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Paint for Stairs

Are you stuck over choosing the best paint for stairs? There have been random debates about deciding the most convenient stair stain as the market is filled with various brands. Therefore, it is natural to feel confused to find the right one.

We often feel sad about old looking stairs as their color fades quickly due to being the high-traffic zone. If you apply any typical paint for basement stairs that contains useless ingredients, it will peel off quickly. Also, those contaminated paints emit harmful chemicals, which shows dangerous health issues.

In this concern, we have created this guideline to introduce you to the top five paints for stairs whose ultimate goal is to serve you with the most convenient outcome. So if you are looking for a suitable option, keep scrolling down.
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Best Paint For Stairs reviews

In this section, we will be going over the top five paint for stairs that are most fruitful out of the alternatives. We kept it simple so that you can quickly realize the essential factors of the products. So, here goes the most advantageous stair paints for the interior.

1. Kilz Porch And Patio Paint For Stairs | Acrylic Latex | Gray

Do you want a crisp stairway with an elegant appearance? You do not need to be professional to do that because the Kilz porch and patio paint for stairs have made this easy for you. It will help you to cover your stairs and other interior objects with a rich slate gray color.

The first concern of the stair paints is their durability because they tend to peel off quickly during humid weather. But, Kilz will rub away all your worries because this floor paint is highly durable and resistant to peeling or cracking in various weather types.

As the staircases are the highest traffic area, it is mandatory to paint them with premium quality stains. You can tackle the peeling and fading of the coating with this scuff-resistant stair stain. Therefore, it is appropriate for all surfaces in all conditions.

The manufacturer used low-luster enamel to make it suitable for all purposes. Therefore, you do not need to invest in different colors to coat the interior because you can use this one gallon on all surfaces, including masonry, tiles, wood, etc.

You will love painting with Kilz enamel floor paint for its smooth application. Though it is stair paint, you can use this mildew-resistant paint for both interior and exterior. You can also check our wood finish for outdoor purposes.

Key Features 

  • Smooth slate gray finish
  • Covers with a rich coating
  • Low-luster enamel painting
  • Ideal for interior and exterior

2. Retique It By Renaissance Paint For Stairs | Organic | Zero VOC

Retique it by Renaissance is one of the finest quality paint for stairs that will impress you entirely with its silky smooth finish.  After putting this color all around your interior, its wood grain finish with superior coverage will bring up a royal look.

We highly recommend you this stair paint for its rich and thick finish. Only a thin layer of this gel-like paint shows excellent coverage that you cannot find in any liquid stains.

You can effortlessly build-up the coverage because of its self-leveling ability.

Retique It polyacrylic paint offers extreme protection to the surface and hides its pores and imperfections. However, you do not need to be afraid about the health issue because the manufacturer excludes all the toxic and VOCs to make it safe for using interior.

Another thing we appreciate about the best paint for wood steps is its protection. It provides a depth finish and extra sheen on the surface that revives and safeguards the original layer underneath. You do not need to sand or remove the previous paints.

Retique It hypoallergenic wood finish is undoubtedly a revolutionary product in the market with new nano-technology. Its unique blend of waxes is enough to enhance the beauty of your stairs. Have a look at our recommendation list of the stair carpets.

Key Features

  • Odor-free and zero VOC
  • Water-based gel finish paint
  • Quickly absorbs wood
  • Self-leveling ability

3. Varathane Premium Paint For Stairs | Fast Dry | Oil-Based

Do you want the best paint for exterior wood stairs to use for all interior/exterior projects, including cabinets, doors, etc.? In this regard, the right option will be the Varathane, which will significantly impact the staircase. Painting your stairs with Varathane will add a moody yet sophisticated look to your interior.

Many people like to display their artworks, paintings along the wall. If you are one of them, try this stair stain to cover the whole interior, including your stairs, to enhance the entire look.

After applying this color, you do not wait for long because it dries super fast.

This high-performance paint for stairs is enhanced with nano pigment particles to penetrate deep and locks the pores. That’s why it dries quickly for like within an hour. As long as you let the stain cure properly, it will get darker and highlight the natural wood grain to reveal the true beauty.

The manufacturer has formulated this wood stain to provide exceptional color coating in a single coat. If you want to get the best outcome, apply the paint with a brush and remove the excess stain by wiping it with a cloth in the wood grain direction.

Despite being affordable price, the Vrathane paint for stairs is a reliable product. Once you purchase this one, you will keep coming for it. We also have carpet tapes for stairs to know about them.

Key Features

  • Does not require a conditioner
  • Nano-particles penetrate quickly
  • Oil-based stain
  • The single coat gives full coverage

4. Total Trend Paint For Stairs | Polyurethane Finish | Marine-Grade

The personality you uphold depends on your expression and lifestyle. Your home depot is another thing that shows which type of person you are. To infuse your personality into the stairway, we recommend trying Total Trend, the best paint for stairs.

This paint for stairs has made its place in our top five recommendation list only for its satisfying result. After coating, it will turn your interior into a brand-new look.

Even if you regret your old-fashioned wood stairs, you can restore their beauty with Total Trend.

There are various stair paints worldwide, but the durable and textured outcome of Total Trend will please you the most. Its unique formula will make the surface high-traction for secure footing with a rubberized texture. Thus, the stain is less abrasive than other traditional silica ones.

If you do not want to hire anyone and do stair painting on your own, then you will love this one. The using procedure is straightforward. You can simply apply the layers directly from the gallon by brush or roller on the various surfaces.

Now, moving onto is another excellent feature. Along with a beautiful finish, it gives UV protection to the surface. Therefore, the stair will not fade at times. Also, you can do the scrubbing to clean it because it does not peel off.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting polyurethane finish
  • UV protection
  • Color variation
  • Rubberized anti-skid texture

5. Fix All Skid Grip Paint For Stairs | Acrylic Textured Coating

We cannot complete our recommendation list without talking about the Fix All paint for stairs. Now it’s time to rest assured if you are confused seeing the various paint brands. This staircase paint will help you get through all the expectations that you desire.

The coolest feature of this paint for stairs is its skid-resistant formula. This durable and acrylic textured paint will create a skid grip surface suitable for indoor or outdoor.

Therefore, this paint is ideal for a high-traffic area like stairways to prevent falls.

Isn’t it annoying to keep painting over and over again? Fading and peeling off colors is an eyesore that you experience from any typical paints. On the other hand, Fix All offers you fade-resistant colors that remain the same for years.

One thing we noticed about this product is how easily it gets spread on the surface. You only need to wipe the surface before staining and then use a basic brush or roller to apply. This feature helps both the beginner and professional in lathering the paint for stairs.

And finally, our favorite thing about this paint is its adherence. Whether you use it for residential or commercial purposes, you can paint on all surfaces, be it wood, cement, or stone.

Key Features

  • Adherence to all surfaces
  • Easy spreading
  • The great value of money
  • Skid-resistant formula

Things To Consider Before Buying Paint For Stairs

Best Paint for Stairs

In this segment, we will suggest some secret tips to help you decide the best paint for wood steps. With our suggestions, you will never experience the failed project of painting stairs next time. Here are the factors you need to consider.


Durability is an essential factor of the paint for stairs that many people seem to be unaware of. But it is beneficial to stain your stair with a long-lasting color that also protects the surface from getting old by times.

A reliable paint for stairs covers the surface, fills the pores, and safeguards from further scratches. Therefore, we highly recommend you to get the one that provides a protective layer. Thus, you do not need to be worried about the outside sources that can damage your interior.


Another consideration while choosing the stain for stairs is its odor. It is always annoying to walk around a house with an ugly and strong smell. It not only creates an unpleasant ambiance but also makes you feel sick.

Fortunately, some of the best paint for basement stairs include low or almost no odor. We suggest you prioritize the brands above to get odor-free paints.


It is obviously a top priority to choose a non-toxic paint for stairs. We highly recommend you buy a stain that does not contain any harmful chemicals in its production process. Otherwise, it will cause health-hazardous issues to your family and children.


Another feature you look for is if the paint provides a streak-free and smooth lathering. It will not look good if the brush strokes remain visible after putting each layer. Therefore, go for the color engineered with nano-particle pigments that penetrate deep and show a textured grainy outcome.


As paints come in a liquid form,  they must have the capacity to penetrate the surface without being runny all over. Moreover, if the color penetrates deeply, it will bring out the natural wood color. Thus, the smooth and shiny look will look less artificial. In this way, the paint will protect the surface and provide a shield against further damages.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is it safe to use stair paint interior?

There are various brands with the mixed chemical formula. Not all of them are safe for internal purposes. That’s why always read through the ingredient list of the product you are buying.

The brands we have mentioned above are tested and proven by our expert team that they are free from toxic chemicals. So you can choose either of them without any hesitation.

2. Do I need to put on mask and hand gloves before staining the best paint for wood steps?

We suggest you wear gloves and a mask before staining to ensure your self-protection. But you can skip wearing a mask if you are working with toxic-free paint.

3. Is it essential to sand the staircase before painting?

It is an optional task.

You can start painting without sanding, and that will be perfectly fine. However, you can get an extra smooth finish if you sand.

4. Can I restain the stairs?

It is easy to change the current color of your stairs. You do not require to do heavy sanding, priming, or removing the old stain.

5. Does this require any particular type of brush?

You can use the regular wall painting brushes or rollers to stain the stairs.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have already decided on the right stain for your stairs. If you do proper research and think wisely, it does not seem hard to choose the best paint for stairs.

We all love to achieve a beautiful interior. However, most of us fail to do so due to a lack of proper knowledge and guideline. But, if you involve yourself in the right direction, things will never go complicated. Are you ready to restore the interior beauty?

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