How to Seal Kitchen Sink to Granite in 2022




How to Seal Kitchen Sink to Granite

There is nothing to lose to learn some basic day to day skills to become more independent. Many times we have to call carpenters for simple work, for example for sealing the kitchen sink to granite. While this can be done following some easy steps.

Knowing how to seal kitchen sink to granite is a very simple process and easier than you think. Then why need to spend money and time by hiring professionals? Here we will present a guide in a very simple way and every step will be described very well. Hopefully the guide will help you to know all the basic concepts.

Importance of Sealing kitchen Seal

Importance of Sealing kitchen Seal

Before learning the process of how to seal a kitchen sink to granite, a common question arises, is it really necessary to seal the kitchen sink? Yes, it definitely is and why you should consider sealing the kitchen sink is given below.

During installation, kitchen sinks are sealed to the countertop, which not only keeps the sink in place but also makes the sink’s edge impermeable. This prevents water from seeping beneath the sink’s edge and causing harm to the area beneath the counter. Using silicone to seal around kitchen sinks or a sink drain will maintain your sink in good shape and prevent future problems.

Steps of How to Seal Kitchen Sink to Granite

Step 1: Remove Old Caulk

Remove Old Caulk

If you are working on a new home, then this step is not necessary. But for replacing the kitchen sink the first step is to remove the old caulk. This is an easy job but it needs patience. Removing the silicon bond is time consuming as the bond is very strong. But the old caulk can be dissolved with chemical solution like with commercial silicone caulk remover. This will help to expand and loosen the grips. And then easily the caulk will be removed.

Or you can use a knife, this is a safe option because there is very little chance of damaging the granite. Try to slip the blade under the caulk, work up a part until you can grab it and take it off with your fingers. You may also like some of the caulk for kitchen sink from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Step 2: Clean Up

Clean Up

After removing the old caulk the granite has to be clean. Clean carefully the edge and the inside out the countertop. You can take help of isopropyl alcohol to clean the extra dust or caulk. It is always better to avoid water while cleaning the granite. Spray any alcohol base solution and clean it using a soft fabric and let it dry completely. There are many cleanser available in the market that will totally harmless for granite or stainless steel. You can also try those to clean up the excess caulk. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the caulk for concrete cracks.

Step 3: Apply the Sealant

Apply the Sealant

Now the most important and easiest part is to seal the kitchen sink. First, insert the cartridge into the sealant gun and trim the nozzle to the required width near the tip. On a scrap piece of material, test the flow. Starting at the farthest place away from you and moving the gun toward you while maintaining firm pressure on the trigger, apply the caulk along each side of the sink in a single, continuous motion. You may also be interested in some of the silicone for mold making from our list.

Step 4: Using the Glue Gun

Using the Glue Gun

After placing everything in the right position, it is time to fix it permanently with a glue gun. Put a rag around the tip of the gun so that excess glue does not attach with other places. Then press the release button at the end of the bead. Tool the caulk by running the finger along it in a single continuous motion.

Step 5: Remove Excess Salient

Remove Excess Salient

After completing the work with the glue gun it is time to remove any excess glue around the sink. And you have to do it as soon as possible because it is dried up, it will be hard to remove the glue. So take a cloth and simply wipe off the excess sealant.

Step 6: Let the Sealant dry

Let the Sealant dry

You are very close to installing a kitchen sink to granite. You have done an amazing job so far. Now it is time to wait to set everything properly. It takes time to dry the sealant completely. So give it some time and make sure the sink does not come in touch with a single drop of water until it completely dries. And you are ready to go, the job is done.

Final Words

It is a very easy process to seal a kitchen kink that many people avoid. But this smile can provide a long lasting and strong support to the sink with the granite. Now you have learnt how to seal a kitchen sink to granite. You just save the money by learning all on your own. If you want to add some fresh fragrance to the kitchen then can look for some candle wax for scent throw.

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