Ways of Humidifier Filter Replacement in 2022




Humidifier Filter Replacement

To improve the quality of the air at home, having a humidifier is important. The filter of the humidifier is made of paper, metal, or clay coater which helps to absorb water from the air. And without a filter the humidifier is nothing. This is sometimes referred to as a water panel, water pad, or evaporator is an important part of your humidifier.

Once you buy the Humidifier Filter is not enough, even the filter should be changed at the beginning of each heating season. Over time the filter becomes clogged and brittle and loses, as a result, it loses its ability to absorb water from the hot air. So there is no point in having a clogging filter at home, the quality of the air will not change.

That is why it is important to change the filter regularly, at least once a year. Many people find changing the filter very troublesome. But by following proper steps anyone can change the filter in a few minutes.

Steps to Replace the Humidifier Filter

Steps to Replace the Humidifier Filter

Here for your convenience, we will present each step to install or replace a humidifier filter. So let’s dig into it.

Step 1:  Turn the Power Unit Off

Turn the power unit off

Safety comes first and no one should compromise with it. As the humidifier is connected to a power button to operate, make sure you unplug it before working with it.

Step 2: See Instructions to Open the Cover

See Instructions to Open the Cover

How many locking mechanisms the cover would depend on the brand. But mostly there are two locks that need to be opened. But it is better to look at the instruction book of the brand and follow it.

Some of the humidifiers include only one lock. So make sure you are not pulling the cover without turning on all of the locks. Depending on the make and model of your device, you may need to disconnect the water tube or even close the damper after it’s open.

Step 3: Take Out the Filter

Take out the Filter

Removable air filters are usually found inside the motor housing of humidifiers. Remove the old filter by sliding it out of the unit’s outer shell. Try to memorize the spot and the location of the water tube so you can change the filter tray in the future. Or just take a picture of the filter.

Step 4: Take Out the Dry from the Tray

Take Out the Dry from the Tray

The tray may have dirt like dust, mineral deposits, and other build-ups. So it needed to be cleaned properly. Take the tray out of the humidifier and clean it with water and a brush, no need to be gentle here. Make sure there is no dirt left off.

Step 5: Selecting the Humidifier Filter

Selecting the Humidifier Filter

They provide moisture to the air to make it quieter and calming. Humidifiers can also provide relief to persons who suffer from sinusitis or allergies. But if the filter is not good in quality, it won’t work at all. Even a poor filter can be harmful to the environment. So always try to pick a filter from the air Humidifier filter. With the right humidifier, you’ll be able to live in a much more relaxing environment.

Another thing to look into before picking the one is the size. Before purchasing a filter, you must first decide its size. When you purchase a humidifier, make a note of the model number so you can immediately search up the sizing and purchase replacement filters when the time comes.

Step 6: Replace the Filter

Replace the Filter

This is the step for what we all have been waiting for! Make sure the color mark is on top of the new filter before placing it in the tray. Place the filter tray back into the unit after snapping the tray’s top into place. The drain hole should be on the bottom and the hose hole on the top. Now is the moment to put the hose back in the tray or open the damper if necessary.

Step 7: Put Back the Cover

Put Back the Cover

As the filter is set now, most of the job is done here. The cover of the humidifier needs to be fixed. The process is the same, just this time you have to lock the cover. Put the cover on the humidifier and turn the locks on carefully.

Step 8: Plug Into the Power Source

Plug Into the Power Source

Now the humidifier is all set, this is easy to perform again. Do not forget to turn the plug on to keep the machine working

Final Words

Sometimes a few easy tricks make life easier than ever. Just like that, following the steps of replacing the humidifier filter would help you to do the job in a few minutes. If you use a humidifier to keep your home comfortable, make sure to replace and sanitize the detachable filter on a regular basis.

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