How to Paint Stairs Without Sanding – Easy Method Explained in 2022




How to Paint Stairs Without Sanding

After several years of using the stairs, the color becomes dull and the stairs leave blotchy marks that are not pleasant to the eyes at all. Stairs in the heart of the house, the overall look, and impression of the house depending on the stairs as well. So as soon as you notice any dullness on the stairs, you have to understand it is time to repaint it.

But most people try to avoid sanding because they are afraid of sanding. But you can still paint without sanding and that too with a very smooth finishing. So if you have come with ugly marks on the stairs then don’t worry, we are here to show you the simplest way to paint stairs without sanding.

The Process of Painting Stairs without Sanding

The Process of Painting Stairs without Sanding

The following section describes each step very precisely. We try to make sure the process is very easy-going for the reader and without any hassle and confusion you can paint.

Step 1: Clean the Stairs

Clean the Stairs

To begin with the process the first thing to do is to remove the carpets if there are any and clean the stairs properly. The cleaner the stairs, the more properly the paint will set on the surface. Sanding is not necessary but it is important to clean the surface properly with sufficient pressure. There are a lot of wood cleaners in the market, and those are cheap as well. So pick any one of them. It’s as simple as spraying some on the surface and wiping it clean with a dry towel. If used appropriately, the cleaner will remove the accumulated dust or filth. After you’ve properly cleansed the area, make sure to blot it dry. Make sure you are using a cloth to remove the marks. You would appreciate having some of the paint for adirondack chairs, so take a moment to check them out.

Step 2: Light Scuff

Light Scuff

This step is not sanding, it is just scuffing the stairs with sandpaper a little. This will help to reduce uneven surfaces without harming the material or damaging the wood. Mild scuffing with sandpaper to help the paint adhere to the stairwell. However, unlike other methods, you won’t have to sand the surface over and over again. You can softly scratch the surface with medium-grit sandpaper here. This is a one-time job and like sanding you don’t need to go through the surface more than once.

Step 3: Get rid of the Dust

Get rid of the Dust

After cleaning and scuffing the stairs, it is time to get rid of the dust on the stairs. You can use a wipe, a cloth, or anything to remove those. Just make sure the stairs are clean and dust-free. This step will ensure that the surface of your hardwood steps is as clean as possible, with a stunning finish.

To guarantee complete cleaning of the wood, use a damp piece of cloth followed by cloth before applying the final stain. You may also like some of the primer for laminate cabinets from our list.

Step 4: Tape the Sides of the Stairs

Tape the Sides of the Stairs

It is time to tape the sides of the stair using the tape so then the plane does not cover any area that you do not want to paint. You will undoubtedly get paint splashes on the sides of the steps, no matter how careful you are. This is just to be in the safe zone and complete the work done as quickly it is important to tape the edges. For more must-have products for you, check out our selection of the finish for exterior wood door.

Step 5: Select and Prepare the Color

Select and Prepare the Color

By now you must have selected the color that you want to apply. Get your hands on the stain and finishing oil, then use a stirring stick to give it a good spin. Don’t shake the bottle, and make sure there aren’t any bubbles. Now take a brush which is available in the market. Try to select the paint for stairs to repaint.

Step 6: Apply the Color

Apply the Color

Now it is time to paint the stairs. Always remember to keep the color box on a cloth to avoid mess. Depending on how opaque you want the stain to be, you may either leave it alone or use your lint-free rag to wipe back the stain until you obtain the color you desire. The longer you leave it before cleaning away the stain, the more of it will remain.

The stain should be applied in the same direction as the grain. Otherwise, the paint won’t give a good finish. Don’t forget to check the wood finish for outdoors reviews.

Step 7: Let the Paint Dry

Let the Paint Dry

Once the stairs are covered with paints, now it needs to be set. You can reapply the paint if you want it to be darker. But only reapply the paint once it is fully dried. Now if you are satisfied with the color, the work is done. Try not to use the stairs for at least 24 hours. So the job is done and this is how anyone can get an amazing finish without sanding. Check out the most essential Review for mirror spray paint.

Step 8: Remove the Tape

Remove the Tape

Don’t forget to remove the tape. As the paint is dried up, you can step on the stairs and remove the tape. Try to do the job carefully and make sure the tape does not get stuck with the stairs and the paint is still new. Make sure you also check our guide for paint for interior wood stairs.

Final Words

Painting Stairs Without Sanding is a very fun job to do. It feels good when you can refurnish the home with your own hand. By following the steps you will get an amazing finish and the desired color. So using the methods that are presented above would be very helpful if it is followed properly.

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