How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet?




How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

Making and playing with slime is undoubtedly fun. Nevertheless, it is not fun to have oobleck stick to your carpet.

The homemade oobleck has cornstarch in it and tends to stain fabric. Once the cornstarch dries out, it might get difficult to take it off.

The dye can come in the way as well. Things might seem to go out of hand by now.

But don’t worry! We have got you with a solution. The first step will be to scoop off as much goop as you can. Although the upcoming steps will take some time, the effort is rewarding.

You can take off the cornstarch in several ways. In this article, we will share expert techniques of how to get cornstarch out of carpet.

Continue reading to know the cleaning methods and find what works out for you.

Wet Method of How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

Wet Method of How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

For the wet method, you will need a few things and a bit of labor. This method is somewhat a blotting method. In the upcoming steps, we will break down the wet procedure to treat cornstarch over the carpet.

Step 1:

In this step, we will make a cleaning solution. Grab a bowl, some vinegar, and water. In the bowl, mix equal quantities of vinegar and water.

But as it turns out, many of us have a picky nose. The harsh vinegary smell is not adaptable for everyone. In such cases, you can go for a 1:4 ratio for vinegar and water mixture. That will work just fine. Get a good quality Carpet Protector Spray Top 5 picks.

Step 2:

When the mixture is ready, pour the required amount over the spot. You can use a spray bottle here as well. Take a soft bristle brush and rub it over the carpet.

The target here is to take off most of the goop out of the moist carpet. Being gentle is the key here. Harsh scrubbing may damage the carpet fibers. Top 5 Carpet For Stairs An expert reviews and buying guide.

Step 3:

Take a towel and soak it in the vinegar solution. Now use the towel to blot the cornstarch off the carpet. But here is the thing, the stain will take a while to come off. You will need to keep your cool here. A  little patience will take you a long way. Top 5 Cleaner For Dog Poop On Carpet for your home – Buying guide.

Step 4:

Once the cornstarch is all gone, you can leave the area to dry. We recommend not fussing with a hairdryer. Let the carpet sit and air dry. It will take an hour or two.

The remaining bits of oobleck should be visible by now. So, take a brush to rub off the residue.

Step 5:

The last and final task is to vacuum clean the entire carpet. That way, any dry bits of cornstarch will come off. Likewise, vacuum cleaning will restore the fullness of your carpet.

If you are worried about the stains from the oobleck, the wet method won’t give you a hard time dealing with it. For rigid stains, cleaning solvents is the easy way out.

Dry Method of How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

Dry Method of How to Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

As insane it might appear, this step requires the oobleck to dry out on the carpet. Once the cornstarch is partly dry, you can take a brush to loosen up the fibers.

When there are no remaining wet spots, use a vacuum cleaner to take off any dry cornstarch bits.

Simple, right? But that’s just part of the story. Letting the oobleck dry on the carpet can be intimidating. We understand your concern. All we have to say is to trust in the process.

Even though a wet vacuum may appear to be an easy solution, we don’t recommend that. Cornstarch tends to stick to surfaces. The oobleck can end up clogging your pipe. Nobody wants to end up risking your vacuum cleaner, right?

Nevertheless, oobleck often has food coloring in it. How to tackle that?

Well, we have a solution for that as well! The process can get challenging depending on the amount of food color in the oobleck.

The dry method can deal with a little stain. However, we recommend opting for the wet method for firm stains. You can opt for professional help as well.

Should I Call for Professional Help?

Plain oobleck is nothing hard to tackle. After all, it is plain water and cornstarch mixture. Cleaning it in a dry or wet method is nothing of labor intensive. The only thing you need is a little time.

However, things get a little dicey when there is food dye. Home remedies can beat up when the fibers soak up the food dye.

But there is nothing much to worry about. Before you panic, we recommend trying out the dry and wet cleaning method. The next step will be to give the cleaning solution a shot.

If none of these methods work out, you can seek out professional help. However, it is not pocket friendly. That is the sole reason we don’t recommend consultancy for this simple task.

Nonetheless, many of us are not confident enough to deal with your fancy carpet. In such instances, professional help is worth the bucks.

Henceforth, look out for the intensity of the stain and your competence in cleaning. You can decide for professional help hereafter.

Final Words

Get Cornstarch Out of Carpet

Accidents may happen every now and then. With necessary tools at arm’s reach, dealing with cornstarch won’t be difficult.

Cornstarch can be sticky but not rigid. As mentioned earlier, keep your cool and have some time in hand. With little toil, you can take off the cornstarch from your carpet. Be aware of brushing the carpet and it will work just fine.

Good luck!

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