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Track Lighting for Art Gallery

Do you know what is the most crucial part of an art gallery? It is the lighting. The lighting can change the whole appearance of the artwork dramatically.

Choosing the right installation for the artwork is the most challenging part. The best track lighting for art gallery will ensure that the colors of the artwork are correctly represented. Without the right CRI, the artworks will not illuminate rightly.

Here we are presenting the top five track lights for the art gallery owners who are looking for the best possible light to illuminate their artwork. You will need all the information here you need to know about gallery light.
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There are many different kinds of art gallery lights. And selecting the right one is not easy. In this section, we will be discussing the top five track lighting.

1. Globe Electric Norris 4-Light Track Lighting

If you are looking for a sleek design for your art gallery’s light then Globe electric will be the right fit for you. This light is enough to enhance the appearance of your art gallery. This is also durable and provides great performance.

The light is oil rubbed bronze. The aesthetic design of the light goes with every decor. This has a caged champagne glass shade that makes the light unique and attractive. This has a very classic look that will add beauty to the art gallery.

Globe Electric Track Lighting includes four small sizes of light with it. These lights are independently adjustable.

You can adjust the four lights differently. You can change their direction according to your convenience.

The lights are perfectly dimmable. You can control the brightness as you want. You can set the brightness level of the four lights differently. You can also buy the dimmer switch with it. This will help you to create the perfect atmosphere for your art gallery.

The light is easy to use. You do not need any extra equipment to install it. This is very easy to install. Anyone can set the light. The light includes all the hardware and a canopy mountain plate for getting a hassle-free and quick installation.

Key Features

  • Oil rubbed bronze finished
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Hassle-free and quick installation
  • Lights are independently adjustable

Unicozin will cover a large area with its 6 sets of lights. If you are an owner of a big art gallery, this one will be just perfect for you. The design of the light is very unique. This has a traditional design with modern features.

The heads of the lights are very flexible. You can move the light to any angle. These are rotatable up to 270 degrees. You can rotate the light 9 degrees vertically and 27 degrees horizontally. This is great lighting for art gallery.

The advanced technology of the lights helps the light to save energy.

Unicozin Lighting includes 6 x 4W GU10 led bulbs and 400 lumen light output. This produces an accurate color rendering of the objects around this.

The light looks very good with its matte nickel finish. The ceiling of the light is made of metal. High-quality materials make light corrosion-free. Even after using the light for a long time, this will shine like a new one.

This light is perfect for creating a lovely atmosphere in the art gallery. The spotlights have focused and strong beams. This is durable and easy to install.

Key Features

  • Flexible lights
  • 6 sets of lights
  • Creates a lovely atmosphere
  • Focused beam

3. Biglight Dimmable Accent LED Track Light

Everyone wants a light for art gallery that can be controlled by a remote. A remote-controlled track light has many advantages. The big lights provides a handy remote. So that you can control the light easily.

Biglight has three flexible bright light heads of 50 lumens and gives 300k warm white light. This has an auto turn off option. You can automatically turn the light off in 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes. This is very energy efficient.

One of the main advantages of the light is that all three lights are rotatable. You can slide right to left and rotate the light up to 310 degrees.

This light is suitable for every place. You can use the light for paintings to illuminate the arts.

The brightness of the lights is dimmable. So you can adjust the light according to your preference. You can set low light in the daylight and adjust to high brightness at night. This will save energy.  This will perfectly meet your needs.

This has an easy installation process. The artwork light for art gallery is powered by an AC adapter. And this has a cord of 6 feet long. This light is very convenient to use.

Key Features

  • Gives 300k warm white light
  • Dimmable lights
  • Easy installation process
  • Rotate up to 310 degrees

4. HONWELL Track Lighting LED Spotlights with 3 Rotatable Lights Heads

If you are looking for a light at a reasonable price. You can look at this one. Honwell is one of the top track lightings that comes at a very reasonable price and the quality of the product is excellent.

The brightness of the light is very high. This includes 500 Lumens, 3 led light heads that provide 3000K warm white glow. This gives the proper light to the paintings. The colors of the artwork glow under this light.

This light is very convenient to use. You can turn this off and on with just one press. There is only one switch to control the light.

Press the switch once it will turn on, and to turn it off press the same switch again.

The lighting for art gallery is remote controlled. You can use the remote to control the brightness and timer. There are two options for setting the brightness and four options for the timer. You can set those as you prefer.

This has double-sided adhesive tapes, which makes the installation process easier. This wall light can be used anywhere indoors. You can set this on a painting, art, and picture.

Key Features

  • Very reasonable price
  • Remote controlled
  • Very convenient to use
  • Four options for the timer

5. UPO 5-LED 1500 Lumens 3000K Track Lighting

UPO is a very renowned brand that is popular among consumers because of its aesthetic and flawless design. UPO art gallery lights can highlight the color and luster of the object. This makes the objects more attractive and eye-catching.

This light has a 90 degrees vertical rotation and a 355 degrees horizontal rotation system. So you can set the light at any position. This includes five-track head slides that are very flexible. You can turn the lights to any location and point.

This light gives a very high brightness. This has a 1500 lumens Cree COB light source.

UPO Lights is eco-friendly and saves energy. The effect of the light is very delicate. This expresses the true texture of any object like pictures, paintings, etc.

This light has an excellent design that will enhance the interior design. Very high-quality materials have been used in this light. They have used Die-cast aluminum alloy that provides light strength and hardness

The finishing of the light is very good. This has excellent interchangeability and stable size, this light is suitable for versatile occasions. The installation process is very easy. You can easily mount this to the ceilings. UPO is a professional certified brand.

Key Features

  • Excellent interchangeability
  • Expresses the true texture of the art
  • High quality materials
  • Professional certifies brand

Best Track Lighting for Art Gallery

Lightning is the most crucial part of an art gallery. In low light, the paintings do not show their real color. To illuminate the painting you need the lighting for art gallery. We have provided the top five lightings for art gallery.

But your job is not done yet, you have to know some other elements before purchasing the light. Here we will provide some buying guidelines so that you can get a more suitable light for you. You can also check the lighting for painting from our list.


The brightness of a light is the most important part. Everyone gets a light for the art gallery so that the colors of the paintings can be seen properly. Lights can illuminate the paintings. So checking the brightness is very important. There are many options for brightness levels.

Some lights have warm blue light and some of them are bright white. Sometimes the brightness depends on the paintings. If your paintings illuminate properly in white light then get the one with white light. Therefore look for the brightness options before buying.

Energy Saving

Energy-saving lights are always preferable. This saves both money and energy. For saving energy you can choose dimmable light. so in the daylight, you can use a low brightness level to save energy. The lights that have LED lights are cost-efficient and last for a long time. If you are concerned about the energy then select the track lighting that saves energy.


Only brightness is not enough to make your art gallery beautiful. The interior design of the gallery depends on the design of every element that has been used to decorate the gallery. So in order to enhance the beauty of the gallery, you have to select the light that has a good finishing and looks elegant. You can select a traditional, classy, or modern light that totally depends on your taste and the art gallery’s interior design.

Remote control

If you want to control the light with a remote, choose the controllable light. There are many advantages of a remote-controlled light. You can turn the light off and on with the remote. Not only that, but you can also adjust the brightness level very easily.

Most of the remote-controlled lights have timers. So the light will automatically turn off after some time. This will save energy. The lights that we have provided most of them are remotely controlled.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are the lights rotatable?

Yes, they are.

Most of the lights are rotatable. But not all the lights rotate to the same angle. Some of the lights can be turned up to 320 degrees and some of them up to 120 degrees.

2. Are those lights dimmable?

This depends on the brand that you are purchasing.

The lighting for art gallery is dimmable and you can control the brightness from low to high.

Yes, it does.

The lights are mainly made for the paintings. So the main object of the lights is to provide the right brightness to the arts.

4. Is it hard to install?

No, it is not.

Most of the good quality lighting for the art gallery is very easy to install on the ceiling.

Yes, the lights for the art gallery are durable.

Final Words

Proper lighting for the art gallery is important. Good lighting enhances the beauty of the paintings. But selecting the right lighting is not easy. So we have provided the best track lighting for art gallery for your convenience. We have also added more details of the lights so that you can choose the right one for you. If you find this article helpful share this with your friend. You can also check the lighting for the kitchen from our list.

Have a Good Lighting!

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