How to Paint Countertops to Look like Quartz – Easy Tips for Newbie and Experts




How to Paint Countertops to Look like Quartz

A polished and eccentric countertop contributes to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Among many options, quartz has climbed to the top of popularity in recent times.

There is no doubt about the aesthetic appeal and durability of a quartz countertop. However, getting the installation done by a professional is not an economic way out.

On that account, painting the countertop to look like quartz can be the best possible alternative.

And who needs to hire an expert when you can do the task following a few simple steps. If you are worried about finding the in order procedure, don’t be fret.

We will be focusing on guiding you through the procedure of painting countertops to look like quartz. And it will not dig a hole in your pocket. Let’s begin then!

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Things You Will Need to Paint Countertops

Things You Will Need to Paint Countertops

Painting can get messy and convoluted at times. So, keeping the kit organized will help you in finding everything within your hand’s reach.

To paint your countertop like quartz, you will need to pick a color that merges with your kitchen. If you are doing it for the first time, we will suggest you look around the market. Checking and comparing the options makes the choice of color easier.

Besides, you will need a dark color primer (preferably black or gray), metallic-colored acrylic paints in pearl white and different hues, and a water based Polyurethane.

You will also need a roller with a smooth surface and two sponges- one for crafting and the other for painting.

Elsewise, you can go for an organized refinishing kit. The kit might cost a little higher, but it cuts off the labor. The choice is yours.

Last but not least, you can use a plastic mat to cover the floor to avoid mess.

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Steps of How to Paint Countertops to Look like Quartz

Steps to Paint Countertops to Look like Quartz

After gathering all the appliances, you are now ready to paint your countertop. To make the instruction easy to follow, we have divided the procedure into multiple steps.

So, get your tools sorted, and let’s begin!

Step 1:

Firstly, get everything out from the countertop. Leaving food or any cutleries on the spot may form stains and contaminate the food.

Thence, remove all the food and appliances from the counter and proceed with the task. Struggling to remove paint from a glass without a razor? Then have a look to know the easy way out for this job.

Step 2:

The next step will be to get rid of all the dirt, and grease from the counter. For that, thoroughly scrub the surface with a Brillo pad. Rinse off the surface with plenty of water to assure that there is no residual soap.

While picking up a cleanser, opt for milder ones. Any harsh cleanser can disturb the surface adhering process.

Step 3:

Now let’s focus on preparing the countertop for upcoming chores. To avoid any color spillage, we recommend marking the area.

Take out a masking tape and cover the adjacent walls and cabinets. Do not leave the sink uncovered!

If there is any space where you can drop your paint, cover that with plastic sheets.  Also, pull out the stove and wrap it up using plastic. You can check out our picks for Paint For Stairs as well.

Step 4:

It is now time to apply primer on the surface. You can use a roller sponge to get even distribution of the primer.

Work in small sections while applying the primer. Try to make the layers as even and thin as possible. Don’t leave the corners!

You can go for multiple coats if necessary. However, allow the existing layer to dry for a few seconds and then go for another layer. Once you are done covering the entire surface with primer, leave it for at least six hours to dry completely. If you are looking for the Mirror Spray Paint, you can find the recommendations here.

Step 5:

Once the primer is dry, you can now paint the countertop. Take a sponge and use it to spread the white color on the surface. The pattern does not require to be even but should resemble a granite finish.

After you are done with the white, go over with an acrylic close to your primer. Don’t get overboard with the color. That might make the surface appear chaotic.

You can always go back and sponge on more primer to add further depth. Adding gold or silver dots here and there will create a realistic look. You might consider checking out the Wall Painting for Bedroom to use here.

Step 6:

Among all the steps, this is going to be the most intricate one.

Applying a topcoat might seem easy, but doing that with zero streaks is almost impossible. However, using a sponge roller can reduce the number of streaks.

The trick here is to move fast and avoid rolling back over and over again. To avoid any bubble formations, you can sand the surface after applying each coat.

Add three coats on the top, and pause for two to four hours before applying another coat. If you want to know the ways to protect laminate flooring from dog urine, click here.

Step 7:

Leave the paint to dry for at least a day. Now get rid of the painter’s tape. You can use a knife to trim the sides of the tape. That way, you won’t remove any paint accidentally.

The next step is, to begin with, the cleaning. Wipe off any color splits with a magic eraser. Clean up the surface and you are all done!

And with that, you have created an eccentric countertop to look like quartz. You surely deserve a pat on your back now!

How To Paint Countertops Easy DIY Painting Countertops Amazing Transformation

Final Words

Final Words

The countertop will take a few weeks to cure completely. In the meantime, you can use the counter if necessary. But be careful while working on the surface.

If any liquid spills on the counter, clean up immediately. Treating the counters sensibly for a few weeks guarantees longevity.

We won’t claim the task to be easygoing. It can often get messy and demands a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, a weekend of work will reward you with a mesmerizing quartz countertop. That too, without breaking the bank!

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