17 Most Important Steps of How to Make a Lift Top Coffee Table in 2022




How to Make a Lift Top Coffee Table

There is hardly anyone who does not like a hot cup of coffee. And who would not prefer to ensure comfort while enjoying such warmth? That is where a lift top coffee table comes to play.

A lift top coffee table can be an ergonomic addition to your L-shaped sofa arrangement. The best part about using a lift top table is the scopes of adjustments that come with it. You can customize the height of the table as per the call for the moment.

The table is storage-friendly and easy to clean. Plus, it can double up as your center table as well! However, getting a furnished table can get expensive at times.

But who needs to buy a table when you can customize it on a budget?

Although the procedure may seem taxing, it is not that difficult. You can get the entire setup done within an hour or two.

If you find the manuals bewildering to follow, don’t be fret! We are here to help you out.

In this article, we will help you to set up a lift top coffee table. Let’s get started!

17 Most Important Steps of How to Make a Lift Top Coffee Table

Steps of How to Make a Lift Top Coffee Table

We have tried to provide you with a generalized version of the entire procedure. However, you might require some customization to match your taste.

Before starting the project, you will need to take out your toolbox from the shelf. You might also need to get some extra nails from the hardware store. And with that, you are ready to begin with the project.

1. Cutting the Aluminum Tube

We will begin with cutting the rods for the legs of the table. And for that, we prefer aluminum rods. The reason being aluminum rods are sturdy yet pliable for DIY projects.

Get yourself some aluminum tubes of  ¾ inches and slit to the required lengths. A woodwork saw will work just fine for the job.

2. Filling the Tube

To get an accurate adjustment for the brazing material, you will need to file the ends of the rods. That will help in smoothening the edges as well.

For that, we will need sandpaper to even out the edges of the tube. We recommend doing the task in bright light. Elsewise, there are chances to get cuts from the rod tube.

3. Cleaning the Edge of the Tube

Before moving on to the welding procedure, it is imperative to clean up any dust from the filling. You can use a small brush to remove small particles from the tube. A toothbrush will work just fine here. You may also like some of the Modern Coffee Table from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

4. Patching the edges of the Aluminum

You might need a hand to get through this step. Hold the rod in the desired position and use a propane torch to heat the joint.

However, there is a gap between the melting point of the rod and the brazing material. Therefore, you need to maintain the temperature so that the rods join without damaging the brazing.

To do that, we recommend heating the rod first. Insert the wire when the rods are partly attached. And finish up with some additional torching.

5. Sanding, Priming and Painting the Stand

And now comes the fun part of painting the rods. Sand the rods, use a primer, and paint it with a plain black color.

6. Cutting the Plywood

When the paint is drying, let’s work with the woods for now. Take out the plywood and trim the length and width as per necessity.

7. Cross-Cutting the Plywood Slab

After trimming the slab, you might need to do some cross-cutting. Nevertheless, there are possibilities of tear-out on the slab while doing that.

However, covering the slab with painters tape can solve the issue.

8. Ripping Thin Strips for Banding

You will need some thin wooden strips to seal the open ends of the slab. For that, you need to take out some ¾ inch walnut strips.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cutting the stips, you can use the packaged band strips for the task. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Dining Table Set.

9. Banding the Edge

Take out the glue and spread it on the open edges of the slab. Now fix the strips on the edges of the slab.

10. Attaching the Panels

You can use blue tapes to get an idea about the slab placement. After that, carefully squeeze out the glue on the panels. Don’t forget to use painters tape to prevent the glue from spilling. Let the glue dry for a bit.

11. Adding the Nails

You can now flip over the table and check if the table holds up its shape. To avoid any collapsing, you can use some screws here. Adding glue earlier helps in order nail placement.

12. Adding Accents

This step is optional. If you want to add some accent pieces to your lift top table, you can do it here. Use glue to attach the accents in place.

13. Attaching the legs

To get an ergonomic leg placement, create holes before attaching the nails.

14. Installing the Rockler Lift-top Mechanism

And here comes the core part of the table- the Rockler Lift-top. You will need some nails and a hammer to install the lift top in place.

15. Screw on the Lift Top

Now, place the wooden slab on top of the installation and clamp it in place.

16. Finish With Polyurethane and Boiled Linseed Oil

For burnish, use a few layers of Polyurethane and Linseed oil over the wood. If you are having a tough time cleaning your wooden furniture, you can find our take on that.

17. Attaching the Feet Bumpers

Flip the table and finish off by attaching rubber bumpers to the aluminum legs. And you are done!

How to Build a Lift Top Coffee Table

Final Words

Final Words

Lift top coffee tables make a scrupulous add-on to your living room. Building this DIY project can be an engaging task for the upcoming weekend. The process might appear to fall apart at times but hang there. The finished result is rewarding for the toil.

Don’t forget to share your experience and suggestions with us. The procedure may get easier with your help!

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