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Soil for Rubber Plant

Rubber plant is a great option for decorating the house without much effort, as these require low maintenance. Unlike other plants, you cannot put rubber plants in water. So having well-draining the best soil for rubber plant is important.

For keeping the plan alive, it needs a well-aerated and well-draining potting soil, 1 part peat, 1 part coarse sand, and 1 part pine bark is a good mix. And the good news is soil with an ideal ratio of all elements is available in the market.

But it is not wise to pick any soil for rubber planets, using bad soil will end up killing the plant. So here is our list of top soil from the market.
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Best Soil for Rubber Plant Reviews

The following section discuss the top five soil for rubber plant in the market, they are good in quality and are chemical free.

1. Miracle Soil for Rubber Plant | Coconut Coil

Grow an amazing indoor rubber plant with Miracle soil indoor mix. The soil is designed to be not so much prone to grants and has been blended for a variety of container plants. Sitting the tree in the soil will make them healthy.

Does not require watering the plant every now and then. The mix has a different formula which makes it easy to water. That helps the soil to re-wet while feeding it for up to 6 months.

There are many people who usually prefer using organic soil for plants.

But in most cases, this is because organic soil doesn’t contain genetically engineered chemicals and pesticides. As the name says, this is actually a miracle.

Miracle soil is more than organic soil that does not contain any harmful chemicals and has more benefits than regular soil. In the soil mix for rubber plants, natural coconut coir ensures that the plants will get all the nutrients they need to flourish.

If we sum up all the information, this is a non-organic potting soil that is better than regular soil and includes different materials in the mix to hold water for a long time. Moreover, helps to create more area for air.

Key Features

  • Contains coconut coil
  • Reasonable price
  • Better than organic soil
  • Able to hold soil

2. The Next Gardener Soil for Rubber Plant | Ph 5.5

Most people complain about their soil mix that it does not blend properly. The Next Gardener Soil for Rubber Plant won’t disappoint you. Because this soil for rubber tree plant mix is perfectly blended for most varieties of cacti and rubber plants.

The fertilizer’s formulation will last for a long time which means once the soil will start to break down. that you won’t need to add additives.

As a beginner, the soil would be a good choice as that does not require much time and has low maintenance.

PH is perfectly balanced in the soil so the plant will get moisture and all kinds of nutrition. And rubber plants require a proper level of PH which is 5.5 to keep the plants strong.

This is the best soil for rubber tree plant and will surely provide a productive and healthy plant.

The next Gardener’s soil mix is specially formulated as an all-purpose potting medium.

When it comes to planting a rubber plant, using the perfect blend is important. That’s why they imported professionals from Denmark to formulate the soil mix.

Normal soil affects rooting,  watering, feeding, and transpiration. But this soil mix helps to build roots and feed the soil.

Key Features

  • Perfect Ph level
  • Takes less time
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Well blended

3. Happy Frog Soil for Rubber Plant | 14 Pounds

The soil mix’s balanced pH value is suitable for all types of indoor plants, including rubber trees, and you can use it right away after opening the container. Happy Frog promises that the formula will provide adequate drainage for plants to grow quickly and properly.

Happy Frog creates this formula with peat moss, limestone, sand, and sedge peat, which ensures the nutrients required for proper growth. Besides, the company offers comprehensive instructions on the box to help you understand the process.

The package contains more than enough soil to fill a big pot for a rubber tree.

This is a very easy process to use the soil. Well aerated and Light textured will make it ready to use right out of the bag making.

In general, the majority of consumers are very pleased having this soil mix. They say that the mix is much larger and much thicker than they expected for this price. A few users have stated that the soil is hydrophobic, which means that it is able to repel water if it is dry. You may also like some of the soil probe from our list.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Large size, enough to fill one big pot
  • Ensures growth
  • Weight 14 pounds

4. Fiddle Soil for Rubber Plant | Heavy Duty

Are you looking for a soil mix that goes well with every plant? If so then look for the best soil for rubber plant by Fiddle. Fiddle has been producing soil for many years and the soil from them is highly recommended.

This alternative differs from the other soil in that it can boost the consistency of other soils, resulting in healthier root systems. Another wonderful aspect of this product is that it can feed the plants for 6 months, which is long enough for a large rubber tree to mature.

As previously mentioned, this potting soil serves many functions.

Miracle-Gro, on the other hand, has other blends for shrubs and trees, roses, bulbs, and a specially made blend for herbs and vegetables.

After adding this mix to their existing potting soil, their plant grew three times its original size. The crucial thing to remember here is that this potting soil contains the right amount of potash, nitrogen, and phosphate.

The weight of the soil is very light so it does not put any pressure on the roots and let the roots grow freely without any suffocation. Moreover, the heavy-duty, Re-sealable Bag let the users store it for later. You would appreciate having some of the soil conditioners, so take a moment to check them out.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty bag
  • The right amount of elements
  • Boost consistency
  • Ideal for all types of plants.

5. Rio Hamza Soil for Rubber Plant | Chemical Free

Rubber plants do not require much care so for busy people having a rubber plant would enhance the beauty of the house without spending time on it. So it is important to ensure the soil is good in quality. Here Rio Hamza is a soil on which you can totally rely on.

4 Qt bag includes all important ingredients, so a small batch of soil is enough for growing the plant. Well blended soil has the proper ingredients to produce a productive and ideal growing plant.

One bag is enough to fill a small to medium size tree pot. The bag is 10 inches x 13 inches and it is good for repotting or replanting the plant.

Rio Hamza Soil for Rubber Plant is very available. You can pick one from Amazon for avoiding any hassle.

Provides natural ingredients to the plant and the soil is mixed with minerals and nutrition, including no harmful chemicals. So all of these helps to grow a healthy plant. Using the soil you can ensure a chemical free and safe environment.

The soil is filled with natural ingredients which feature peat, perlite, lime, and worm castings. Using the soil for rubber plant will give a better result with fewer odds. Additionally, you can check our review on vegetable garden mulch.

Key Features

  • 4 Qt bag
  • Chemical-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Ensure growth

Things to Consider Before Buying Soil for Rubber Plant

Best Soil for Rubber Plant

If you are a busy person and a plant lover then you must want a plant that has low maintenance. Rubber plants are one of the plants that are easy to grow and maintain. But the growth depends on the soil and the weather as well. Here controlling the weather is not in your hand but giving the plant the best soil for a rubber plant is in your hand.

That is why we have provided a list of 5 soils that is good for the plants. But there are also some things that you need to know before making the final decision. Few buying guides might be helpful here. So go through the next section to know more about soil for rubber plants.

Chemical Free

Some of the soils contain harmful chemicals. This might be helpful for the tree at the beginning but in the long term, the result will not be good. Also, it is better to have soil for indoor use that is safe for the environment.

Soils that contain chemicals are bad for human health as well. So before buying always go through the ingredients section and see with what elements the soil is made of. Soil that features perlite, peat, lime, and worm castings is good for the plant.

Enhance Growth

If you are having a small plant and want to grow it as fast as possible then the soil that ensures the plant growth will be more suitable. Some soil is just good for keeping the plant healthy but does not help to grow the plant.

The right option will be to take a look at the customer review from the Amazon website. All kinds of soil are available there so look for the reviews that you think are more suitable. Here customers give their honest opinion after using a product so this will be very helpful.


Normally it is better to use the mixed soil as soon as you buy it. Keeping it inside the package may damage its quality. So try to buy the exact amount that you are going to need. If the soil is for use in one small jar, then it is better to have a small size pack. This will save money as well.

Again if the soil is for use in a big pot or in several pots then pick a large size pack, this is cost-efficient. So according to the need, buy the soil for the rubber plant.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is the soil suitable for indoor plants?

Yes, they are. These soils are suitable for all kinds of plants- indoors and outdoors.

2. Is the soil chemical free?

Not all the soil mix is environment friendly, some of them consist of harmful chemicals. But the best soil type for rubber tree plant consists of fully natural ingredients and these are safe to use.

3. Are rubber plants safe to use inside the house?

Rubber plants are somewhat toxic, so if you have small children at home, it is better to keep the plant out of the children’s reach.

4. Will the soil ensure plant growth?

Yes, not only plant growth, the soil will ensure the plant’s health as well. So the plant will grow with good health.

5. Is the soil suitable for using all types of plants?

Yes, they are. The soil that we have suggested is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants.

Final Words

Rubber plants help to bring a natural environment to home and require very low maintenance. But those plants do require good quality soil that can hold water for a long time and help the plants to grow. That is why having the best soil for rubber plants is essential.

In the list above we have picked all the top class soil with no harmful chemical and totally natural elements. This soil is also safe to use for indoor plants if you have any children or pets in the house.

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