How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Windex – Easy Guide of 2022




How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Windex

Microfiber couches compliment the furniture and atmosphere of the home so excellently that it is almost hard to pass on it. But once you get a microfiber couch it eventually starts to show that these couches are very easy to stain. And microfiber couches are often used as patio furniture, so the chances of them getting dirty and stained is higher in that case.

A microfiber couch is a couch made up of a material that is popular when it comes to being able to pick up dirt. A microfiber couch may stain easily but if it is cleaned immediately then the stain will not last. However, it is not possible to constantly clean your couch throughout the day.

So when a couch is made up of this material you may have to think about the amount of work you have to put into to keep this couch clean. But you do not have anything to worry about because this article will talk about a fast and easy way to keep your microfiber couch clean.

If your family has kids or pets who love to get on furniture (and especially on couches) we can assure you that no matter how hard you try to keep your microfiber couch clean, a stain will show up.

But we can also assure you that it is not impossible to get these filthy stains off and get your couches looking brand new so that you have a clean slate to decorate however you want!

How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Windex

Clean Your Microfiber Couch with Windex

Removing stains from your couch is only difficult when you are trying the wrong methods.

There are a number of ways to clean your microfiber couch. But out of all of them, there is a method of using just one product that will make your couch look spotless. And that product is a glass cleaner from an American brand called Windex. Get a good quality L Shaped Sofa Top 5 picks.


The only other thing that you will need to clean your couch with Windex is a scrubby brush. You may also use gloves if needed.

If the surface is too dirty and stained you will need to lightly saturate the whole area. But usually a spritz (or two) of Windex will just about do the trick.

Right after saturating the area you need to take your brush and start scrubbing in a circular motion as you would do with your dishes. All the dirt and food and stains will come right off.

Once the stain has come off, let the area air dry. You may use a hairdryer if you’re in a hurry.

However, don’t be alarmed when you see brush marks on the cushions. It will go away once you start sitting on it and using it again. Top 5 Coffee Table with Sectional An expert reviews and buying guide.


When you are brushing in circular motions, move in one direction because. Otherwise you may scratch the surface of the fabric and thus your couch will look stained.

Also be sure to saturate the whole area if you don’t want water spots showing up. So, when dampening the couch, be sure to soak the whole surface including the parts which are not stained. Or else, new stains will show up while trying to clean the old ones.

However, make sure to not overly soak the area!

Be sure to check your tags of the couch whether it has the letter S, W or S-W. This is because S refers to solvent based cleaner and W refers to water based cleaner. So look out for the couches that has the letter S on the tag because a water based cleaner will not work on them. Windex will work just fine for the couches with the tag. Top 5 Modern Coffee Table for your home – Buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

microfiber couch cleaner with Windex

Are Windex bottles recyclable?

Yes, Windex bottles are recyclable. These bottles are manufactured with a material which is a 100% post recyclable material. If you look at the bottom of the bottle you will see a symbol which indicates that it is very much reusable. So remember to recycle it!

What are the ingredients that can be found in a Windex glass cleaner?

A Windex glass cleaner usually comprises of solvents, detergents, fragrance and so on. However, some cleaners may contain ammonia.

Is Windex harmful?

Yes, if you are using the ones which contain ammonia. As mentioned above, there are several Windex products that do not contain ammonia in them. You can use them without any issue and continue to maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere in your house.

Is Windex flammable?

The old formula which was used to create the liquid of Windex had ingredients which were highly flammable. But recently, Windex has taken steps to make their product more environment friendly and healthier for homes.

Will using Windex harm my microfiber couch?

Windex will not harm your microfiber couch if you use it in right amount. Do not completely soak your cushions otherwise stains will appear on the surface.

Also, if you are using a Windex product with ammonia, the fabric will bleach out if you let it sit for too long.

Is Windex toxic for dogs?

Glass cleaners are generally toxic for dogs. Glass cleaners typically contain ammonia, bleach, phenol, chlorine, isopropyl alcohol and formaldehyde which are incredibly harmful for dogs. So be sure to check the ingredients before you buy your Windex product if you have any dogs in your house.

Otherwise, you can try to train your dogs to keep away from furnitures that you clean with Windex.


Final Thoughts

clean your microfiber couch

The cleaning process may seem exhausting but don’t let it stop you from buying a microfiber couch to lighten up your home. If you follow the instructions in this article you will definitely be able to keep your microfiber couch looking as good as new!

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