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How to Protect Laminate Flooring from Dog Urine

With a solid look and easy installation, laminate flooring is commonly used in many households. The affordability makes this flooring a great alternative to wooden ones.

However, this flooring has some drawbacks as well. Laminates are prone to scratches. Moreover, the flooring easily gets spoiled in contact with water.

As laminate flooring tends to get scratches and stains easily, taking care of it can get tiresome at times. And having a pet dog can make the task even more demanding.

Dealing with pet urine can get challenging, especially with a laminate on the floor. The reason is the tendency of laminate to soak up any liquid. That way, the odor lingers in the household for a long time.

From puppies to adult dogs, dog owners are quite familiar with cases of urine incontinence. Even with accurate training and litter inside the home, urine spillage can happen now and then.

If left untreated, the smell and stain can get unpleasant over time.

But don’t be fret! We have an all-round guideline to protect your laminate flooring from dog urine. Let’s check them out!

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Will Dog Urine Damage the Laminate Flooring?

Will Dog Urine Damage the Laminate Flooring?

Yes. If left out for long, the urine may get absorbed in the floor and difficult to clean. On that account, chances are to end up with the urine stench.

The only effective way to deal with the situation is consistent training. If you are having a puppy around, you must train the pupper in a systematic pattern.

Follow a similar timing to take your puppy out for potty and pee. Dogs are smart enough to pick up habits easily. Maintaining consistent timing will help them in building up a routine.

Until your pet picks up the routine, keep an alternative option. Use litter and washable pee pads in a corner of the home. While many might recommend disposable pads, we suggest getting reusable ones. To have in-depth knowledge about carpeting stairs, you can click here.

We understand the procedure can get tiring at times, but be patient. The training is worth the effort. After all, they are a part of your family, and family deserves the effort, right?

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Steps to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing on the Laminate

Steps to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing on the Laminate

As mentioned earlier, there is no alternative to regular training. Here a few steps you can follow to protect your fancy flooring from dog urine-

  1. Practice peeing in regular yet consistent intervals
  2. Train the dog to go outside at all times
  3. Reward the pup as soon as he does it right
  4. Seal the joints of the laminate
  5. Use a coat of polyurethane over the laminate floor

Getting the Right Pads

Instead of dumping a hundred pee pads, get a few washable ones. These pee cleaning pads are an economic and sustainable pick for long-term use.

After every use, you can clean up the pad by simply using some borax. And if you have a busy schedule and cannot manage regular washing, we have a solution for you as well.

Sprinkle some baking soda and cleaner over the pee pad. Wrap it with plastic and throw it in your laundry bag. Your nose will thank you for sure!

If your dog gets to live a healthy life, you might need these pads again when they are old. So clean and preserve them well!

Ways to Get Rid of the Urine Stains and Odor

You can take a hundred precautions, but mishaps may occur. For that, you need to know the ways to urine remove stains from the laminate.

The different situation demands different actions. You will need to act as per the duration and intensity of the stain.

Cleaning off the fresh stains is not demanding. You can wipe off the urine and clean the place with any floor cleaner. That will get the job done.

Nonetheless, such is not the case with older urine stains. Apart from a cleaner and a mop, you will need to get baking soda.

Once you wipe off the urine, sprinkle some baking soda on the floor. Use a toothbrush for further cleaning. Avoid scrubbing, and go with gentle strokes.

You might need to deal with the lingering odor as well. After cleaning off the space, make sure to spray some vinegar and blow-dry the area with minimum heat. Keep an eye on the heat so that it does not harm the flooring.

Prevention is the Key

Even after in order training, your pet might not run out to pee. On that account, taking a few precautionary steps is important.

Keeping alternative urinating options inside the home can be helpful to some extent. You can place pet pads on the door to tackle such emergencies. We prefer reusable pads over disposable ones for environmental concerns. Moreover, reusable pads are an economic pick as well.

Nevertheless, training helps your dog more than anything else.

Procedure to Remove Dog Urine from Laminate Floors with Enzyme Cleaner

Final Words

Final Words

No doubt that dog pee may damage the laminated floor. The key to addressing this issue is instantaneous action. Even if you are not able to catch up instantly, take out the mop as soon as it catches your attention.

Apart from the stain and odor issues, it is more of a hygiene concern. No one will like to have their pet’s urine lying on the floor. It can get uncomfortable for all.

A few steps to clean up the space will get rid of the trouble effectively. We hope our guidelines helped you in making the cleaning procedure easier. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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