needs to be protected.

The golden color helps it to stand out from the rest of the market. Besides, the quality is also very good and competitive. Check out the most essential Review for paint for interior wood stairs.

Most Liking Features

This has the amazing ability to make old furniture look like new. Provide fast and full coverage. So if you are in a hurry, this paint will be the right option to go with.

Probable Drawbacks

Due to different weather, it may take a bit longer to dry. If you are in a summer based country you will get a quick dry.

Key Features

Things to Consider Before Buying Paint for Adirondack Chairs

Best Paint for Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Chairs represent an important part of your yard, garden or balcony. A beautifully painted chair can change the overall outlook of the atmosphere. And it does not even take much work or cost much to change the look. All you need is to paint it with the best paint for outdoor Adirondack chairs.

Well, we have already presented the high quality products, now there is some additional information about the paint that will help you know exactly what color you need to purchase.


Knowing what color will best represent your garden is the most essential part. Because there are so many color options, most of the time people get confused. So decide how you want your chairs to look. If you want to encourage laughter, happiness, go for yellow. For having nature and easy for the eye to look green, black or white color. Blue and purple represent creativity, intelligence and energy. So according to your taste, pick the right color.

Drying Time

How long it is going to take to dry the paint completely depends on the brand you are using. Sometimes good quality paints take some more time than ordinary one. So if you have time, it is better to not look for the drying time.  And if you are in a hurry then purchase the paints that get dried in 20 – 30 minutes.


Getting prepared before painting is important to smoothly complete the painting process. It is better to operate in a well-ventilated environment and use a drop cloth to protect the surroundings from overspray. Wipe clean the chair with a moist cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust. Allow the chair to dry completely before painting it.


There are two types of painting, one is spray paint and another is brush paint. Both have their own advantages. Spray paints are easy to use, it does not need any brush or any other equipment. But many paints get wasted during spraying. On the other hand, brush paints are a bit difficult to deal with, but those are simple to apply with a brush and you can reach every corner without wasting any color.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are the wood grains still visible after applying the paint?

Yes, since it is a stain. I used the dark brown color on a naked wood chair that had never been painted. I also tried it on an old rattan chair in a deeper hue, and it came out beautifully. Both products have visible grain.

2. How many coats do I have to apply?

It depends on how you want your chairs to look. Ifor getting a dark color, it may require 2-3 coats. And for light texture, one coat is enough.

3. Does it spray easily from the can/bottle?

Yes, the best spray paint for plastic adirondack chairs are very easy to work with. These have a very comfortable spraying system that does not require much pressure.

4. How much does the paint cost?

The price is not much higher, most of the cases the price is very reasonable. There are some brands that have higher prices. But the quality is almost the same. The products that we have suggested have very reasonable prices.

5. Does it protect the wood from UV rays?

Yes, the good quality paints protect the furniture from ultraviolet rays and water. So if the furniture is outside in the sun and rain, it does not get damaged.

Final Words

Coloring the Adirondack chairs to bring a change to the yard, garden or balcony is a good option. Just pick the best paint for Adirondack chairs of your favorite colors from our list for having a great experience. These are easy to apply and totally safe for any type of materials.

So pick any of those and create a champing and welcoming look to the spot.

Have a Great Time!

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