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Primer for Laminate Cabinets

Using a primer on a laminate cabinet is an inexpensive way to modernize and improve the appearance of the room and kitchen furniture in a short period of time. With a little time, less financial investment, and some hard work the cabinets will get a richer and customized look.

Whether the cabinets need to be shellac, white or clear, water, oil-based, or if you need this to dry fast, the best primer for laminate cabinets will be helpful. Using a primer is also very easy, so this does not take much time.

Discover the top primer for laminate cabinets with its key features! You will also find some buying guides and some answers to commonly asked questions at the end of the article.
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Best Primer for Laminate Cabinets Reviews

The top five primers to update the cabinets at a low cost are given below. All of them are highly recommended and great in quality.

1. Rust-Oleum Primer for Laminate Cabinets | Ultra Cover

For covering all types of furniture with a single primer, Rust-Oleum would be a great choice. Because this piece is ideal for use on wood, plastic, metal, plaster, and unglazed ceramic surface.

Rust-Oleum Primer for Laminate Cabinets used double cover technology which enhances the quality and speed of any project. So using the primer would save a lot of time. As the quality is better than any other ordinary primers, this is very durable.

The durable paint gives a smooth finish and the amazing formula helps to dry it fast.

And that makes it suitable for use on any kind of surface. The paint sets perfectly on every surface such as wood, plastic, metal, wicker.

As the primer is a 2X ultra cover, so that leaves a thick layer of paint on the furniture. That adds color and brings life to the furniture, crafts, home decor, and more. This is spray paint, so it is very comfortable using the paint.

Being very flexible to work with the primer will let you paint from any angle. So for having a smooth and hassle-free experience primer by Rust-Oleum would be an ideal choice.

Key Features

  • Provides ultra-cover
  • Durable and smooth finish
  • Set of every surface
  • Saves a lot of time

2. The One Primer for Laminate Cabinets | One Coat

If you are a busy person and hardly get time to work in your home, then you will need a primer that is good enough in just one spray and does not need more than one coating. To fulfill the requirements the One primer has brought such a primer.

Thinking of redecorating but afraid of the hassle that you need to face for getting perfect paint? Pick the One paint. The liquid chalk is all in one solution. Just stir the paint thoroughly and enjoy applying it to the surface easily.

Available in many sizes of jars, 250ml, 1 liter, and 2.5-liter canisters.

So as per the need, you can buy the paint. So there will be no waste of money and paints. Or you can pick the extra amount for getting the DIY painting project done.

No need for undercoats, no need for primers, and no need for multiple coats. The paint comes premixed with paint primer and has a wonderful thick consistency. So it requires only one coat to change the look of the furniture.

Key Features

  • Requires only one coat
  • Available in different size
  • Easy to apply
  • Premixed with primer

3. KILZ Primer for Laminate Cabinets | Tough Surface

Getting a good primer that will protect the furniture and at the same time enhance the appearance, is not easy. Here the primer from KILZ ensues the topcoats on a tough paint surface.

Painting on wood, boards are easy and color sets easily on such surface. For when it comes to more challenging surfaces like metal, brick, tile, glass Kynar, PVC, Formica, fiberglass, etc., it is very hard to set the paint.

But KILZ Primer for Laminate Cabinets sets perfectly and provides a nice finish on all of these tough surfaces. And this does not even require much elbow grease.

Just stir the paint properly, take a brush you prefer, and apply it to the surface.

This is also called the problem-solving primer because by setting on the tough and challenging surfaces, the primer has become people’s favorite. The problem-solving primer can be used under lacquers, epoxies, and products that contain Xylene or another solvent.

Using the paint you will get dust-free, grease-free, chalk-free, rust-free, and peeling-free painting. Many colors are also available, so you can pick anyone that matches the interior. So by using the painting you can be tension-free.

Key Features

  • Set on a tough surface
  • Dust-free and rust-free paint
  • Provides a smooth finish
  • Available in different colors.

4. INSL-X Primer for Laminate Cabinets | Quality Coverage

Painting with primers on a brick wall is not easy. In most cases, the paint does not set properly on the surface. But we have a solution. The paint from INSL-X is perfect for any kind of surface, especially for a brick wall and hard furniture.

The INSL-X, the best Primer for Laminate Cabinets, has a premium quality and acrylic-urethane bonding which makes it suitable for tough surfaces including vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block,  glossy tile, PVC, fiberglass, and galvanized metals.

Take very little time to dry completely and the curing system is amazing.

The paint is fully cured in low temperatures, even at  35 °F. So where a surface temperature or a low ambient would be a problem, the primer would be convenient

You can use it on the exterior and interior surfaces. And this can be top coated on any type of coatings like Urethane, Epoxy, Alkyd, Acrylic Latex, and Lacquer finishes. For a better result clean the surface with water and soap, let it dry and apply the paint.

Key Features

  • Sets perfectly on a tough surface
  • Cure in a low temperature
  • Premium quality
  • Acrylic-urethane bonding

5. XIM Primer for Laminate Cabinets | Pure White

White is always the most elegant color. Whenever furniture is colored in white, it looks amazing. But the problem with white paint is it gets yellow after some time. To solve the problem XIM has brought a primer that does not get yellow after some uses.

XIM Primer provides moisture and a soft surface to the cabinets. The smooth finish gives an amazing look. Being low odor, there will be no “new paint” smell after applying. So those who cannot tolerate the paint’s smell can have this.

The paint is suitable for cleaning with water and soap as it does not peel off.

As the color is fully white, to maintain the shine and brightness of the paint try to clean it at least once every month with soap and water.

Getting perfect white paint is not easy, but XIM is able to fulfill all the requirements that anyone ever had for white paint. Using the paint, the room will look very elegant and gorgeous.

Water-based formula has been used in the paint which delivers a richly pigmented color. The paints have low levels of VOCs so this is environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors, making it ideal for interior designers, contractors, and DIY project lovers.

Key Features

  • Water-based formula
  • Less odor
  • No after paint smell
  • Provides a soft surface

Things to Consider Before Buying Primer for Laminate Cabinets

Best Primer for Laminate Cabinets

Primer for Laminate Cabinets is the easy solution for making the cabinets look great again. This is inexpensive and does not require any expertise. But using any type of paint will cause harm to the furniture, this may damage sometimes.

That is why we provided a list of the best bonding primer for laminates. But there is still something left that you need to know. Following some buying guide, won’t be bad.

Because there are some complications like not all the paints are suitable for all types of surfaces. So in the following section, we have tried to provide some buying guides to make your buying experience easier. Don’t forget to check the wax for antique wood furniture reviews.


Not all the surface is suitable for all types of paints. For normal wood furniture, picking a paint won’t be hard. But when it comes to tough surface glass Kynar, metal, brick, tile, PVC, Formica, fiberglass, etc. it is not easy to set the paint.

For these types of surfaces, you have to be a bit careful picking a primer. Try to buy primers that are suitable for hard surfaces. For ensuring check the customer review section. At Amazon, there are a lot of reviews regarding every product. So check there for getting an honest review. Make sure you also check our guide for finish for exterior wood door.


There are different colors available for a primer for laminate cabinets. Some are clear and some have different vibrant colors. Pick any color according to your taste. But for getting a light color, you have to be a bit careful.

Because light colors tend to get discolored after a few months. So make sure that the paint is waterproof and can be cleaned with water and soap. This will help to maintain the color and keep the paint clean. Besides, you can choose some paint for stairs.


Primer for laminate cabinets is available in tin containers and in spray bottles. Some people find spray more convenient as there is no hassle of using a brush and making a mess. But spray paints are suitable for small surfaces and not suitable for thick layers.

For getting a thick layer and dark color, liquid paint that is available in a tin container is great. These are also preferable for large surfaces and multiple coatings. So as per your use pick any one of them.

Cure Temperature

The minimum temperature that the paints need to get dry completely is called the cure temperature. In most cases, primers need an average room temperature to dry properly in a short time.

In that case, the people who live in a cold country with low temperatures might face the problem. A solution they can use the primer that cures perfectly even at 35 °F. So before buying look for the specification.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long does it take to dry completely?

This depends on the quality of the primer. A good quality paint takes less time than ordinary paint.

2. Are the primers available in the spray bottle?

Yes, they are. There is some primer for laminate cabinets that comes in a spray bottle, those are easy to use and suitable for small surfaces.

3. How to properly apply the primer from the tin container?

Applying primer to the cabinets is very easy. First, stir the paint well, keep the container on paper to avoid mess, then take a brush or roller of your convenient size, dip the brush into the paint, remove the extra paint from the brush and you are good to go.

4. What is the minimum cure temperature?

The cure temperature varies for different brands. There are paints that dry properly at room temperature and at low temperatures. According to your needs, pick any one of them.

5. Will the white primer get yellow after sometimes?

No. if you are able to buy the best bonding primer for laminate, then the color will stay clean and bright.

Final Words

Primer is the easiest solution to make the cabinets look new and updated. By having the best primer for laminate cabinets, you will be able to create a new look for your home. So take a little time, and pick the right one for getting the finest experience.

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Have a Nice Painting!

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