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How Much Carpet for 13 Stairs

A stair carpet for stairs is an excellent method to improve the look of the home without having to install a fully fitted carpet. Stair carpet runners can drastically transform a corridor, giving it the facelift it deserves. Carpets are great for stairwells because they provide soft, spongy comfort underfoot. Whether you want to create a bold design statement or want a more understated neutral approach, a carpet is a great option.

Most of the time we buy carpet from the market and set it on our own. If the carpet is for the floor, then it is easy to estimate the total area of the carpet. But in the case of measurement of How Much Carpet for 13 Stairs wants, is a bit difficult. You have to do some math to get the right area of the carpet. Different stairs have different shapes (length and width), so there is no ideal area that a stair requires. By following some steps anyone can easily measure the area. So follow the guidelines.

Important Steps Of How Much Carpet for 13 Stairs

Step 1: Measure the stairs

Measure the stairs

For the very first step you have to measure the stairs using a measurement tape. Go for the stair trade first. A stair tread is the horizontal section of the stair on which you step. Measure from one side of the stair tread to the other using a tape measure. Round the measurement to the nearest foot, then record the width measurement. If you have the normal stairs or most common type of stairs, then it will measure nearly 3 feet.

After measuring add 2 to 4 inches on each side. You have to bend the carpet to make it look  more professional. It’s simple to take a few inches off for a perfect fit, but it’s tough to increase without producing unattractive seams.

You are done measuring the thread of the stairs, now it is time to measure the riser. No need to measure all of the stairs, because all of them are the same size. Place your tape measure at the back border of the tread and measure from front to back. Then, at a 90° angle, bend the tape measure down and continue measuring in the same direction down the riser. Determine the distance between the back of the tread and the base of the stair’s riser. A stair’s riser is the vertical board that lifts each tread over the preceding one.

Step 2: Record the measurements

Record the measurements

Grab a paper and a pen and write down all the necessary measurements that you have been taking. For ease of calculation it is better to round up the measurements, for example, if you got 4.35 feet, make it 4.4 inch. The width of the thread will be multiplied with the riser.

For example, let’s say the stair has a width of 40 in or 101 cm and a height of 20 in or 50 cm. In such circumstances, write it as 40 in x 20 in. Additionally, you can check our review on Carpet For Stairs.

Step 3: Measure the Length

Measure the Length

Measuring carpet for landings is simple: use a tape measure to determine the length and width of the landing. Bend the tape measure and measure the height of the riser exactly beneath it while measuring the width of the landing. Besides, you can choose some Carpet Protector Spray.

Step 4: Multiply the Measurements

Multiply the Measurements

The square footage of a step can be calculated by multiplying the rounded length and width dimensions. The square footage of a step, also known as its area, will provide you the amount of square feet that you’ll need to cover with carpet. If you intend to place carpet padding beneath the carpet on the stairs, increase the total area of the stair before rounding by 3 inches.

Count the total number of stairs and make a note of it. Multiply the square footage of one step by the total number of steps. This is the total area, or square footage, for the carpeted steps. Assume you’ll be carpeting 13 flights of stairs.

Find the landing dimensions you computed before. Multiply the length of the landing by its breadth. This will give you the overall landing area. Add this figure to the total area of the stairs to determine how much carpet you’ll need to buy. Make sure you also check our guide for Carpet Tape For Stair Treads.

Online Calculator

Online Calculator

If you don’t want to take the hassle of calculating all those numbers, there is another solution.  After taking all the measurements you can put those numbers in an online carpet calculator. Yes, there are multiple online calculators available for calculating the total area of carpet. As instructed, put those numbers in the empty field, and click the button “Calculate”. Then the website automatically will run the numbers into some mathematical equation and you will get your desired result. Check out the most essential Review for Carpet Protector.

Add extra to avoid the hassle

Add extra to avoid hassle

When measuring the total area of carpet you might miss out by one or two inch.  So to be on the safe side it is better to add at least 8% to 10% extra while buying the carpet. This will make sure that you have enough carpet to install in the stairs. This will help to avoid any last minute hassle and save your money. Because if you buy carpets that are not enough for covering the whole stairs, then this will be of no use. So it is better to spend little bit more money to add some extra. Don’t forget to check the Paint For Stairs reviews.

Final Words

Final Words

When measuring the total area of carpet you have to keep your brains clear. Because you have to work with a lot of numbers. By following these steps properly you can measure how much carpet for 13 stairs. And carpets are not cheap products so try to buy carpet for the stairs.

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