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Vinyl for Tumblers

If you love crafting, you’d probably love making custom tumblers for yourself. In a world where everyone uses a boring metal tumbler, a customized tumbler can really help you stand out from the crowd!

One of the key elements of customized tumblers is the vinyl stickers. Stickers of multiple colors, shades, designs, etc., can easily add a sophisticated touch to your otherwise boring tumbler. So, they’re a must-have for a lot of craft lovers.

However, to make sure your tumbler looks perfect, you’d need the best vinyl for tumblers. And, to make your life easier, we’ve searched for the best ones for you.

Our team of experts has conducted thorough research o find the best products for you in this article. The vinyl for tumblers are top-notch and will definitely make your product stand out. Let’s begin!
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Best Vinyl for Tumblers Review

When it comes to craft, the quality of your material plays a key role in determining the quality of your end product. So, you need to opt for the best products for your projects. If you’re looking for some fantastic vinyl for tumblers, check our list

1. IModeur | Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl for Tumblers | 40 color

On top of our list, we have the perfect vinyl sticker for every occasion! Whether you talk about indoor or outdoor use, this vinyl sticker will stick mightily. You also have the option to choose from a range of 40 different colors.

The sizing on this vinyl sticker is perfect. The twelve-twelve-inch vinyl sheets can last you for up to 5 years if you use them indoors. And if you want to use it outdoor, it will last you for four years easily.

The durability of this product is unlike any other. They’re easy to use, but once the adhesive sticks onto a surface, it will cause no unnecessary movement.

It’s hassle-free and convenient for beginners to professionals.

You can easily customize the vinyl sheets according to your preference. From putting the double-layered sheets into cutting machines to shaping them with your regular scissors, you have the flexibility of everything.

One of the most incredible things about the product is the manufacturer providing a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can quickly return it. Their excellent customer service thrives day and night for the customers.

Key Features

  • Excellent durability
  • Can withstand cutting machines
  • Shapable
  • Variety of 40 colors
  • Mighty adhesive

2. Opal Craft | Holographic Vinyl for Tumblers | Craft Cutters

If you’re a fan of holographic stuff who’s tired of not finding the right vinyl – this vinyl sheet is all for you! Not only is this holographic vinyl sheet budget-friendly, but it also works like a charm. Furthermore, it’s effortless to use.

The holographic vinyl sheet has an array of colors you can choose from. All the colors are stunning. The quality and shine of the product are also unparalleled.

The vinyl sheet has excellent compatibility with box-cutters, vinyl cutters, and all other types of blades. You can shape it into any kind or form you want.

You can also use the product on bendy surfaces with ease.

The product also comes with transfer sheets, which makes sticking it onto other surfaces extremely easy. The vinyl sheets are also resistant to water. You can stick it anywhere, and it’ll last for days, even in the outdoors.

Finally, you can easily say goodbye to dull vinyl days! The aesthetic of the shiny holographic sheet is unlike any other one in the market. The weeding process works like a dream. It surely won’t disappoint you.

Key Features

  • Chromatic color-changing properties
  • Perfect sizing
  • Compatible for indoor and outdoor use
  • Works with regular vinyl shapers

3. Rose Gold Vinyl | Holographic | Adhesive Craft Vinyl for Tumblers

Next up on our list, we have a product from GIRAFVINYL. Their rose gold vinyl sheets are made of dreams. The shine paired with the vibrant color of pink, with the chromatic aberration of light, makes it perfect for any use!

The six different color array to choose from is absolute bliss. On top of it, you get to use the vinyl sheets easily with any form of vinyl sheet cutter or scissors. The product is easy to use and has an excellent adhesive on it.

The reflective surface on the vinyl is bright and glossy. The lustrous shine is something you can stare at for yours.

Undoubtedly, it will bring bling to all your crafts and make them stand out among others.

The PVC material of the rose gold vinyl for tumblers is very durable. Unlike many other brands that promise a long lifespan but fail to deliver their promise, this brand assures that the vinyl sheets will last you for years without sticking off your crafts.

You can customize the sheets as you want. The packaging is done carefully, and they’re not rolled. Since the sheets come in the mail without being rolled, they have a lesser chance of tearing apart in the shipping process.

The customer service of this company assures excellent quality on all their products. Even if you have issues after receiving the product, you can text them, and they’ll replace the product.

Key Features

  • Lustrous surface
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all different types of cutters
  • Durable sheets

4. Craftables | Metallic Vinyl for Tumblers Starter Pack | 10 sheets

Suppose you want to make a unique tumbler design with multiple colors, glitter for tumblers, and other bits of craft. In that case, the vinyl sticker you apply has to be top-notch. Otherwise, nothing else will stay on your product.

In order to make your craft adventures smoother, Craftables has one of the best vinyl for tumblers in their offering. It can take up a fair bit of weight, and as a result, it’s effortless to deal with. Making it one of the best ones for craft enthusiasts.

To make the experience smoother for you, the product is shipped with a cardboard stiffener in the package.

As a result, it always remains straight when it’s being shipped. Making sure you get the best product in any part of the world.

The material makes it an ideal fit for any sort of craftwork. Whether you’re tumblers or car decor, it’s going to fit right in without any hassle. This set of vinyl for tumblers contains 10 colors ranging from red to gold.

In this 10 sheet set, every piece is 12in*12 in, so you can easily use this vinyl for tumblers for a long time before getting a replacement.

Key Features

  • Available in 10 colors
  • Comes with a cardboard stiffener
  • Easy to cut
  • Ideal for tumblers

5. Holographic | Opal Vinyl for Tumblers | Chrome Vinyl Sheets

If you want a set of vinyl for tumblers that are very versatile, we got the right product for you. The Holographic opal vinyl for tumblers set from tiptop carbon is one of the most unique products out there!

One thing we love about holographic vinyl for tumblers is that they add a very unique hue to your entire tumblers. You can get a play around multiple shades in one tumbler without adding too many stickers on it.

The product has superior adhesive features. As a result, it sticks very well on any metal surface.

Furthermore, the material has a layer of lamination on top. As a result, fingerprints or residues don’t stick on.

This vinyl for tumblers set contains 5 precut vinyl stickers, each 12”*12” in size. The sheets will easily be sufficient enough for multiple tumblers. As a result, you won’t have to restock again and again.

To make the entire experience smoother for you, tiptop carbon is willing to address any problems in your product anytime. You can reach out to their customer service anytime, and they’re willing to help you out!

Key Features

  • Holographic colors
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Adhesive top to remove fingerprints
  • Top-notch customer service

Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl for Tumblers

Best Vinyl for Tumblers

If you’re planning to buy vinyl for tumblers, you must consider a few factors for a seamless experience. These will make your experience smoother and give you a better value for your money. These include:


The size of the sheet should be an essential factor when choosing the vinyl for your tumbler. Your vinyl should look smooth when it’s on your tumbler. So, it’s better to use directly from one sheet of vinyl.

When you’re getting a vinyl sticker sheet, make sure it’s bigger than your tumbler in size. Otherwise, the sheet might not work well for your tumbler.


How many colors do you want in another key factor when choosing vinyl for tumblers. If you don’t have one specific color in mind, we recommend getting a set that contains multiple colors so you can choose the right one for you!

Also, for multi-colored sets, go for ones’ that have a plethora of color options available. In that way, you can mix and match all the colors to find the shades that fit your choices better.


Other than colors, you might also like vinyl for tumblers with unique designs on them. There are gradients, printed designs, multiple colors, holographic designs, etc., for you to choose from.

If you like unique designs, make sure it’s sized big enough to cover your tumbler easily and without any hassle. Also, some vinyl might allow you to make your own vinyl designs, so see if you find something like that.

Package Size

The size of your package should be another important factor when deciding your purchase. If you want to make multiple tumblers, make sure you have enough vinyl to make them.

Also, if you get vinyl for tumblers in bulk amounts, you might get more for cheaper. So, if you want to make a few tumblers, get vinyl in bulk.

Adhesive Capability

When it comes to vinyl for tumblers, longevity is a key factor. Your vinyl should last for a long time on your rumbler and be able to deal with regular wear and tear. So, make sure the glue used in your vinyl stickers is top-notch.

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What category of vinyl works best for tumblers?

For tumblers, we recommend getting good-quality outdoor vinyl. These types of vinyl for tumblers are generally made to survive both inside and outside conditions. Thus, making it a good fir for tumblers.

2. How to Seal vinyl on tumblers?

In order to seal the vinyl on your tumbler, you can apply some heat with a heating gun. If the vinyl is of good quality, you won’t have to use additional heat. Also, if you’re applying heat, make sure it doesn’t damage your tumbler.

3. How to store vinyl for tumblers?

When it comes to storing vinyl for tumblers, you have to make sure they aren’t damaged. Otherwise, the end product from it won’t be good. If you have a craft organizer, the best option is to keep it there.

4. How to choose the craft organizer for me?

In order to choose the right craft organizer for you, you need to keep a few things in check. These include the size, color, and design of your organizer, the package’s price and size, and the strength of the adhesive.

5. Can you put glitter over vinyl for tumblers?

Yes, you can put glitter over your vinyl. However, you might need to use mod podge or epoxy resin to make sure the glitter sticks well and stays in position.

Final Words

Customized tumblers are fun to make, and they can radiate your personality like no other. Pair it up with the best additions, and you won’t be disappointed at all. One of the easiest and best design options for tumblers is vinyl stickers.

If you’re looking for the best vinyl for tumblers, we got you covered. We’ve searched to find the best out there, to make your experience better. We hope you found this article helpful!

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