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How to Set a Table for Breakfast

As we all are in a rush, we often end up having breakfast while doing other works. However,  who does not enjoy having a breakfast spree on weekends?

Having breakfast in an organized manner can be a kickstart to your day. It can double up as your scope for family conversations as well.

And when you have people coming over for breakfast or brunch, you surely want to leave an impression. A well-organized arrangement can ramp up the ambiance by manifolds.

But when you are entertaining at home, which arrangement is suitable? How to alter a table arrangement to your taste? How to get the task done within a budget?

Well, we are here to help you to find everything about How to Set a Table for Breakfast. Let’s begin then!

Things you will need of How to Set a Table for Breakfast

Things you will need to Set a Table for Breakfast

No matter which style you follow to set up a table, you will need some basic crockeries and fabrics. Here is a brief guideline of what you will need-


To begin with, you will need a table. As silly as it might seem, getting an apt table is imperative to assure maximum functionality.

While selecting the table, make sure the table accommodates everyone without any chaos. An average of 24-30 inches will serve the purpose.

Crockeries and Cutleries

Crockeries and Cutleries

After that comes crockeries. That includes every utensil you will place on the table- from cereal bowls to plates.

When it comes to cutleries, you need to pick and place them in a specific pattern. As the general rule goes, knives go on the right and forks on the right. Spoons generally sit beside the knife.

However, there are more cutleries than we notice. There can be some modifications to the cutleries based on the menu. And don’t forget your dessert spoons and knives!


You will probably have juice or coffee on the breakfast table. For that, you will need a few different glasswares. Make sure the cups and glasses are within your hand’s reach.

You can always add up wine and cocktail glasses if you have alcohol on the table.


We recommend going for cloth napkins as they are sustainable. Still and all, you can pick disposable ones.

No matter which napkin you pick, do not forget to fold the napkin before placing it on the table.

Layouts for Breakfast Table

Layouts for Breakfast Table

You can make or break an impression with the layouts you put on the table. But before starting with the table arrangement, it is important to clean the table. If you are using a wooden table, you can opt for vinegar cleansing on the table.

Now comes the part of sorting the table. Based on the number of guests and occasion, you can opt for three different table setups- basic, formal, or buffet. Let’s check out the patterns of these arrangements.


Setting up a basic table does not require a lot of thinking. Just set up an arrangement based on your menu.

If you are going for a classic English breakfast, a dinner plate will get the job done. For cereals and oatmeals, place a bowl along with the plate.

The entire arrangement will be centering the plate. Place the fork towards the plate and spoon facing outside. Accompany each plate with a napkin. Don’t forget to place your glass and cups!

This setup is quite laid back. You get a lot of scopes for modification here. Focus on making it fun, interactive, yet comfortable.


Formal breakfast setups are rather stiff in the arrangement. In this arrangement, we recommend sticking to the rules.

Unlike a basic setting, you will need two plates here- a salad plate ( for bread) and a dinner one. The salad plate has to go on the upper left of the dinner plate. And set the cereal bowl over the dinner plate.

For cutleries, you will need two spoons, a butter knife, and a fork for each person. Place them as per general rule. You can add up a soup spoon for yogurt and cereals.

The formal setup demands both glass and a cup. Both of these glassware needs to be above the spoons. Finish up the setup with a napkin by the fork.


Buffet setup is ergonomic when you have a large number of guests. This arrangement allows everyone to enjoy the food without worrying much about organizing.

For the buffet counter, place a long table by the wall. The space needs to be open enough so that everyone can access the food and utensils easily.

Begin the table set up with plates and bowls in the front. That way, guests can easily pick up the plate to gather food.

Skip on the silverware and napkins here as they may appear clumsy. Rather, wrap the cutleries with a napkin and place them at the very end of the table.

You can create a separate juice and drinks bar away from the counter. That way, it becomes easier for everyone to move freely and enjoy the food. Place creams, sugar cubes, stirrer, and napkins along with other glassware.

Many times, people prefer plastic plates and glasses for a buffet. In that case, place a trash can by the counter.

Quirks for Special Touches

Fancy or laid back- you can opt for the feasible arrangement for you. Go for a setting that is relaxing and functional for you.

Take out the elements you reserve for holidays. A bright and clean table cloth will help you cover most of the table’s imperfections. It helps in merging the table and the accessories.

A vase full of fresh flowers on the center of the table is always welcoming for friends and families. In addition, the incense cones can lift the ambiance of your dining room.

Final Words

Final Words

With that, we come to an end of everything to know about How to Set a Table for Breakfast. Here to mention, we have created a guideline only. You can bring in modifications where ever you feel. Do not compromise on experimenting by committing to rules.

Have a great Sunday morning!

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