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How to Fix a Light Switch that is Stuck

“My bedroom light switch became jammed after being turned on and cannot be turned off”, “my room’s switch is stuck and it is not turning off or on” these are the very common types of complaints that we get to hear every now and then. This can be caused for various reasons. And knowing exactly what the reason is the most important part, then according to the problem the issues can be fixed easily.

A stuck switch could be the reason for the inability to turn on or off any of your Touch Plate system’s lights.

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Why Does the Switch Get Stuck?

Why Does the Switch Get Stuck

A switch is a mechanical device with moving parts that receive thousands of uses over its lifetime, so it’s no wonder that switches eventually wear down and fail. The first symptom of problems is when the switch begins to behave abnormally in any way.

Switches can become stuck in a variety of ways. Either the switch is physically jammed or the contacts have fused together. When this happens, the transverter continues to send current via the last relay that was turned on or off, preventing it from switching any of the other relays.

A loose connection or a tripped wall outlet on the same circuit could be the source of the problem. Before you begin working with the light switch, you must first turn it off. Remove the cover plate and unscrew the switch once you’re certain the breaker is turned off. If you still don’t get a reading, you can handle the swap.

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Ways of Fixing a Light Switch that is Stuck

Ways of Fixing a Light Switch that is Stuck

Step 1: To find out the core issue you have to check some points. And those are given below

Check if the transverter is working right: If you find the wall light switches are faulty, check the transverter power supply to ensure that the correct voltage is being output. Check the transverter by heading to the relay panel where your system’s transverter is located.

You have a stuck switch if the transverter feels warm or heated to the touch. The case can be a jammed switch that keeps the circuit closed, and the transverter has reduced its voltage output to avoid burning the relay coil. As a result, the stuck light switch will need to be replaced or repaired.

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Step 2: determine which switch is stuck on the board

To locate the relay with the jammed switch, at the beginning detach the switch common wire on the transformer’s low voltage side. Remove the nut and separate the wire bundle from the switches. Tap the wires from the switches one at a time to the transverter’s “switch” wire in a systematic manner. When you touch the wires together, one of the lights should switch on and off. When the common wire containing the trapped load is touched by the transverter, the relay will click. If the connection at the transverter was not broken for too long, the relay should be warm or hot when you find it. If you detach this relay on its low voltage side, the system should be freed up and you should be able to manage the remainder of the lights.

Step 3: get the faulty switch disconnected

Disconnect the faulty switch or switches that control the stuck on or off the light. When disconnecting switches, make sure the resulting bare wire ends do not contact.

Step 4: Restore the power to the light switch

Connect all of the low voltage common wires to the transverter’s switch wire after unplugging any troublesome switches. As long as the wires are connected, no relay clicking sounds should be heard. In simple words, you have to do exactly the opposite from what you have done at step 2.

Once a stuck switch has been removed from the system, it is critical to confirm that the transverter is still producing the correct voltage. Using a voltage meter, check the transverter output. A well operating system requires a minimum output of 28.5 VDC. If the transverter reads a lower output, it should be replaced. If the output voltage ranges between 0.1 and 5.0 VDC, the stuck switch was not correctly located and removed.

How to Fix Broken Light Switch | Easy Repair

Final Words

It is not safe at all to use a stuck switch, even if only one switch from the board is faulty it is necessary to take an immediate action. There are a lot of people who think this task is difficult and risky to do. But it is not true, following the precautions and those easy steps anyone can solve this issue. Hope you find this article helpful and now you are ready to fix a light switch that is stuck. Best of luck!

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