How to Make Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy in 2022




How to Make Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy

The days are changing. Now people are more concerned and worried about the environment. They want to use eco-friendly alternatives. As we know resin has recently become very popular, this gives a very good shine to the glitter and lets the glitters set in the right place. But these are not eco-friendly also using resin takes a lot of works

But there are some new ways to make shiny tumblers without epoxy which are sustainable and convenient. And the good news is you can make your own eco-friendly Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy easily. And besides, if you are afraid of resin then the way we are showing would be the right way to make the glitter tumblers.

Steps of How to Make Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy

Steps of How to Make Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy

Here is what you need to make the magic happen.

Step 1: Collect Materials

Collect Materials

In the beginning, it is important to collect all the necessary equipment that will be needed during the process. This way the process will be more organized and hassle-free.

  1. Stainless steel tumbler: which can use any size and shape according to the preference.
  2. Glitter that will be used on the tumbler. This can be one of several types of glitters. Pick the glitters for tumblers for a good result.
  3. Spray Paint: to cover the tumbler first it is necessary to have spray paint.
  4.  Brush: to paint the tumbler and to apply glue a paintbrush will be needed
  5. Glitter glue: to reduce the number of layers
  6. Sandpaper: to make the surface smooth

Once all those items are collected, you are ready to go.

Step 2: Tape the Bottom

Tape the Bottom

The first thing to do is to take up the areas that you don’t want to paint. Especially the bottom and the top part of the tumblers are not usually covered with glitter.  take any kind of date that doesn’t leave any group after peeling it off.  then by carefully maintaining the line use the tape on the parts. Besides, you can choose some vinyl for tumblers.

Step 3: Paint


Now it’s time to paint the bottle. For doing so you have to go into open space. It would be great if the bottle can be painted in the year. Keep the tumbler on paper, hold the container color away from the bottle and spray it. Make sure every area of the bottle is tumbler equally.

Now the tumbler needs to be dry properly. Try to keep it under the sun until it dries completely. Once the paint is dried, take the bottle inside the room. Additionally, you can check our review on silicone for mold making.

Step 4: Add Some Glue

Add Some Glue

Time to add glue to the bottle. Take a painting brush that is soft and with which the glue can be easily applied. Pour the glue in a small glass or a bowl, take the brush, dip it into the glue, remove excess glue from the brush, and then apply the Glue on the tumbler. It is better to do this part quickly because the user has to make sure the glue doesn’t get dry before applying the glitters

Step 5: Applying the Glue

Applying the Glue

Finally comes the most awaited part which is applying the glitter on the top of the container. As the tumbler is covered with glue now it is ready to have glitters all over it. Take the lead of the container and slowly start dumping them on the bottle. Remember you have to rotate the tumbler as pouring the glitter. That is how the glitters will be placed evenly.

Try to do the whole process on paper or a plate to reduce wastage. So that the excess glitters can be saved for later use.

Step 6: Another Coat

Another Coat

See if you are satisfied with the first coat. There is no need of applying another layer of glitters if it is done properly at the first attempt. But for applying to another layer of glitters you have to apply the glue again and follow the rest of the process that has been instructed before. Before applying another coat make sure that the previous layer of glitter is completely dried up. It is better to apply one coat of glitter to have a smooth finish

Step 7: Sanding


As no resin or epoxy has been used for applying the glitters so the outer layer of the glitter would be uneven. And that uneven part will not feel comfortable in the hand. Therefore take sanding paper and gently scrub on it. Now it’s all ready to use.

So by following those seven easy steps anyone can have amazing Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy

Final Words

Glitters are a great way to make the tumblers look attractive without using resin. This is a very common question about How to Make Glitter Tumblers without Epoxy. Some people think it is not possible. But this is wrong information, even without the resin, it is possible to have a shiny tumbler. Just by following some steps, anyone can have a mesmerizing outcome. So what you are waiting for, give the tumbler a go and show all the creativity on it.

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