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Worm Castings

Worm castings include a highly active mixture of enzymes, bacteria, animal manure, and remnants of plant matter. Worm castings are one of the richest natural fertilizers to humans.

Little pure worm castings contain organic plant nutrients to feed an average size plant for over two months. But not all the worms are pure and right for the soil. That is why having the best worm castings is important.

Worm castings encourage plant growth and unlike animal manure and chemical fertilizers, it is quickly and easily consumed by plants. There are a lot of benefits of using worms in the soil. Stay with us to know more about it and get to introduce the top worm casting.
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Our Top 5 Best Worm Castings Reviews Of 2022

In the following section, we will discuss the top fine worm castings in the market. These are good for soil and work as the best fertilizer which helps to grow the plants and save the plans from small insect attacks.

1. Unco Worm Castings | High Quality | 4.5-Pounds

The very first product from our list is from Unco which ensures faster growth of the plants. This brand provides a lot of nutrients and functions much better as fertilizer than other brands. It also fits well as a pest control/pesticide, which is a good bonus.

Being a largely unaltered natural product, it contains a wide range of minerals and trace elements. Now you might ask, other brands also have it so where is the difference. Well, Unco Industries’ brand is simply higher quality and more plentiful.

Besides having organic material and micronutrients, this also serves as a pesticide.

This does not require more, just a handful is enough to make the plants happy. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Unco worms take some time to show results so you have to be patient with it. Moreover, it is better to put its impact on the plants slowly for a long period of time.

Though it is a little expensive, we believe it is worth the extra money because you are getting a high-quality commodity that is filled with nutrients that can be used as both a fertilizer and a pesticide.

Key Features

  • Material and micronutrients
  • High quality
  • One handful worm is enough
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants

2. Wiggle Best Worm Castings for Indoor Plants | Pure | Wiggle Worm

It is important to have a pure worm that contains no unnecessary things for indoor plants. Indoor plants might be small in size but those also need nutrition. So here we present Wiggle’s worm castings for indoor plants.

100 percent pure organic worm castings with added kelp minerals. It is non-hazardous and non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about plant burning. In general, this material will be used as a high-quality fertilizer.

As this is very dense and similar to clay, these are very easy to use. The worm castings are fine and moist, and they will flow easily through fingers.

There are a few established casting chunks, and it takes some time to split the clods apart.

Overall the worm casting contains all the necessary elements that plants need to be healthy and beautiful. So Wiggles are pretty good overall. This has a natural mild to woody odor so this does not smell bad like some of the other castings.

Having the casting can only be beneficial, there are no cons using these. Moreover, the price is very reasonable and one pack is enough to cover a long area.

Key Features

  • 100% pure
  • Ensures plant growth
  • Suitable for indoor plants
  • Reasonable price

3. Brut Work Castings | Fresh | Non-Toxic

If you are familiar with the casting and used before for your garden, then you must have heard the name of Brut. Brut produces world-class castings that are pure and full of rich elements. These are high in organic matter.

For having a long-term solution for the pants this can be the right choice. Because Brut makes the soil ready for the future as well by providing long-term nourishment to plants’ soil.

Brut worm castings are able to maintain the soil balance with minerals and nutrition.

According to the soil category, the castings provide their impact on the soil. So these are able to treat the soil properly.

That also provides beneficial microbes and bacteria which helps to keep the plants healthy and happy. The pack is 30 pounds and each of them contains very fresh castings and not more than 7 days old.

The worms are raised on a farm by Brut. Unlike other brands, manufacturing is not outsourced, so you can prevent grit, sticks, and other contaminants that do not belong in a luxury worm castings commodity.

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Key Features

  • Long term impact on soil
  • 30 pound bag
  • Not more than a week old
  • Fresh worm castings

4. Worm Gold Plus Best Worm Castings for Cannabis | Bag Size

When it comes to worm castings, worm gold plus is another excellent product that comes into mind. Worm Gold Plus is a fully natural organic fertilizer that is odorless and non-toxic. Its distinctive characteristic is that it outperforms the market in terms of yield growth.

There are some castings that burn the plants, that is why some people do not want to buy the castings. But having the right one you can solve this problem.

These castings really work pretty well and won’t burn the plants for any reason.

You can mix the castings with mixed soil. For example, use composting soil mixed with coconut coir, insect frass and worm gold plus individually in the plants. They will give a wonderful result. This is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

When you are seeding in the garden use the worms, so while growing up the plants can get all the nutrition and minerals. By the growth of the plants, the result will be very much visible.

At the beginning, the price may seem a bit high but if you compare it with the package size and overall quantity you will understand that the price is cheaper than other brands.

Key Features

  • Worms are fresh
  • Nontoxic
  • Does not have a bad odor
  • Ensures yield growth

5. Plantonix Organic Worm Castings | Refund | Organic

Everyone wants to feed their plants with the richest nutrients and minerals, and for having that there are no better worm castings than Plantonix.

Plantonix is a very renowned brand that helps to improve water retention and works as a resistance to harmful pests and diseases.

The worm is fed with100% organic, vegan and non-GMO diet. So it goes without saying that the branded earthworm castings are totally pure, with no fillers or compost added. It also includes beneficial bacteria and fungi that support the roots.

Moreover, the casting contains no harmful chemicals or compost that is bad for the worm’s health and plants. The bag of worms is just like a magic bag that contains nutrient-rich, organically harvested castings in the world.

This can also be a great idea for a gift. If you have any plant lover friends or relatives, get a bag of Plantonix earthworm castings for them, they would be the happiest. This is a must have item for any homeowner who is a plant lover.

Can you say a name that provides a money back guarantee if something unpleasant happens? You can’t remember any, right? But Plantonix gives a refund if you are not satisfied with the product or will give a new product.

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Key Features

  • Money-back guarantee
  • The worms are well feed
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100 percent organic

Things to Consider Before Buying Worm Castings

Best Worm Castings

Worm castings contain compounds that have a direct impact on healthy plant development. Over the course of several years, researchers discovered that worm castings increased seed germination, plant growth, fruit, and flower production.

Castings have decreased the occurrence of some plant diseases. But it is important to buy pure castings that do not include any rocks, sand, soil, and other harmful materials.

From the worm castings reviews, you already know about high-quality worms. Following some buying guides can make the buying experience better and hassle-free.

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Having fresh worms for the plants is important. There are some worm castings available in the market that are more than 1 month old. These kinds of earthworms lose their benefits and become toxic to the environment.

Always try to pick the fresh one. And to know how old these worms are check the level for manufacture date or packaging date. Do not buy a worm bag older than 10 days. Try to go with the brands that provide fresh worms.

Pure Worm Casting

If you are not having the worm castings from the top sellers then there might be some other elements mixed with the worm to increase the weight. Some of the cheap earthworm brands contain soil, sand, rock, and other stuff. These things help to increase the weight and give the manufacturers more profit.

So before buying try to know about the brand properly. You can get help from customer reviews, as the customer provides their honest opinion here.


The quality of the worms depends on several things. Food is one of them. By food we meant, what had been fed to the worms whole raising. Castings’ nature and quality depend on the food it is having

The worms that are fed with a 100% organic, non-GMO diet, and vegan are the best. They are healthy and help the plants to grow and keep them healthy. So if possible, check the nutrition diet of the worms for having the best result.

Package Size

Try to pick the package according to your needs. Because watch worm castings are not suitable for the store. So once you open the bag try to finish it at once. Keeping the worms for a long time will lose its benefits.

There are different sizes of packages available on the market. For little use buy a small size package and for the whole garden buy a large size package.

See This:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

best worm castings for indoor plants

1. Are the earthworms casting good for the plants?

Of course, they are. Putting worms on the soil gives natural nutrition to the plants and helps them to grow.

2. Will the casting decrease the chance of plant disease?

Yes. the high-quality one can. To ensure a healthy plant there is only one solution and that is the best worm castings to buy.

3. How much are these costs?

It depends on the brands you are purchasing. But the price is not too high. So it is better to go for a good brand instead of choosing the cheap one. Because cheap brands contain rock and sand to increase the weight of the bag.

4. How to use worm casting?

Applying the worm is very easy. At the first dig, the soil properly then add the worm to the soil beside the plants.

5. How often should I use worm castings?

In each sheet of compost materials, apply a 1/8- to 1/4-inch layer of earthworm castings. Every two or three months, replenish your bin with new castings.

Final Word

best worm castings for cannabis

To ensure the plants’ growth and health using earthworm casting is essential. Worm castings increase plant growth, seed germination, fruit, and flower production. The best worm castings keep the garden and plants away from every harmful element. Just a handful of worms is enough to increase the nutrition of the plants and fertilize the soil.

Just be careful while buying castings as many brands mix harmful elements to them. So it is better to go for the renowned brand.

Have a Great Planting!

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