How to Hide LED Light Strips on Ceiling




How to Hide LED Light Strips on Ceiling

LED lights are the most affordable items to illuminate the home, office, playground, and other places. These lights indeed enhance the beauty of the room, this can bring life to any space. But if the strips of the lights can be seen from outside this won’t look good, even the strips sometimes ruin the beauty.

But by properly fixing the lights and installing them, you can easily hide the extra parts. In most cases, the strip of LED lights is half an inch wide, and the length depends on the need of the user.

Steps of Hiding LED Light Strips on Ceiling

Step 1: Measure the Desired Surface to Set the LED Lights

Measure the desired surface to set the LED lights

With a ruler or tape, you can easily estimate the length of the lights that are going to be needed. If the surface is straight then it is easy to measure, but if the object is square or rectangular, it would be easier to start measuring from a corner. And for circular objects, you can take the help of others to keep the measuring tape in the right place and can start measuring from anywhere. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the light for living room.

Step 2: Cut the Lights and Locate Power Outlets

Cut the lights and Locate power outlets

After taking the measurements, cut the strips using scissors. And as the lights have to be plugged, select a power outlet. And if there are no outlets, then use an extension cord. Checking the lighting for kitchen will be helpful as well.

Step 3: Peel Off the Sticker

Peel off the sticker

A thin plastic coating protects the adhesive side of your LED strip. Remove the plastic backing from the strip when you’re ready to install it. Your strip’s adhesive side should be totally exposed.

If you are working with long strips there is a chance that the glue will stick to other objects. It’s easier to work with extended stretches of LED strips if the adhesive backing is gradually removed. For more suggestions, you can read about lighting for paintings.

Step 4: Set the lights on the Desired Surface and Secure the Strips to Corners

Set the lights on the desired surface and secure the strips to corners

Simply place the strip on top of your object or surface and smooth it out with your fingertips to ensure complete adhesion. Stick the LED strips to one side of the surface. Then pinch the LED strip in the corner on both sides to secure it. Additionally, you can check our review on track lighting for art gallery.

Step 5: Connect to the Connector

Connect to the connector

At the end of the strips, you will get a small and square-shaped connector piece, this is to connect the LED with the controller box. There is an arrow that shows how to connect them. So by following the arrows you can connect the strips. And then finally connect the controller box with the power outlets. Now with the remote anyone can turn the lights on and off.

But for different places, like for setting it on the drop ceiling or bookshelf or kitchen, we have to follow some different rules to completely hide the strips. Let’s have a look. Besides, you can choose some rope lights for crown molding.

How We Can Hide the Strips in Different Places?

Drop Ceiling

Drop Ceiling

The LED lights can be adjusted in two ways, vertically and horizontally. For setting it horizontally the lights face upwards and when it faces vertically the position of the light is sideways. No matter what the position is, the user has to make sure to place the light behind a lip at the drop edge. The lip should be higher at least by 15mm than the LED tape. Make sure you also check our guide for night light projector.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

When we are mounting the strips on the kitchen cabinet, it is placed horizontally. It is important to make sure the lights are too close to the lip. In the absence of a lip, the LED strip should be installed deep enough into the under a cabinet.

If you place your LED tape too close to a wall, you’ll get lighting-dotting. If at all possible, place the LEDs behind a lip to conceal the LED light source. Reflections can be created by shining LED strip lights over reflecting floor tiles, which can be less appealing than a smooth wash appearance. Finally, Stick the tape under a lip at the front edge of the kitchen cabinet for maximum impact. Check out the most essential Review for landscape light connectors.

Plastic Molding

Plastic Molding

It is difficult to place a LED light ulcer on the plastic molding because the corner edges of the plastic mold leave a space between the strips that run to the ground. So at the beginning cut the wooden tray to fit the wall in the wooden tray case. To avoid unintentional drilling while wall installation, pre-drill the molds. Pass the LED light strip from both ends after mounting the mold to the wall.



Compared to other places, placing the LED strip lights under the table is easy. Anyone can do this with a glass or a hardwood table. Both will produce a luminous effect very nicely. Underneath hardwood tables, the LED strips are better hidden. If the table is small in size then turn the table upside down so then you can see everything clearly where you are putting the lights. And if this is not possible then take a battery light with you and tilt the head a little, and you are ready to place the lights properly.

Final Words

Here we have showed you every step of installing the LED lights to hide the strips very precisely. We all know the basic way to set alight, lights, and finally carefully put it on the location. So by carefully following those steps anyone will be able to fix it. You can also check lighting for display cases from our list.

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