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Paint for Interior Wood Stairs

People who have interior wood stairs know how important it is to maintain one. Since wood can easily get damp and acquire mold, wooden stairs require a fair bit of tinkering over the years. One of the best ways to deal with mold is by painting the staircase on a regular basis.

Paint adds an additional layer of protection that prevents water and dirt from directly coming in contact with your stairs. Furthermore, the chemicals in the paint prevent mold from growing. So, paint is a great way to keep your stairs in good condition.

If you’re looking for the best paint for interior wood stairs, you might be confused given how saturated the market is, and the multiple varieties of product available. If you’re struggling to find the right thing for you, let us help you!

In this article, we’ll be discussing some paints for interior wood stairs that we consider to be the best out there. Let’s begin!
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Our Top 5 Best Paint for Interior Wood Stairs Review for 2022

When it comes to interior paint, the plethora of choices might seem too overwhelming at times. Different products excel in different categories, so not every product is the best fit for everyone. Here are our reviews for paint for interior wood stairs that caught our eye!

1. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

If you have multiple wooden things lying around your house, you might be looking for paint that’s versatile enough to fit all of your needs. If versatility is your goal, we got the perfect product for you!

The Montage Signature Eco-friendly paint is very versatile. It will easily suit any wooden furniture or house part. Whether you’re looking for the best paint for exterior wood stairs or anything else, they got you covered!

Furthermore, the Montage Signature has amazing coverage. So, you cab easily cover a part of your staircase with one stroke, instead of going again and again. This prevents wastage of paint while ensuring the job is finished as quickly as possible.

Since the paint is eco-friendly, it is also odorless. So, it’s much easier to work with when compared to its competitors. Also, the lack of odor makes it suitable for houses with children. A perfect build for any occasion.

If longevity is a concern for you, the paint comes with a ten-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your paint for a long time. Thus, leaving no room for dissatisfaction in the long run.

Key Features

  • Versatile, suitable for all sorts of wooden stairs
  • Good coverage for ease of use
  • Ten-year warranty on paint
  • Eco-friendly and odorless

2. SlipDoctors Tuff Grip Commercial-Grade Non-Slip Urethane Coating

Wooden floors can become very slippery at times. So, having an anti-slip coating can be very helpful. If you’re looking for something to prevent slips, slip doctors have exactly what you’re looking for.

To begin with, the Tuff grip from slip doctors has an aggressive anti-slip coating. The use of high-end technology ensures the product prevents slip from any sort of wooden stairs, floors, and equipment.

The product is an industrial-grade for the best paint for stair risers. As a result, it’s both economic and useful. A gallon of paint can cover 75-100sq ft. per coat based on the surface. So, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

While one coat can get the job done, multiple coatings can benefit your interior wood stairs drastically. It will provide a fair bit of strength and make it survive regular wear and tear as well as other issues.

Furthermore, the Tuff grip is available in multiple varieties to make sure you have something for every occasion. You can get the tuff grip extreme kit for a world of benefits.

Finally, the product is available in nine colors. So, you can easily find the right suit for you. The colors are very versatile, so you’ll easily find something that matches the color of your interior stairs.

Key Features

  • Traction improvement to remove slippery texture
  • Industrial grade build
  • Great for any wooden surface
  • Available in nine colors
  • Complementary textured roller

3. FixALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Floor Coating

When it comes to interior wood stairs, safety is an important aspect. If the stairs are too slippery or rough, there is a risk of accidents. Paint is a great way to prevent the floor from getting slippery.

If you’re looking for a paint that prevents slips and skids, the FIXALL anti-slip paint is a great option. The acrylic texture can turn any surface skid-resistant making it ideal for interiors.

Since indoor stairs are a high-traffic spot for any house, this paint is exactly what you need! They’d make sure the floor is not slippery, keeping your family safe for a number of years without any issues.

Furthermore, the product adheres to any surface type easily. It works well with any type of wood, so whatever type of wood your stairs are made of, this will fit in just about right. So, you can easily make an investment without thinking about the consequences.

Unlike conventional paint for interior wood stairs, this one is very easy to apply. Simply clean the surface with a cloth and apply the skid grip. Add multiple coats if necessary and let it dry, and you’re good to go.

Key Features

  • Special anti-slip formula
  • Safe for all kinds of wood
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in six colors

4. Minwax PolyShades Wood Stain + Polyurethane Finish

If you want to change the color of your stairs into something rich and luxurious, we got the right color for you. The Minwax polyshades are a series of Polyurethane based paints that are suitable for any wooden stairs.

The biggest advantage with this paint is the polyurethane finish. You can use it over finished wood surfaces to change its color after you’re done with the color.

This is great for people who want to change the color of their stairs.

While the ability to change colors already makes this one of the best paint for interior wood stairs, the polyurethane material protects the wood from stains and mold. Thus ensuring your product lasts a long time.

The series is available in 20+ shades of different colors, so you will easily find what you need. However, you can mix between the available shades to create a suitable shade for you as well.

Finally, the paint is very easy to clean as well. If you have paint spilled around, you can use mineral spirits to wipe away the paint. It takes a few seconds and cleaning is very easy.

Key Features

  • Available in 20+ shades
  • Easy to clean
  • Shades can be made by mixing colors
  • Ideal for changing shades
  • Provides polyurethane protection

5. INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

Finally, we have a paint that would be ideal for not only wooden stairs, but also stone or metallic stairs indoors. An acrylic paint available in a plethora of shades, this is great for a lot of materials in your house.

To begin with, the best paint for stair risers is very versatile. It will fit in with any kind of wood and other similar materials. So, you can use it without worrying about the colors blending or the paint looking out of place.

What makes this special is that it’s both slip and skid resistant. So, you won’t need different types of paint to prevent slippery places.

This set would get the job done easily. Also, this resists ponding water so molds won’t happen frequently either.

Furthermore, the application is easy and fast. You can easily paint 80-120 square feet of area with 1 gallon of paint. Also, it’s fast drying so you can get the job done easily. It’s great when you need to paint a large area within a very small time.

Key Features

  • Skid and slip resistant
  • Great for covering cracks
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Available in multiple shades

Paint for Interior Wood Stairs Buying Guide

Best Paint for Interior Wood Stairs

If you’re planning to buy the best paint for exterior wood stairs, you might need some research to do. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before making your purchase.

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Although this is self explanatory, the color of your paint is the first thing you need to keep in mind. The color of the paint should match the color of the material for it to mix appropriately.

However, there are many polyurethane based paints that can be used to add a new layer of color over the actual base color. While they’re a bit rare, they require a polyurethane base to work.

Also, many paint manufacturers allow you to make custom shades by mixing their existing line of colors in case you can’t find the right shade for you. You can go for them as well!

Anti-Slip and skid

Since our interior stairs have a lot of traffic, it’s important to make sure they aren’t risky. Wooden floors can get slippery or skid due to their material. So, we recommend using a paint that’s anti-skid and anti-slip.

However, it’s important to note that anti-skid paints aren’t available in a plethora of colors. Do, you might need to have them as an addition to the color of your paint. So, make sure whatever color you choose, it’s consistent.

Drying Time

Your interior stairs are a major part of your house. Since they connect the two floors together, they’re always busy. So, if the stairs are left unusable for too long due to paint, that’s very inconvenient.

If your stairs connect your living rooms and bedrooms, then it’s important that you choose a paint that dries quickly. Quick drying paints can dry as quick as 20 minutes, saving you from any bit of hassle.


Paints are available in a lot of variety. There are a lot of unique materials that add to the paint. However, some of these materials are harmful for the environment, so keep that in check as well.

There are a variety of eco-friendly paints available that get the job done without any emissions or pollution. So, we recommend getting them instead of other paints. Also, go for paints that can protect from dirt and dust for a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

best paint for exterior wood stairs

1. Are eco-friendly paints worse than conventional paint?

No, rather eco-friendly paint is better than conventional paint in some aspects. They are a modern take of conventional paint, so the technology is better than the former. The new tech allows the paint to work better than the conventional ones.

2. How does polyurethane help in paint?

Polyurethane is a hydrocarbon compound that is used in modern paints. They have hydrophilic properties, as a result, they prevent water from accumulating as well as preventing oily and greasy walls.

Although they’re a bit expensive, they make cleaning a lot easier. So, we recommend going for polyurethane paint if you can.

3. Are anti-slip paints worth it?

Absolutely! Wood can easily get slippery after a while. And since your staircase is always busy, slippery staircases can cause accidents. So, go for anti-slip paint for stairs.

4. How to choose the best paint for exterior wood stairs?

Choosing the right paint for interior/exterior wood stairs can be a bit complicated. However, take a few factors into accounts such as the color, quality, special features, and cost account and you’re good to go.

5. Can paints be mixed for a special hue?

There are some paints that can be mixed to make a different color. However, not every paint has the feature, and mixing them can cause more harm than good. Talk to your retailer before making a mix.

How to Paint Interior Wood Stairs – Step by Step Guidelines in 2022

Final Words

Interior stairs are one of the most important parts of our house. They keep the house connected, and everything else working. So, it’s important that they’re taken care of.

Not only does paint make our stairs look good, they also keep the product free from cracks and heal damage. So, it’s important to choose the right paint for your stairs. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best paint for interior wood stairs for you.

We hope you find this article useful!

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