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Wall Art

If you think your walls look too boring, a touch of art might help! Hang up a few pieces of art and see how the entire look of your house changes drastically. However, not every type of art will fit your house.

There are a lot of factors that should be taken into account before buying art for your house. Also, not every type of art is of good quality to live up to its price tag.

So, if you’re wondering, “How do I find the best wall art out there?” Then you’re in the right place! In this article, we will discuss some popular \arts that we consider to be the best. We also have a buying guide to help you choose. Let’s begin!
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Best Wall Art Review for 2022

Wall art is available in a plethora of styles, designs, and categories. However, not every product lives up to its price tag. Here are our picks for wall art that we consider to be the best right now

1. NWT Framed Art Print Set Watercolor Mountain Landscape

What’s better than one beautiful frame of art? Three frames! If you’re looking for multiple frames that tell a story together, this is the perfect fit for you.

The Canvas art series of NWT is a set of wall arts comprising three frames that tell a story together. Currently, this set is available in 40+ designs in three distinct sizes. You can find the right fit for any of your walls.

Furthermore, the frames are made especially well to make your experience better. You can currently get the frames in two colors, black and natural wood. The frames are 1.5” deep so that the paintings remain protected.

Another key aspect is the material of the frames. The frames are shrink-resistant, so they won’t make your picture seem cluttered after a few months of use. Also, they’re very durable, so there are no compromises in quality.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for any occasion, this is the right fit. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, everyone will appreciate this beautiful set of art. Also, the pricing is reasonable, so it won’t cut a hole through your pocket.

Finally, if you’re stressing about assembly and framing, don’t worry. The pictures are stretched and framed perfectly, while all the hanging accessories are added complementary to make the process smoother.

Key Features

  • Unique triple-frame design
  • Durable, shrink-proof frames
  • Available in multiple watercolor designs
  • Available in three sizes

2. Homecor Wall Decor Mason Jar Sconces

If you’re looking for something unique that adds some much-needed weight to your walls, then we got the perfect product for you. The mason jar is a beautiful piece of decor that can fit any house design, from modern to rustic.

The mason jar comes in a lot of designs. While all of them have pale-white roses as the center, every model comes with a separate floral design and different colored boards. So you can choose whatever fits your home.

Also, it’s very versatile. Whether it’s your hallway or bedroom, it will fit in perfectly.

The rustic design and the modern addition of lights is that touch of finesse your house needs.

The addition of lights makes the entire package much better. The lights make the simple design look like something out of a fairytale. However, the lights follow a 6-hour plan to save you from excess electric bills.

You can configure the lights in a 6-hour cycle. The lights will be turned on for six hours and will remain turned off during the day. Furthermore, you have a remote control to control the intensity and color according to your choice.

Also, this is a completely natural option. Completely handmade with utmost care and precision. There are no artificial materials, chemicals involved in any part of the production. Making it environment friendly as well.

Key Features

  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Completely handmade design
  • LED Lights with a unique control
  • Versatile build quality

3. Konda Art-5 piece Modern Abstract Canvas Art

If you’re looking for something that will completely cover your wall and give your house a complete look, this is what you need. The 5 pieces of the best wall art for living room from Konda is a beautiful piece to remind you of home whenever you come back.

This art contains 5 massive pieces, with a total dimension of 12x18in x2pcs, 12x24in x2pcs, 12x30in x1pc. It’s big enough to completely cover your wall and leave no space empty.

The picture is printed on the five pieces with a canvas print. What makes this special is that the print is high-quality, so the colors are vivid and high-definition.

The painting looks top-notch from any distance.

For a 5-piece set, you might think the assembly is a problem. However, the set contains all the tools you’d need. There are strong hooks in the set that’s easy to attach and use. The attachment takes a few minutes at most.

While the size is great enough to fit into most houses, you can get a customized size for your home as well. Just let them know, and they’ll provide you with your desired size. Albeit a bit expensive, it’s a great way to amplify your interior.

Key Features

  • Size can be customized
  • Hanging kit added to the set
  • Canvas print for a high-definition finish
  • Great for gifts

4. Mofutinpo Bedroom Decor Canvas Art Flower Pattern Prints

If you’re looking for four sublime pieces of art of similar color but distinct designs, you’re in the right place. Our next product is the flower pattern prints from the Mofutinpo store. In terms of quality, they can easily be considered the best wall art out there!

The four panels each consist of a unique, original design done by artists. So, wherever you’re from, you’d get a product that’s unique to your home. Also, the designs are versatile enough to fit any interior easily.

What makes this set special is its versatility. While the designs are flower patterns, the patterns are unique from one another.

So, you can put them in any way you want. Side by side, on top of each other, diagonally, you have a world of choices.

Not only are they versatile in placement, but they can also fit anywhere. Whether it’s your bedroom or your hallway, it would easily find its place. Also, the size is perfect for everywhere, so it won’t look out of place.

Furthermore, to give the buyers’ a seamless experience, they’re providing the customers with a replacement in case of any manufacturer errors. So, you can always get value for your money.

Key Features

  • Unique artworks with top-notch print
  • High-end frame quality
  • Easy to attach with complementary attachment tools
  • Versatile for everywhere
  • Comes with a replacement warranty

5. Wieco Art The Cloud Tree Wall Landscape Canvas

Last but not the least is the Cloud Tree from Wieco Arts. A beautifully done piece of modern art that could be the missing piece for any household. The perfect design to amplify any interior for the best.

This artwork is a play on the colors white, black, and red that can fit into any interior design centered with these colors. The print is sharp and vivid, and the painting looks great from any direction.

The three prints are parts of one big picture that tells a story. So, unlike other sets of different pictures, you get a set that tells a coherent tale. So, if you want something significant, this might be a good buy.

Overall, this piece of art can be used for any situation. Whether it’s your bedroom or hallway. Furthermore, it’s ideal as a gift. You can give it to pretty much anyone on any occasion, and they’ll be satisfied.

Key Features

  • Easy to hang and attach
  • High-end print quality
  • Three well-designed frames
  • Perfect for gifts

Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Art

Best Wall Art

In all honesty, art is subjective. While there’s no rule for what’s “good art,” you need to keep in mind a few things when you’re buying art pieces for your walls. Here’s the list of things you need to keep in check:


When it comes to buying something for your walls, size is important. The size of your walls as well as the size of your product. They need to complement each other for everything to work out.

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The place where you put your art is important when choosing a piece of art. Because not every piece of art suits every part of your house. So, you have to choose accordingly.

For example, a big three-part painting might be perfect behind your couch, but it might be too big for your hallway. So, make sure the painting matches the position you’re placing it.

Interior Design

Every house has a theme, and the wall art should portray that. The theme can be color, pattern, etc. But, if you place something that doesn’t go well with the theme, it won’t look great.

For example, if your walls are blue, a bright red painting might not fit in. Again, the contrast might look good for you. Whatever color or design you choose, make sure it fits the rest of your theme.

Number of Frames

There are many types of wall arts that are made of multiple frames. From one frame pieces to multiple frames, the choices are endless. However, the choice depends on the user.

Multiple frame pictures can again be of many types. They can be of separate design types or similar frames that make a coherent piece together. Go for the one you like the most, and you’re good to go!

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Type of Design

When it comes to wall art, the choices are endless. There are hand-painted ones, digitally printed ones, special designs with additional prints, and whatnot. However, just like anything else, it has to fit your choice.

Always go for art that will be coherent with everything else in your house. Also, choose designs that will last a long time instead of trendy designs that die off quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

best wall art for living room


1. How to keep Wall Art Clean?

Ans: Since your pieces of wall art will be outside for long hours, it will accumulate dirt. So, dealing with dirt is important. If your piece of art has a glass covering, use glass cleaners to clean.

You can also use a wet piece of cloth to wipe away the dirt and let it dry.

2. How do I differentiate between wall art for different rooms?

Ans: If you have different themes in different rooms, go for wall art based on that. Make sure the design is coherent all the way through and doesn’t look odd for the place. Also, buy the right size for a better fit.

3. How do I choose the right wall art for me?

Ans: In all honesty, art is subjective. So, what you like as art might not be the same for someone else. However, you need to keep a few things in check before choosing your wall art.

Take the size, design, your interior, number of frames, and your budget into account before buying. Keep these in check, and you’re good to go.

4. Are wooden hooks good for hanging wall art?

Ans: Most wall art comes with an additional set of hooks for you to use. We recommend using them because they’re made specifically for the product. However, separate wooden hooks just as well unless the product are too heavy.

5. What’s the best place for multiple framed wall art?

Ans: When it comes to art with a lot of frames, they generally tell a story. So, they require a good bit of space. Also, you must make them visible. So, we recommend placing them in the living or dining room where they’re visible.

Interior Design | How to Select Art for your Home wall

Final Thoughts

Art is a great way to take our mundane interior to the next level. A few good quality pieces of art in the right places and we’re good to go. However, finding the best quality art can be a bit hard.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best wall art we could find anywhere and discussed them in-depth. We’ve also added a much-needed guide to give you all the information you need. We hope you find this useful!

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